How to Repair A Broken Floor Jack That Won't Lift

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hey guys so today I'm going to be

showing you how to fix a leaky

Pittsburgh jack and this will also work

with any other type of jack

the screw placement might just be

different so for this jack we're gonna

need to there's two screws to think

about so there's this one up in the

front and then there's this one in the

back the front one is for bleeding and

the back one that's our filling so for

the front one first we're gonna bleed it

you don't want to bleed your your

hydraulics on there first so we're gonna

unscrew this screw out of there and if

you're having leaking issues this bolt

right here has a gasket around it and

these gaskets are really really really

cheap that Harbor Freight puts on them

so I would recommend buying a new gasket

you don't need to throw away this entire

jack just because it's out of warranty

and it started leaking so this with stop

leak will help you but if this doesn't

fix it then buying a new gasket is your

best bet

so once we've taken off the screw we're

gonna loosen this we're gonna spin this

counterclockwise to loosen it all the

way and then we're going to pump it then

we're gonna let the air get out

okay so it's pumped now now we're going

to fill it back up and to do that we're

going to set screw aside we're going to

take this Phillips screw out and this

was another place where my leak is also

a ring that goes around that one so you

might want to buy a ring for each one

and then we're just going to fill this

up super slowly so that you guys see

what's going on when I fill this up

slowly I'm just doing it one drop at a

time so it's all the way full and I was

having an issue where this jack would no

longer get up more than about half way

it would go up and lift the car about

like six or twelve inches and then it

was is getting hard to work on cars that

way and I didn't trust it to not just

follow me so this should fix that issue

and these bottles are super cheap I'll

have a link down in the video

description you're gonna want to have a

rag handy in case you spill some you

gonna need a flathead screwdriver and

you're gonna need a Phillips head for

this model a lot of models just need


all right second I can see the level of

the other one rising up it is full okay

so as you can see hope you can see on

the camera the bigger hole just filled

up all the way so now what we're going

to do is we're going to replace this


and then you're gonna want to wipe up

any that you may have spilled being

careful not to get anything inside the

bigger hole and then we're gonna bleed

it one more time and some may come out

no bubbles okay so we're looking forward

to no bubbles then we're gonna replace

this bigger screw awesome I got started

and they're gonna tighten it down son

just came out and you're on Titan that's

pretty tight especially for getting

leaks so that the o-ring has a good seal

and then again wipe down anything you

worked on see it cuz you can see I

suppose them on the bottom wiped out

anything may have hydraulic oil on it

and now we'll test it out so I'll

retighten it all the way and you still

only get that high now this jack this

jack is like roughly $80 so to be able

to pair it rather than replace it it's

pretty nice and it broke just outside of

warranty so hopefully this helps you

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