How To Allow A Game Server Through Windows Firewall

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hey guys today I'm going to be showing

you how to allow an app through Windows

Firewall I've had a ton of people asking

me how to do this on my recent videos so

I thought it'd make a really quick video

on how to do so so first of all you'll

want to go to your Start menu control

panel and then click on Windows Firewall

then you want to allow an apple feature

through Windows Firewall and then click

change settings then press allow another

up and you have to tell Windows Firewall

where the application is that you want

to allow through the firewall so you

click browse and then tell it where the

file is or the application is so in my

case it's on my desktop in a folder

called server and it's unturned or Exe

for armor its ARMA 3 dot exe for rust

its rust dedicated Exe etc so yeah so

select that press open and select add

this will show it up in the allowed

application through Windows Firewall

click OK and now that application is

allowed through Windows Firewall it's

really as simple as that anyway thanks

for watching have a great day