Car Maintenance : How Does a Floor Jack Work?

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hello my name is Mark blocker in this

segment we're going to cover how a floor

jack works okay what a floor jack is is

a hydraulically operated device used

primarily for lifting cars or trucks or

other heavy equipment it usually has

four wheels on it which allows you some

maneuverability and a long handle so it

can be used to slide up underneath the

car so you don't have to get down and

actually position it and how it operates

you use a large cylinder assembly and a

hand-operated piston pump which is

operated by the crane the the jacking of

the handle in the handle itself contains

the release of ice you'll turn it all

the way clockwise to close the valve and

counterclockwise to open the valve which

allows you to lower the pump and how it

operates by you jacking motion pumping

to handle downward it pushes hydraulic

fluid through a piston and into a

cylinder the cylinder is what's used

with the use of leverage to actually

lift the vehicle so by the use of your

manual input on the handle a downward

force that pumps fluid through a piston

and which uses the front of Jack to lift

the vehicle that's how floor Jack