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today we're in the central business

district here in New Orleans and we are

gonna work with the cutest puppy you

have ever seen in your life

Chito the puppy is gonna learn how to

come when we call him you know tumbling

called is one of the most important

skills that our dogs need to know we

should practice this early and often and

in lots of different places by the way

did you guys see my last video on how to

teach your dog to listen to you around

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puppies ever think about that as you

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we're here with Erin and Walker and

Cheeto the Corps do how reliable would

you say he's been uncommon called to

this point in various environments ok so

we got to get that up a little bit don't

we but when we're teaching our dogs to

come to us the first thing we want to do

is get really tight really solid in an

environment like this in the house so I

was thinking we would practice in here

for a little bit then maybe move on to a

little bit more of a distracting

environment and then maybe even more

distracting if he does well with that

I'm gonna go over a game with you that

you can do with your dog to teach them

to come to you when you have two people

in the household always call your dog in

a very enthusiastic and happy voice we

want to make sure that our dog is

enjoying the training process never call

your dog in that firm voice because well

they're not gonna look forward to

training as much if you do that Walker

what kind of currency are you going to

use with cheedo today we got Walker over

here we've got Aaron over here and we're

gonna call him back and forth yeah look

at that look at him go that's it that's

right we want our dogs bolt Angelus we

want them running to it with a dog like

cheetah the more genuine the more

enthusiastic the more energetic you are

the more likely they are to come running

to you now if your dog doesn't respond

so much to this high energy approach

maybe try using a soft gentle more

understanding approach if they tend to

be a bit more reserved and look right

here now actually let's pause you for a

moment right now you're calling them

Cheetos like I don't know I'd rather be

over here with my dad he's got these

treats and everything look for those

small moments when your dog is thinking

about listening to you and seize those

moments in order to really encourage

them to listen to you if they look like

they're thinking

about coming to you do everything you

can to keep them in that mindset if you

notice that your dog is coming to you

halfway and then they're like I don't

know so much it's important to shorten

the distance make it a little bit easier

remember the best dog trainers will not

hesitate to take a step back on their

training in order to teach and show

their dog what to do why don't you guys

go ahead and practice at a closer range

and see if you can have some more

success here reward him heavily with a

skill like homeland called we want to

reward very generously with our dogs in

order to really give them that good

association with listening to us the

next step is to start calling them

randomly when they're least expecting it

now let's see if you can do it with your

back turn to bed you know to throw them

up make things a little bit different

because come when called really matters

most when they are not expecting it and

look he's doing terrific fantastic

wonderful job what do you think about

trying it by the fridge good very good

so cute type somehow talk Walker into

lying on his back to do this but in all

seriousness teaching your dog to come to

you when you're assuming different

positions really challenges them to

think more and makes them understand the

general concept as opposed to just the

training drill if that makes sense go

ahead and call cheedo and see if it

comes here and it's you see how thrown

off yes and you have your currency with

you to let him know good he sees that go

ahead and this is all very normal don't

be discouraged this is why we teach them

this is why we train them maybe scoot up

a little bit look at that very good so

right there we provided the proper

incentive it's much more important that

we get the desired behavior than it is

we get our dogs off of treats now if you

want to see a video on how to teach your

dog to listen to you without treats see

the description of this video and I'll

show you the formula on how to

accomplish that I think that we need to

up the difficulty level a little bit and

practice in a less familiar but still

somewhat familiar area what do you think

about going out here to the hallway and

seeing how he does okay so cheeto is

familiar with this area but he doesn't

live here and that's a new setting for a

dog that's a completely different

variable for them that we need to be

understanding of we're gonna start

pretty close up and then we're gonna

work to a greater and greater distance

hopefully but we'll see how cheeto guys

look at this this is great guys if you

do have a long distance like this and

you're trying to get them to come to you

you can do something like this let's go

let's go come on

cheese because dogs love to chase it's

turned into a bit of a game but see this

is why you practice in a controlled

environment right here

because often times if they get pretty

amped up they'll try and run past you

and turn it into a game of chase which

is okay but we want to make sure that

happens in a really controlled

environment so they can't get away from

us look at that boy

I might confuse him for a greyhound I'm

gonna try and throw a wild card at him

and see if his parents can get him to

come to them while he's distracted so

I'm gonna try and throw him off a little

bit so go ahead there and then and call

him that's what you want here's another

quick tip for you on come when called

let your dog go back to doing what

they're doing after they come to you

don't insist they come to you to a sit

or down stay for 30 seconds really make

it easy for them to succeed

Chito is clearly too cool for school

here he's doing terrific we're gonna go

outside now and see how cheeto does in a

completely new place I'm very optimistic

from what I've seen so far so we're

gonna have Aaron and Walker call cheeto

back and forth and see how incredible he

can do and if he does well with that I'm

gonna show you the next step it's

important to let your dog adjust

initially it's also important to have

good control over them which is why we

have a really long lead on cheeto so he

can still run but we also still have

control of him why don't you go ahead

and call Walker and see if he comes to

you right here make sure you reward big

to because it's a new environment

look at that look at that's it the more

embarrassed you are when you're calling

your dog the better job you're doing

you've got to be prepared to be extra

patient go in slow motion because it's

much more challenging to teach in this

situation good

now I ran behind him snapping my fingers

giving him a mild distraction there you

know really proofing it he's still

listening to you that was fantastic

there he goes yes good job that's it

that's how you call you like that was

awesome man

one thing that I like to do as my dogs

are showing more and more success is

start to pair certain behaviors together

for example maybe calling your dog and

then asking them to sit this teaches

them to start generalizing a multitude

of skills look at this

good ask him to sit

I'm really really doing a terrific job

congratulations on your recent

engagement - and I have to know from all

of you our Corgi puppies really the

cutest puppies ever tell me in the

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we'll see you in the next video good job

I'm feeling good