How To Tell A Girl You Like Her (Without Getting Friend-zoned)

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dear Jenny you are so pretty I like you

so much

no stop it what's going on guys welcome

back to my channel it's a Bret maverick

here I hope you all are having an

awesome day so far so you like her and

maybe you're getting some mixed signals

or something like that you want to know

how she feels and you want to let her

know how you feel about her before you

grab your phone and text her something

miraculous wait wait wait hold your

horses because I'm gonna tell you when

and how to tell a girl that you like her

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else so without further ado let's get

right into it so there's two scenarios

in which you might want to tell the girl

that you like her and that's either you

already know her or you don't know her

right and there's only one time in

particular where you're allowed to tell

her that you like her and we're gonna

talk about that a little later on in

this video but first let's talk about

when you don't know her so maybe see a

girl walking around you want to go talk

to her so here's the trick you tell her

that you like her immediately but

there's a twist you don't tell her with

your words you don't tell her straight

up I like you you tell her

subconsciously by the way you interact

with her you immediately assume

attraction from everything how you flirt

with her you're a little bit cocky funny

you touch her a little bit without being

creepy if you want to know more about

how to do that I actually have a video

on how to do that so check that out and

even your first opener the first thing

you say to her should establish a

romantic connection a romantic

relationship you're not looking for a

BFF you're not looking for a pen pal

you're attracted to her so you say

something that assumes attraction

something like oh so this is what

supermodels do in their off time or just

say hey sorry I'm late she's gonna say

who are you you ordered the male

stripper right it's flirty it's funny

and it assumes attraction if you do it

the right way and you say everything

like you're supposed to be they're

saying it right now then you won't even

have to say I like you attraction will

just be assumed it's my opinion that you

actually shouldn't tell a girl that you

like her until she tells it to you

because studies show that women build

attraction to men when they're not


be sure how the man feels about her it's

no secret that we as humans love the

chase and if we feel like you caught you

before we even chased you then there's

no reward so you have to let them chase

you a little bit so that they can feel

like they caught something and have

earned somebody that is worth something

all right so now let's talk about if you

know her maybe you have a class with her

or she's a friend of a friend or

something like that in this scenario you

do not say that you like her until you

see signs of attraction so I'm talking

things like maybe you guys hold hands

frequently you've kissed you've had a

one-on-one date and if you haven't had a

one-on-one date maybe you don't know if

there's any attraction there ask her say

hey what are you doing Friday let's go

on a date if she says yes there's

attraction if she says no you're just

friends man and you have some work to do

it's simple as that like I said guys

you're not gonna tell her you liked her

until you hear it from her herself maybe

after a few dates or a couple months of

seeing each other you guys are laying on

the couch together you can say hey you

know what kind of like you but until


Zipp assume attraction and look out for

those cues of attraction cuz if you come

right out of the gate telling her that

you like her and she's gonna assume that

there's something wrong with you because

she didn't even have to work for it at

all and you're not as valuable as a

human as she might have perceived you if

she actually had to chase you a little

bit I know it's kind of gamy but it's

just how people are wired attraction

rises when she's not quite sure how you

feel about her all right now I'm gonna

talk about the one only instance where

you're allowed to tell a girl that you

like her and obviously that's not set in

stone you can tell crows you like her if

you guys have been dating or it's clear

that you guys are into each other right

but this is the instance where you're

allowed to tell her that you like her

this is the last ditch effort so this is

maybe after a couple dates or you feel

like she's kind of like dragging you

along playing games with you you have no

idea if she's seeing other people she

likes you or not this is the last ditch

effort because you have nothing to lose

right you already don't have her so the

worst case scenario is you just continue

to not have her right and in this case

just be honest

honesty is always the best policy so say

hey I've enjoyed the time we spent

together and I like you and I want to

know if you feel the same I'd appreciate

your honesty something like that this is

not the best case scenario to be

because there's a high risk of her

losing attraction because if you heard a

fish grabbing the bait and the hook and

you're hooking your lip and waiting for

her to reel you in right which she

should be having to cast her reel

multiple times to catch you but like I

said it's the last-ditch effort so it

doesn't really matter because think

about it what's the alternative you

don't send that text and the alternative

is you never hear from her again and

obviously you guys don't end up together

but that way I guess you get your answer

too so pick which one you want to choose

but like I said guys try to wait to hear

it from her before you say it just

because people are wired to want that

which they cannot have and women are

proven to build attraction to men that

they're not quite sure how they feel

about that once you realize this your

opportunities with women will expand

exponentially that was some really big

words there I'm not used to that but

anyways that's it guys I hope you

enjoyed the video if you haven't already

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