Get FLAT RIGHT and LEFT leg SPLITS the FASTEST way possible!

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what's up sugar plums I'm just here in

my living room staring out at the

beautiful nature so yeah today I'm going

to be teaching you guys how to get your

splits left and right flat on the ground

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because I will be uploading a bunch of

tutorials just like this one and you

don't want to miss it do you so yeah

like let's just go right now let's do it

right now okay so basically there's

three components to splits you got the

hip flexors

you got the hamstrings and you got the

quads so let's begin so now we got to

warm up and of course my way of doing is

just jumping around like a maniac

alright so now the first drills are hip

flexors so go into a right leg lunge and

push as far as you can okay you're gonna

feel stretch right down your hip flexes

for an even deeper stretch you're going

to grab the back leg with your right arm

and pull it as far as you can by the way

every stretch you should hold for around

30 seconds because if you hold it longer

than that can actually be doing more

harm than good so now you're going to be

doing the left side and sorry for my dog

she just managed again every single

video and ruin it all this isn't just

kidding that's whatever so yeah just

repeat the same thing on the other side


so this next one is actually really good

for your hip flexors and your quads

you're just going to sit into a double

stack a thingy and lower your toast

torso as low as you can and oh my god my

dog my brother so now do it on the other

side and I look so stupid doing this

side no room cuz Lucy was hit by waste

okay so the last drill is our hamstrings

and if you know me you know that I suck

with my hamstrings they're just so bad

oh they're awful so you know just we're

just going to do the classic code touch

so just try and reach down for your toes

same thing except in a pike position on

the floor you're just gonna freak oh

it's an I'm in so much pain just

watching whistle but yeah reach for your

toes now this next one is super painful

but works like a charm you're gonna grab

a chair any size and just keep rotating

your legs just like this I don't know

what to call it or whatever but yeah


okay now I don't know what this one's

called but uh just do what I'm doing

and then of course you got to repeat on

the other side


now it's time to add them all together

so you're going to start into this lunch

position and then you're going to pull

back into this hamstring stretch

position and after this you're going to

push right into your splits now

obviously you might not be flat but it

doesn't matter just keep pushing and

keep rotating you know if you feel

stretched that's great and then of

course repeat it on the other side


well don't you guys go that's the end of

my a split tutorial one thing I do want

to mention is if you guys don't get your

splits right away it's not a big deal

like you're obviously not going to get

the first day but you can't do the jobs

and expect to have it by the next day it

doesn't come overnight you have to

stretch every single day and I get so

many questions every single day how do I

become flexible how do I do this how do

I do that and I can give you drills for

those things but the only really thing

that I can say is stretch every single

day but yeah other than that hope you

guys enjoyed and hopefully this helped

and be sure to give it a like and

subscribe for other tutorials and

content like this and yeah other than

that guys have a good day