How To Deal With a Dying Parent, Friend or Relative by Heart Health Expert Adam Shaw

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good morning this said I'm sure I'm the

hot guy and today I'm going to talk

about something that not many people do

talk about until it's too late and it's

been a topic that keeps coming up for me

time and time again and that's that's

dying now most people don't address

death until it's on their doorstep which

is pretty much the biggest problem in

Western society that we have there'll be

the day maybe you've had it maybe it's

coming up I hope it isn't soon but the

fact is this is going to happen to

pretty much everyone at some stage in

their life and you're going to have to

deal with it so you might as well hear

about it now and maybe the words I offer

you can offer you some support when

you're in that position where someone

you love is about to die in front of you

in a hospital bed I've seen some

incredible things in my time watching

people die being there with people at

the end of their lives and there's a

couple of things that are really

important for you to know the first

thing is that most people who are about

to die normally have this burst of

energy this little burst where they

become so much more lucid and it's

almost as though they've completely

recovered but it only lasts a little bit

of time and then they go on and die

anyway this period is one of the most

important in their life and for anyone

who's left behind because that's your

chance to say everything that you want

to decide that relative and if you don't

then a lot of people will live the rest

of their life in regret so if you are

faced with that situation where somebody

that you love is about to die then and

you're holding stuff back or you don't

want to offend them because they're

dying you've got to say it say your

stuff if you've got any issue if you've

got to address them there and you'd be

amazed how quickly you'll be able to cut

through them if you're brave enough to

look that person in the eye and tell

them exactly how you feel

and the second thing is not everybody

perks up at that bit at the end

sometimes people lie there and it's

almost as though they're not conscious

well this is crucial for people in the

dyeing process the last cents to go

during the dyeing process is people's

hearing and as a nurse fancy lab it may

be a surprise to some people that this

happens but the fact is that it's the

hearing that goes last and I always used

to tell people look they can still hear

you so you can go in you can speak to

that person they may not be able to

answer you back but the odds are they

probably can hear what you're saying so

if you've got anything to say regardless

how unresponsive you think your friend

or relative is is worth doing it so

there you go I've talked about des like

maybe we can lighten things up a gout

now it is rather chilly at the moment my

morning walk around some opensparc let

me give you a pan around here and I'm

very much alive which is a bonus side on

that uplifting note I hope it's helped

and from me and sure wishing used to be

healthier to be happier and to have some

fun along the way