How To Tell A Guy You Like Him WITHOUT Saying It

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before I start if I look sick or

anything I'm not sick but I have really

bad allergies today just want to throw

it out there what's up YouTube it's

Brian here and should I say it like a

normal person should I say a like weird

person I don't know you see the today

thing has become kind of a debated topic

on my videos I know a lot of you guys

really like it when I say the anthoula

day and some of you guys think it's

annoying sometimes I think it's annoying

and the reason I started doing that by

the way it's because I said it like that

once on accident everyone made fun of me

so I decided to kind of roll with it and

just make it be cringy and awkward every

time like as a joke but I don't know if

I still want to keep doing it or not so

let me know in the comments right now if

I should keep the crazy today or if I

should just do like a new normal intro

and I'll just let you guys decide cool

but for the purpose of today's video

what's up YouTube it's brian here and

bulls-eye as you guys can tell by the

title of the video I'm going to be

talking about how you can pretty much

tell someone that you like them without

actually telling them that you like them

it's been a minute since I've done just

a sit down talking video and especially

a sit down talking video just about

dating things and as you can probably

tell by my most recent videos or maybe

you haven't been around and if you

haven't been around you will now be able

to see by my most recent videos I've

been really trying to do just different

types of content I just don't always

want to do the same thing it's my own

personal thing but I do want to

encourage you guys if by chance you're

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check out some of my more recent videos

they're different no doubt but it would

mean a lot to me if you guys want to

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but seriously it really would mean a lot

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like give me some feedback and that

would mean a lot to me so yeah however

today's video is going back to my roots

and it addresses a question that I get a

lot from you guys and that's pretty much

how to tell someone or in a lot of your

cases to tell a guy that you like them

but you're kind of nervous to tell them

because you don't want to be the first

person I do it or you're just like most

people and have a hard

telling someone that you like them like

that's something that doesn't change

with age that's always a scary thing

so sometimes or probably honestly most

times it's a lot easier to try and show

someone that you like them than it is to

just simply tell them that you like them

and I think there's ways that you can

actually do that regardless if you're a

guy or a girl and regardless if you're

talking to a guy or a girl so I made a

list and here are some ways that you can

tell someone that you like them without

telling them that you like that so the

first way you can tell someone that you

like them without actually telling them

that you like them is pretty simple just

be around the person a lot I know it

seems obvious but the more you just kind

of put yourself around someone the more

it shows that you're interested in

someone it's like people I like even

just as friends like I just want to hang

out with them because either they are

fun to be around or they're funny and

silly and weird like me or whatever it

might be if you like someone just try to

be around them try to find reasons to

hang out with them to talk to them and I

feel like the more you're kind of around

someone the more it's gonna be like why

does this person always around me either

they like me or they're a creeper but

let's hope they like me and that's a

great example of how me and Hermione are

but right now we're not on great talking

terms because I didn't get her Coachella

tickets so she's giving me the cold

shoulder zone another way to tell

someone you like them without actually

doing so is by just being very friendly

and smiling a lot and just being very

like vibrant around the person most

likely if you like someone you're gonna

laugh a lot around them or smile or

blush or just be happy and that's gonna

be forced I don't think but make sure

you're showing that like if someone like

makes you feel good and makes you happy

like make sure that they know that

they're doing that you don't have to be

like oh my god you make me feel so happy

because that's kind of weird to say but

just by like being able to be open and

having fun with the person like the best

relationships stem from people who just

get along together and I've had

relationships in my past where I just

dated someone cuz I thought they were

really cute and I've had relationships

where I gave them because

I just really enjoy being around them

and the relationships I had where I came

from like a organic friendship and just

having fun together we're so much better

like then than the other ones and you

learn that you know eventually but still

just have fun if they're if they make

you happy

show them that you're happy and that's a

great way to say I like you without

saying I like you you know Jesus another

way to tell someone you like them

without actually saying it and this is

probably the most important one is

through body language I think most

flirting is done through body language

more so than like through words and you

can just read so much by someone's body

language and not even just with flirting

like how engage they are if they're

listening to you like if I'm like up

propped up and you know receptive or if

I'm kind of like you know slouched down

looking around like you know body

language really is important in a bunch

of different areas of life and I think

it's definitely important when you're

trying to like flirt with someone or

maybe give off a certain feeling or vibe

to someone and to me it's like for

example a lot of times as a guy like if

I were gonna try to kiss a girl I would

want to feed off her body language to

see if she's interested like there's

always this look of it like a few

seconds of like a stare and I always

feel like you can kind of tell if you

weren't given the approval to go in for

the kiss or you're if you were not given

the approval going for the kiss quite

frankly I've had both I've had the good

times and I had a time where I thought I

was getting the approval I went for the

kiss and got the nod with a nice hug and

I was like oh I hate myself cringe eeeh

smo minh in my life you know

no but seriously body language is a

great way to kind of express how you're

feeling and sometimes you're doing it

without even knowing so when it comes to

flirting and trying to tell someone you

like them if you're being very attentive

and smiley and if you are like a wink ER

and you wink is that a thing being a

weaker I don't know if you're able to

wink really well I can't do it on

command it just has to happen naturally

anyway all those different things are

great ways to show that you are into

someone without really having to be like

I thank you another way to tell someone

you liked it is by complimenting them

compliments are terrific and totally

underused have you ever noticed how

simple compliments from random people

can literally

your entire day someone telling you they

like your outfitter that you have a nice

smile and it could be a friend or a

family member or a random person on the


compliments are just so cool I don't

understand why people don't just give

out compliments more but regardless if

you like someone I'm sure there's

something you can compliment them about

it could be about themself as a person

their appearance something they do just

compliments are awesome and the more you

compliment someone the more that

person's gonna be like oh this person

thinks I'm pretty good maybe this person

likes me I like it hey I think you're

pretty cool I like you a lot maybe we

could hang out or something's another

great way to tell someone you like them

or at least kind of show that you might

like them is by asking them if they like

anyone click the pressure on them you

know like let's see how they respond to

that do they get kind of like flustered

do they have like a very simple answer

you know you can kind of read a lot of

what that person has to say or what

they're feeling when you ask someone

that question because it's putting them

on the spot but it doesn't put you on

the spot because you're just asking a

question and if that person kind of gets

you know a little flustered or like

flirty or maybe even just says they like

you then boom problem solved then you

can at least maybe say it back or if you

don't like can't really say it back you

can probably show it you'll probably

naturally be showing it you don't even

have to try because you're gonna be

really embarrassed and like get all red

or at least that's what I would do so by

asking someone if they like someone that

puts the pressure on them and is a great

way to kind of ease into the fact that

you're trying to tell them that you like

them hopefully - hopefully they like you

back so yeah and the last way to tell

someone you like them without actually

saying it is to really just try and show

interest in the things that they're

interested in and just doing little

things to kind of show the person you're

trying to become closer and closer to

them as a friend it's the little things

that count maybe the person you like is

super in support night like every other

person right now or at least all my

friends and I love for today just saying

and like maybe like be like oh yeah I

watched this video on fortnight it seems

kind of interesting like I'm kind of

down to try it

boom wife material okay a girl that

plays fortnight girl teased my heart if

I want you in my life I'm a far the way

no but showing interest

what someone's interested in it's a

great way to show that you're just

really passionate about that person and

yeah there you guys have it uh like I

said I really had it done a video like

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