How To Air Purge A Jack

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hey guys I'm Jimmy and I'm about to work

on my brakes on my car but before I get

started I wanted to purge the air out of

my newly-acquired jack it's a craftsman


I'll put a link down in the description

below for this jack but right when you

get it it says to purge the air I didn't

know that I already used it and it

worked perfectly fine but I figured I

might as well just go ahead and see how

to purge the air out of the hydraulic

system and I'm going to show you guys

how to do that too okay so the first

thing you're going to want to do is

obviously put the handle in okay this is

the thumb screw that actually secures

the handle from being able to come back

out so you have to loosen this thumb

screw slide the handle in and slip and

tighten the thumb screw back up once you

have the thumb screw tightened you're

going to want to make sure it's turned

you turn the handle to the right so

clockwise so righty tighty make sure

it's fully shut okay once you know it's

fully shut then you open it up by

turning it twice around clockwork lock

wise to make sure that the hydraulic

system is fully opened maybe go one more

for good measure and what it what you

need to do next is go ahead and pump it

rapidly six to eight times next thing

you need to do is down here there's a

little rubber kind of valve it's the oil

fill hole and the directions say to just

press it so I'm hoping that it's not

going to spray oil on me let's see here

says to press it to the side or

something let's see here

okay I heard air I heard it for a second

all it is is a little cap it looks like

that you could you know take out but

since it's rubber all you're doing is

you're pushing it to the side to expose

a air I did hear a little puff of air

come out says you can do it again so I

didn't sound like there was any air in

there I'm going to try it one more time

okay so you leave the arm down you come

in here with a screwdriver and just

let's see if we can hear it nope so that

is purged that's all you do you just

push this little rubber plug here over

to the side to express any trapped air

and this jack is purged so the next step

just to make sure that everything still

works correctly is tighten it on back up

okay all the way till it stops and now

you can see the jack works perfectly

well and there you go alright guys so

that's how you purge the air out of a

jack I hope that helped I don't know if

all Jack's are going to be the exact

same but in this case this is a

craftsman three-ton I think it was

actually a cool kit it came with this

creeper that I'm sitting on came with

2/3 ton jack stands and the the jack

itself a three times jack and it seems

like it's made pretty well Craftsman

again I'll put the links for this jack

just in case you're curious down in the

description below thanks guys peace out