How Do You Let Your Friend Down Easy Without Ruining The Relationship

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just be upfront and honest with them

tell them thank you thank you for having

that sentiment I just don't feel the

same way about you that's it that's it

tell them thank you and then just let

them know I just don't feel the same way

here's the reason why this is the best

way to do it and you shouldn't worry

about letting them down and then ruin in

their relationship when you all upfront

and honest with someone initially they

will feel hurt they will but after a

little bit you're gonna realize that at

least you were honest with them and you

let them down in a way that was Claire

honest and respectful and they will

appreciate you more for that then if you

just kept jumping around the subject not

really letting them know hey I don't

like you in the same way because you're

so scared that you're gonna let them

down hard and you're going to ruin the

friendship when you are upfront and

honest it actually helps you because

they will see that you were like that

and they will appreciate that from you

and even though it will initially hurt

at first they will come around but where

you ruin your friendship is when you

jump around the subject and you're not

clear and honest with them