5 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Fostering a Dog

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I did not expect it to hurt as much as

it has hi guys and welcome back to my

channel for another video about dog

rescue today we are gonna be talking

about the five things that I wish I knew

before fostering a dog as you all know

my foster dog Jaz who I had for almost a

year found her forever home finally

insert video of Jaz being adorable here

jazz has been with her new family now

for about six months and they say she is

doing just so good she loves her dog

brother she loves her family and they

just adore her so I'm very happy to hear

that how I ended up with her is just

like a whole mess in itself like it's a

whole thing if you guys don't know what

I'm talking about I'm gonna link that

video below because it's just insanity

it was just crazy so there's a lot of

things that I really wish that I knew

and in case you guys are thinking of

fostering now I'm gonna let you in on

all the secrets and you don't have to go

through the same stuff that I did now

the first thing that really surprised me

was how protective I got and how jealous

I was after she actually got adopted

during the whole process of her you know

meeting new families and things like


I was so critical like I would just sit

back and watch their body language and

the way that they said everything

because I wanted to make sure that she

went to the best home possible and I got

so protective and then after when she

went to go and live with her family and

they'd send me photos of her like having

a good time and things like that

I got so jealous it's been six months

that she's been with this family and I'm

still calling her my dog so I did not

expect that I also didn't expect it to

be so difficult to have the two dogs in

the house at the same time and obviously

two dogs are gonna be more work than one

dog but the reason I say that is that

I've been dog sitting for years like

sometimes I'll have four dogs in my

house at the same time so having two

dogs seems pretty easy and pretty tame

for me but I think the big difference

with this is that they're both rescue

dogs and they both had issues that

they're working on whereas normally all

of my clients are pet dogs and they're

not dealing with the same kind of issues

so having those two in the house was a

lot more full-on work than what I

thought it was going to be I loved it I

loved it I really wish that I knew more

about her before she showed up at my

house and that's oftentimes the problem

with fostering a dog you don't know how

the dog is gonna react when it comes to

your house because oftentimes the rescue

that you're getting the dog from doesn't

know the dog very well they don't know

it's background or what it's been

through so I get that I get that that's

a part of fostering but my case is a

little bit different because I

actually was fostering from the owners

as someone who owned jazz who I was

fostering and then they decided that

they didn't want her so they

theoretically having lived with her for

multiple years should have known certain

things about her behavior now I don't

know if it's just that they didn't tell

me or if it was they didn't like she

never acted like that before and it was

just in my house I don't know but I do

wish that I had a way of getting more

information about her before she came

into my house just so I could prepare

for the issues that she had instead of

being completely blindsided as I was

going off of that I really wish that I

would have known to foster from a rescue

instead of a random person who needed my

help on the Internet

I am such a bleeding-heart when it comes

to animals and if there's someone who

needs my help I will put myself last and

I'll do everything I can to help but I

oftentimes forget that not everyone in

the world is like that and there's

always gonna be people that take

advantage of people like me jazz was my

first time fostering I had never done it

before and I was trying to help out

another person by fostering this dog and

then it just ended up leading to all of

these other problems and I just wish

that I would have known to avoid all of

that so if you're thinking about

fostering don't just find someone random

on the internet that needs help

definitely go through a rescue

organization because then you have the

support that you need and lastly this is

probably the most obvious thing and all

of you know that I'm going to say it but

I wish that I would have known how much

it would hurt when she went to her new

family I didn't expect it to her like

that like I I really thought that

because I'm dog sitting all the time and

I've dogs coming and going all the time

I thought that I would be okay with

seeing her go and knowing that she was

going to a good family but it felt like

I was losing a limb like I didn't know

what to do with myself when she was gone

just the thought of her enjoying her

life and being happy with another family

on the one hand it makes me really happy

and on the other hand it makes me really

sad that it's not me who gets to be

there and see her grow and change and

like get over the problems that she has

so I didn't I did not expect it to hurt

as much as it has like truly all in all

I would say that fostering a dog was

very tough

but I'm so happy that I did it and I

will definitely be doing it more in the

future it's hard though guys it really

it really is there's a lot of feels

there's a lot of emotions but it's so so

worth it

I think thank you guys so much for

watching this video I will link below

some of the videos about Jazz's

experience with me so that you can kind

of like see all of that jazz I know I

can't believe I just said that - more

importantly I would love to hear about

the dogs that you have fostered I want

to know their names I want to know their

breed their age I want to know a funny

story about them I'm gonna see a picture

if you've got it I just want to know all

about it

so let me know in the comments section

cuz I want to hear about your

experiences as well let me know if

you're thinking of fostering I'd love to

hear what that and if you haven't

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