How to rent your property out privately without a Real Estate Agent?

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okay you want to rent out your property

privately using online advertising

without a real estate agents we it

really encourage you to do it yourself

without a traditional real estate agency

you know your property better than

anyone else so why shouldn't you find a

good quality tenant yourself and look

after the rent collection and ongoing

management of the property some agents

will take on what they call a casual let

now this means that they will charge you

the equivalent of one maybe two weeks

rent to ever ties and secure a tenant

however in most cases they get you to do

the inspections their main focus is to

secure the ongoing management of the

property that's where the money is for

them you pay them a percentage of that

weekly rent on average 8% through the

tenancy and that money is better in your


the first thing you need to do is find a

good quality tenant the way to do this

is to advertise on the major real estate

sites presentation of the property is

important it could be a first-time

rental or just a new tenancy whatever it

is have a close look at the property

with fresh eyes take the rose-colored

glasses off for just a moment pop across

the street and look at it this will be

the first view of the property for

potential tenants you don't want to

drive them off without inspecting maybe

pressure clean the driveway mow the lawn

weed the garden remove garden waste or

plant some new plants likewise

internally attend to leaking taps make

sure all electrical switches are working

have the carpet professionally cleaned

and take care of any minor appears that

need attention

these small jobs can make a difference

it could be the determining factor a

potential tenant submitting an

application on your property over

another that they have inspected once

done the property's ready for the photos

to be taken if you don't own a quality

camera ask around to borrow one the main

photo which shows on the first page of

all online advertising is the main one

it needs to be of the property's best

feature this could be a lovely covered

entertaining area a pool a light and

airy living room or

spacious kitchen this photo needs to

capture attention having around six

other photos is sufficient you have to

leave them a reason to inspect having

professional photos done is another

option for 12 photos it's under $200 the

photos can be used later for the next

tenancy when writing your text to

describe the property you can do this in

an essay format or in bullet points the

main things to focus on are the features

of the property itemize the extras

ceiling fans heating air conditioning

dishwasher fencing outdoor entertainment

areas and car accommodation these are

benefits for a tenant also talk about

the location mentioned the proximity to

all living conveniences such as shops

public transport parks bike paths and

schools if the property is located in a

sort after school catchment this is a

huge draw card now what is the current

market rental amount rent prices change

with demand the rental amount you were

getting during the last tenancy is not

necessarily going to be the same as you

can ask now it could be more or less a

good way to determine the current market

value is to have a look at similar

properties that are being advertised on

real estate calm in the same or similar

location check out what these properties

offer and compare them to yours look on

the websites of some local agents and

check out their rental properties all of

the above are important however none

more important than this point you will

not be able to manage your rental the

only way to attract many and select the

best possible tenant is to have the

property advertised on the major real

estate sites like real estate Comte you

domain.com day you and rent calm dot au

you do not want a long vacancy period

using a free site like Gumtree is

nowhere near the best site to attract

tenants by all means use Gumtree to

advertise your secondhand fridge to

advertise on real estate Comte you you

actually need to be the holder of a real

estate license and importantly pay their

large monthly subscription fee and this

is just not feasible the solution is to

use a third-party aggregator site like

our ready Comte

you there are quite a few options when

it comes to sites like ours however we

100% guarantee that for price-sensitive

landlords our site is the cheapest way

to gain access to the major real estate

sites the upfront cost is not the only

factor when deciding here are a few

features that we have that will help you

advertisement on real estate comm

domain.com in eight other sites for one

price 24/7 instant uploads through our

direct feed note we are the only private

landlord site to have this direct chat

to your Enquirer's and limited changes

to your advertisement tenant application

forms optional ticket check optional

signboard optional brochure Peck these

are just a few and we're adding more to

our site frequently we will give you

access to real estate condo you

domain.com dot au and 8 more minor sites

for a small one-off fee until least we

charge no let fee or management fee and

there are no hidden extras does it all

sound too good to be true all these

things I've discussed are the facts on

our site so sign up for free and create

an account once inside the dashboard you

simply have to click the advertise

property button and follow the simple

steps once you make the small payment

through our secure payment gateway your

property will go live instantly if you

have any more questions be sure to click

tutorials on our website and that will

explain everything if you're still

unsure we have all the short answers to

your questions in our FAQ section thanks

for listening to this video bye ready

cantate you your real estate

do-it-yourself experts now you're ready

to have your property leased

professionally by yourself and save a

great deal of money bye for now