10 Tips to INSTANTLY Improve at Phasmophobia - Tips and Tricks

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so you've been playing phasmaphobia with

your friends and now that you don't have

to change your pants every job contract

you're ready to skill up huh

sweet well in today's video we will go

over 10 tips that will make you

instantly improve at the game if not you

can check out my beginner's guide to get

caught up on the basics in just

four minutes and i've also created a

handy dandy quick sheet you can keep

open on a separate screen that shows the

ghost combinations for evidence

and the questions you can ask a ghost

you'll find this linked down below

tip number one locating the ghost before

bringing out the heavy equipment you'll

first want to find

where the ghost is haunting at the

location i found it best to have

everyone sweep with emf readers and

thermometers to find activity

as these are the most consistent when

you're looking for ghosts listen for

footsteps and pay attention to minor

activity like light switches being


doors opening or closing phones ringing

or objects moving

once located then start setting up your

equipment in the right area as this is

what you're going to want to record

tip number two armed and ready equipment

can be placed on the floor or countertop

while activated and will still work this

includes emf readers

spirit boxes or uv flashlights for

example i recommend taking advantage of

this by placing multiple spirit boxes

and emf readers around the room

to catch ghost activity as the ghost

roams about leaving emf raiders on and

scattered around will give you an early

warning sign

when the ghost is starting to become

active it's also a good idea

to place uv flashlights or glow sticks


salt piles so you'll be able to see the

footprints immediately without needing

to hold the uv flashlight in your hand

tip number three just a dash salt is

used to track ghost movement

and should be used sparingly note that

footprints are not the same as

fingerprints for evidence if the ghost

walks through even just an

edge of a salt pile they will start to

leave footprints which means you should

spread out your salt piles rather than

bunch them up in one place

i like to have a single salt pile in

choke points like doorways

that enter or exit the ghost's location

and stairways tip number four

hear no evil when a ghost goes into

hunting phase they will patrol the

location in an attempt to find

victims to avoid being a victim yourself

you need to become

invisible find a hiding spot preferably

in a closet or locker but also do not

make any noise or

speak the sneaker you can be the safer

you will be wait until the attack is

over before speaking or making any noise

facing the ground can help with some

ghost types as well you can check to see

if the attack is over by toggling your


as radios will give off persistent

static noise

during a ghost to hunting phase but then

will disappear when the hunting phase is


tip number five favors the brave most

evidence is best gathered during a ghost

event or an attack

just because you haven't gotten an emf

spike ghostwriting in a book or a spirit

box response

does not mean you can rule it out as

possible evidence

wait for ghost activity to check for

evidence or even better

check during an attack some ghosts are

stingy and will only give evidence

during these peak moments

you'll even want to have someone

checking for ghost orbs during an attack

on video feed

tip number six in thy name the easiest

way to piss off a ghost is using its


thus it is a useful tool in identifying

the ghost however i recommend not using

the name initially until you are

struggling to find evidence and you need

to heighten an

activity for verification using the

ghost's name flagrantly before you know

what kind of ghost it is will put you in

a dangerous position

against hostile ghosts like onis or

demons or

may make territorial gins block you out

of the area it's haunting indefinitely

additionally when asking questions leave

the ghost's name out of it you will get

better voice recognition by asking the

question by itself tip number seven

a way out always have an escape route in

mind in case you get attacked by the


keep the location of closets and lockers

in mind at all times

if you don't have one nearby you can

loop most ghost types around couches

tables and kitchen islands by constantly

running note that revenants can catch

you if you are alone

gins can teleport to you if the breaker

is on and

wraiths can sometimes go through walls

to surprise you tip number eight

side hustle the main and optional

objectives provide the bulk of the cash

you will get out of a job contract

snapping photos are the main pieces of

evidence like fingerprints

and the ghost itself pays well however

providing evidence of your other

discoveries is a great way to pad your


photos of voodoo dolls bone dna


and ouija boards also provide cash

note that the ouija board must be on and

lit up when the photo is taken for


tip number nine olympic torch smudge

sticks can be lit two ways

either by holding a lit lighter to your

hand and pressing f with your crosshair

on a smudge stick or

even better activate a lighter in your

inventory and then switch to a smudge

stick in your hand

and press f smudge sticks need to be lit

in the room the ghost is haunting but at

the making this video you can also hold

it in your hand

and run through a few rooms to get extra

coverage smudge sticks were recently

changed to no longer prevent hunting


as the crucifix already does this but

instead will give you a few extra

seconds at the start of a hunting phase

to find a hunting spot which against

some ghost types is crucial tip number


help i'm stuck if you find yourself out

of ideas and lacking evidence here's

just a grab bag of tips if you're

looking for a response in the spirit box

make sure the lights are off

you are in the same room as the ghost

you are speaking slowly and

clearly without using the ghost's name

you may also need to be alone to get a


i see many players miss these details

finding ghost orbs can take patience

set up multiple camera angles turn off

the lights turn off flashlights

and turn on night vision to spot them

better sometimes ghost orbs won't appear

until high activity levels are triggered

or even during an attack ghosts can be

angered and led to sinks or ghost

writing books to force them to interact

and that does it for this video i hope

these tips prove useful to you on your

ghost hunting adventures

thank you so much for tuning in today

and i'll see you in the next one