12 Good Signs a Gay Guy Likes You

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are you looking for the signs that a man

is pursuing you despite what we may have

been told guys can be shy as well and

there are situations were just coming

out and declaring his love just is it

possible whether it's because he's at

work or just doesn't want to make a

situation awkward that's why many guys

will give subtle signs that they like


well there may be subtle differences

from person to person they all revolve

around the same thing a tendency to want

to be in your company as much as

possible someone he's nicer to you than

to other guys a good person should treat

others with respect but a guy that is

interested in you will give you a little

extra maybe you'll notice he's always

opening the door for you or offering to

carry your bag whenever he sees you you

can also notice I'm asking if your car

is okay or something like that or

offering to fix it even if it's a minor


this is demonstrate his handy skills and

to show his masculinity number two he's

making an effort to be near you is he

always sitting next to you or near you a

church work class or whatever does he

walk with you when he sees you you'll

start noticing a guy likes you makes

excuses to be near you he should also be

willing to go out of his way for you if

the guy gives you a ride home when you

live on the west side of town but he

lives on the east side that's a very

good sign he likes you sign 3 he asks

about gay sex and your relationship

status I grew up in Northern California

America's gay Vatican suffice it to say

I've met plenty of straight guys who

totally support LGBT rights and have no

problem homosexuality and all however

not even once and I had a straight guy

show curiosity in gay sex if a guy shows

genuine curiosity in gay sex chances are

he's a closeted gay wanting to explore

his urges seriously every straight guy

who's asked me how this gay sex feels

turned out to be gay some men will these

just straight up and ask are you single

but some guys are more subtle than that

you may try to get you to volunteer your


if a guy is interested in you then you

should notice questions like so what do

you do on the weekends or I've been

single for three years how about you if

it seems like he's trying to get you to

spill your guts about your relationship

status that's a good sign he likes you

sign for Edgar Allan Poe said that the

eyes are the windows to the soul and it

couldn't be more true to tell if a guy

likes you or not next time you see him

look at it more closely specifically

look at his facial expressions during

your interactions you want to look for

pupil dilation as that's an

uncontrollable sign of desire you also

want to see if he raises his eyebrows or

licks his lips when he's talking to you

also as a smile wide what I mean is when

he smiles at you does he show all of his

front teeth when men like someone we

tend to smile wider than normal without

even noticing it sign 5 he really

listens to you I admit it

we guys are not necessarily the best

listeners but we try our best what

you'll notice from a guy that likes you

is him making effort to really listen to


we know gay men like me listen to you

and when we like him

we'll definitely listen especially for

science that the feeling is mutual when

I was single I used to play therapists

to get a guy like me trust me guys if a

guy is playing therapist unless he has a

degree in psychology or something it's

not because he enjoys listening to you

gossip or complaining about your

problems with the other gay guy down the

hall it's because he likes you and is

trying to gain your trust number 6

he compliments you a lot men know that

gay guys like compliments and when we

like a guy we like to compliment him

it's not even something we think about

when we see him the first thing we say

is oh that's a nice outfit or oh your

cologne smells nice without even

thinking about it some of the less

experienced guys may tell you that

you've lost weight don't take this

personally guys

he's just an experience but trust me he

meant it as a compliment

sign seven he tries to protect you guys

have a natural instinct of the bank guys

they like from threats whether they be

animals other guys or even plants if you

see him watching out for you then that's

a good sign

if someone inadvertently says something

that you don't like he may speak up on

your behalf when my friend was being

courted by a straight guy he told me the

guy would swat insects away for him

without even knowing what he was doing

until after the fact sign eight that he

likes you is that he introduces you to

his friends and family a guy looking for

a spouse will want the approval of his

friends and family that's why he likes

to he be introduced you to his friends

to get their opinion of you before he

proceeds usually he'll introduce you to

his best friend or someone else close to

him since their opinions are the ones he

trusts the most sigh nine he uses

emoticons in his texts what I know that

sounds weird but think about it and it

takes more time to type emoticons in a

text so if he's spending more time on

this text that's a sign he likes you

I find that guys neighs I use emoticons

in their text when they like a guy some

people just use emoticons from everyone

so you'll have to learn a style but if

you see him using emoticons with you but

with no one else that's a really good

sign he's interested sign tank people

compliment you too

your friends might say something like oh

you two look great together or people

may even think you're already a couple

if this happens just ask him I wonder

what people keep saying we look good

together I guess it must be true

that'll be a good hint to him that

you're interested in him as well sign 11

he gets jealous how does he react when

he sees you talking to other guys when a

man likes another man he hates to see

him talking to other single guys he

might try to play it cool but trust me

he's steamy on the inside you can tell

if he comes around and politely

interrupts every time he sees you

talking to another guy if he asks if you

like him after you've talked to another

guy that means he's jealous he may probe

further about your feelings for the

other guy

this is just the way we guy size up our

competition sign 12 he tells you

embarrassing stories maybe it's a

childhood story or some weird quark that

he likes to keep under wraps whatever it

is letting go of his guard and revealing

some shameful thing about himself is not

something we can do for everyone so if

he's open with you that's a good sign

that he already likes you

well speaking of like I hope that you

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