Teach Your Dog to Recognize Their Name in Less Than a Week

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I'm Julie I am a dog trainer and a

volunteer for muddy paws we are going to

work on name recognition so that when

you adopt your dog you can get your duck

to start responding to you within the

first week so the first thing is load

the name say your dog's name and give

them a high-value treat turkey chicken

pepperoni and half of a pea size it

doesn't need to be very big it just need

to be very valuable to them the second

thing is you're going to add distraction

you're going to let them look away and

as soon as they look away you're going

to call their name and you're going to

mark it a marker word is a word that

means you did really really good here's

a treat so as soon as they look away

you're going to call our name as soon as

they look back to you you're going to

mark it and then reward right at your

legs so that they start coming to you

and then slowly but surely you're going

to add a little bit of distance and then

mark it and then they're going to come

to you and you're going to reward with

the treat practice two to three minutes

at a time five to six times a day

practice in the morning when you get up

when you're brewing your coffee when

your favorite TV show is on and you're

sitting in the living room pull them out

when the commercials on before he walks

after walks when they're nice and tired

before bed if you practice inside

outside everywhere that you go then your

dog is going to be more likely to listen

to you everywhere Emerson's my posture

he was bound to stray from the local

shelter and so his new name that we came

up with this Emerson and we've been

working on this just a little bit um so

that he can respond and come to his name

so you're going to start by loading the

name if they give you a sit if they give

you down that's fine that's not what

we're working on Emerson Emerson

Emerson Emerson practice hi happy sad

mad irritated so that no matter how you

call your dog your dog is going to

listen to you

Emerson and then you want them to start

coming all the way to your knee so that

they're coming to you Emerson Emerson

then you're going to start adding

distractions as soon as your dog looks

away you're going to call their name

Addison nice as soon as they turn their

head you're going to mark that behavior

and reward it your name

ever since nice nice is my marker word

for Emerson so you did really good this

is the behavior that I want you're going

to get a reward at the end Emerson

nice so the more places the more

distract stretches that you add slowly

the better your dog is going to listen

to you in those situations ever since

nice so if you start loading the name

and start working with distractions

within a week your dog should start

responding to you at least eighty to

ninety percent of the time and coming to

for the treat