How To Correct Or Punish Dogs. Positive Dog Training Using Play

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hello dog lover my name is Sara I'm a

dog trainer also coach dog owners and

today I have Bella with me and I'm gonna

teach you and show you how you can

correct your dog before your dog gets to

that level that it's uncontrollable you

can stop your dog's misbehavior faster

and sooner and I'm gonna teach you a

technique that I have used for many

years with many dogs with many

behavioral issues and also I'm gonna

show you how you can implement this into

your daily life so in near future you

can have less stress and less trouble

and less problems with your dog so

before we get started let me explain few

things a few disclaimers as I said this

is a very simple method I'm going to

show you I've used it for many years and

it works with many dogs so all you're

gonna need is a toy that your dog really

loves and I know Bella in this case she

loves a ball she loves to play ball

Bella is not my dog is one of my clients

dogs and I'm using her because she loves

ball she also loves food so you're gonna

need ball a toy that your dog really

loves and also their food whatever food

you're feeding your dog now as you know

I don't use food or treats to train dogs

I don't use force or domination I don't

use tools aversive tools to train dogs

what that means is I don't use tools

that cause pain in dogs I use tools

tools that don't cause pain in dogs now

everybody can argue that any tool can

become a rapper well if in your mind and

your heart and in your soul you mean


Meem bad then it can become negative to

any to but in your heart if you're

positive and you don't mean any harm

you mean love to your dog this tool that

I'm using which is basically your dogs

toys and also the food and as you know I

don't use treats or food to train dog

and in this case we're not using the

food as a training tool we're using it

as a distraction so stay tuned and I'll

show you how you can use this technique

and method in everyday life so let's get

started so as I said Bella loves balls

so as you can see she's got really

excited seeing this ball she's also

excited because I have her food in here

so first we're gonna start with the ball

okay so we first gonna start with the

toy that your dog really loves so let me

show you how crazy she is for the ball

she just loves to play this game so I'm

gonna use this opportunity that she

really loves to play this game and I'm

gonna teach her some manners as well so

not only we are playing with I'm using

praise as well and I'm going to teach

her also some manners

so I'm going to just play with her for a

few minutes hello drop it

so I'm just going to kick the ball with

her feet around just for her to have

some fun top it so as you can see she's

really into this game and into this toy

and to this ball okay so I'm gonna use

and teacher to stop being obsessed with

this ball so the way I'm gonna teach her

to do this is I'm gonna use her name

which is Bella and I'm gonna use the

word note now many people find it hard

to say no to their dogs but I don't find

it hard to say no to dogs because again

it doesn't come from and negative part

of my mind and soul and my heart is

coming from positive part I don't mean

harm I don't mean any negativity all I

mean is love and all the good stuff okay

so now I have the ball that she really

loves right so as you can see she if I

let her she's gonna get it so now I'm

gonna say bail out no nope good girl


so as soon as she stops I say good girl

and I let her play so when I don't want

her to touch it hello nope Bella no good

go get it so she gave me a second of

pause there and I just praised her with

a ball be kicking the ball so again so I

know nope good girl a little bit longer

reward okay so in this case as you can

see we're playing but she has no idea

that she's getting trained so this is

the key you want to implement this

behavior this technique in everyday life

in everyday activity that you're doing

with your dog

whatever it is that your dog is obsessed

with you can take it and use it and

practice it in home well I know no good

you're a little bit longer

good okay all right and just practice it

every day with your dog until your dog

gets the point that no means stop that

behavior so here we go I'm gonna use her

a little bit more nope nope nope nope


nope nope good girl

there we go I I did a little bit more

than usual so she's getting the point

that okay no means don't touch the ball

don't get too obsessed with the ball so

this is the good part you put you want

to play properly so she stops relaxes

reward okay and then when it's time to

correct no but I know nope

good girl good girl

okay all right so you can do this as

often as you can you can play with your

dog everyday and not more than 15

minutes anyways but I've used this

technique also in Verona doggy daycare

we have twenty thirty five dogs a day

and we use the same technique with all

these dogs they all are familiar with

the word know and we can manage and

control these dogs in this environment

now that I have introduced her with the

verbal cue of no I'm gonna also use it

in other activities that we do with her

so here I have her food so I don't want

her to touch it right so I'm gonna put

so nope good girl

no nope good girl nope

good good not so there we go so now

she's getting the idea that no means

don't do what you're about to do again

it doesn't it's not hard and it's not

harming the dog is not harming out the

relationship and you can you know I'm

just gonna push a little bit further



right so no has become nope nope Bella

no nope

so nope so you're thinking why am I not

rewarding her see she's doing it because

she's getting it no you don't have to

complicate things just make them learn

one thing and then praise that so she

has learned that no now means don't do

it then reward you don't have to reward

every single time that becomes too much

of everything so so Bella here no Bella


so she made a mistake she took it so

that means that we have to work up good

we have to work more so this is the

reality of dog training

it's not magic it doesn't happen

overnight it takes a lot of repetitions

a lot of training until you get the

results that you want

so Bella one more time

sit nope okay okay good girl so things

like this you can do every day you're

living with your dog anyway so take

advantage of it and just teach them this

simple no so when it's the time that you

really need your dog to stop a behavior

your dog is at least familiar with the

cue so this is the follow-up of the

video that I did last time and if you

have missed watching that video I'm

gonna link it right here you can go

ahead and watch that with you as well

this is how simple it is so no good curl

okay Bella nope good girl right so you

can do this exercise as much as you can

and just implement this in your daily

life with your dog every day just teach

them know what that means so when your


is now let's say is barking at the

neighbors or is pulling you on the leash

at least you can say Rover no and Rover

is kind of familiar with it it's with

the Q oh I'm making a mistake we've done

this before with different games with

different situations in different

conditions and yes practice this in

different environments you know back

yard and on the street

practice this so when you have done

about 500 repetitions of this with your

dog or even thousands of repetitions

then you can expect your dog to respond

when it's making a mistake when it's

doing something wrong is parking or

pulling you on the leash or growling or

anything like that you can save over No

Rover is going to at least be familiar

with the cue and stop that behavior and

you can at least control and manage your

dog and then when your dog maybe is calm

then you can train or teach your dog

something hope you like this video hope

it makes sense please let me know if you

have any questions as I said this is a

system that I use myself and it may not

work for you and I highly suggest you to

give it a try and use it and see how it

goes and let me know if you tried it and

if you see results and if you enjoy it

and if you have any questions leave

those questions in the comments area and

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