Why Does Your Dog SLEEP With YOU? - 6 Most Common Reasons

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have you ever looked forward to bedding

down for the night only to find your

furry friend hugging the blanket before

you even get in some dogs might want to

curl up at your feet others lay over

your head and some drape over you like a

canine comforter but why do they prefer

your bed over their own in this animal

wise video we talked about the main

reasons dogs want to sleep in the same

bed as their human Guardians and also

share some tips to ensure both you and

your pal have a good night's sleep


dogs are famously known as pack animals

being very sociable by nature when they

establish a strong bond with our human

family it is common to want to follow

them everywhere and even sleep in the

same bed if your dog always wants to

sleep with you it means you transmit

security and confidence with you there

at ease and they see you as a mentor and

guide if we were in the wild

sleeping is when we are most exposed and

vulnerable this is why many dogs prefer

to sleep near their human companions

understanding the need to protect their

Guardian from any potential harm while

dogs of the same pack will sleep

together to protect each other alone

this is not the only reason dog packs

will also sleep together so they can

conserve their body heat just as they

might sleep in a patch of sunlight to

catch some rays your bed will be one of

the warmest and coziest places for them

to hunker down for the night

do you know how comfortable is your

dog's bed if the answer is not very then

it's understandable they will search out

somewhere else such as your bed or the

sofa you can ensure they are warm by

placing a more comfortable bed with a

blanket next to yours


the main reason your dog wants to sleep

in the same bed as you is because they

love you they feel safe they want to

protect you and they want to show you

affection sleeping in the same bed is a

demonstration of this love it can help

to strengthen your bond but is it a

really good idea

sleeping in the same bed can be a

positive habit for both you and your dog

if you make some general considerations

for example it is very important to

maintain proper hygiene of the animal

especially if they come in from the

outside if we don't they may not be the

only visitor to your bed dirt bugs and

parasites might also be present so

regular brushing is also important

we also shouldn't neglect proper

preventative medicine vaccinations and

deworming schedules need to be arranged

by the vet to avoid the presence of

parasites regardless of hygiene we must

consider whether sleeping together

provides adequate rest to the animal and

ourselves if you want your dog to sleep

in their own bed remember to buy one

which is comfortable enough it also

needs to be the right size and be well

placed cushions in a blanket will also

ensure they will sleep soundly without

having to be in your bed did this video

help you understand why your dog wants

to sleep in the same bed as you post a

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