7 Ways to Tell a Dog You Love Them

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it's fairly common to question how much

our dogs love us we may want to delve

deeper into canine language and better

understand how dogs manifest their

affection of behaviors

however in evaluating how our furry

friends feel about us we may overlook

how they might perceive the love we have

for them have you ever wondered how you

might reward the unconditional love our

dogs give to us in this animal wise

video we show you how to tell your dog

you love them with 7 tips to improve the

bond between you and your best friend


get to know your dog

hello dogs can be very aesthetically

pleasing due to the genetic heritage and

the standardization of dog breeds each

dog is a unique individual your pets

have the personality of their own formed

with great sensitivity and remarkable

intelligence if you miss out on

opportunities to get to know them you

may never realize the full extent of

this unique personality study their body

language to understand what they like

what bothers them what's their favorite

food or the toy they enjoy playing with

the most observe their positions and how

they approach different stimuli in their

environment as well as listening to your

voice you'll see that your dog speaks

with their entire body without having to

emit a single signed training and

education is also loving educating the

dog is fundamental in creating a

harmonious home life for both you and

your dog as well as when they're out in

a bite will also help reveal the state

of their mental health dogs are very

intelligent animals they have a lot of

energy which needs to be channeled

correctly to overcome stress and reduce

the possibility of behavioral problems

initializing basic training is the best

way to stimulate the body and strengthen

the mind of your dog socializing is

essential in teaching them how to relate

to people and other animals as well as

helping them to know how to play nice

with others

we recommend you spend at least 10 to 15

minutes a day teaching basic obedience

commands to your dog it's important to

keep a record and practice daily so at

each command becomes second-nature

remember to use positive reinforcement

to reward good attitudes and successful

listening in your dog this will also

help stimulate their cognitive ability

learn how to say I love you in dog


while barking is an important part of

canine expression your dog friend uses

their entire body and facial expressions

to talk to you all the time but not

necessarily even make a sound

they also secrete hormones to

communicate in ways you will not be able

to perceive their tails ears legs eyes

and body position are used to express

emotion desire fear mood and thoughts

dog show their affection with many

different attitudes such as following

you around the home paying close

attention to your movement obeying your

requests or by simply enjoying a nice

nap by your size if you seek to learn a

little more about their body language

you will learn there are many ways to

say I love you in their own language if

you like to sleep next to your dog for

example you should know that dogs only

have the ability to relax with those

they consider part of the family you can

also spend more time playing with your

dog exercising with them or doing any

activity you might do alone together

these are simple healthy and positive

ways to make your dog happy and display


by knowing how to interpret and respond

to your dog's body language you can make

your dog feel more secure and confident

micelles enormous ly to both boost their

self-esteem and strengthen your bond


dedicate quality time to your dog

we know that the hectic routine of our

day-to-day lives and responsibilities

can make it difficult to share as much

time with our dogs as we would like what

we can do is invest in quality time with

our best friend

when we do have the opportunity

unforgettable moments are the ones we

share with those we love no matter where

or when during the week try to reserve

at least 30 to 40 minutes for intensive

playtime with your dog you'll see that

physical activity and mental stimulation

are as good for you as they are for your

pet if you like to exercise yourself it

can be a good idea to simply take your

dog along such as getting involved in

exercise schemes like candy cross you

can also have fun at home by playing

games and cuddling when you can on

weekends you may have more opportunity

to make quality time so feel free to go

out on new adventures with your canine


prepare their favorite food who doesn't

like to be surprised when the favorite

dish is prepared by someone special to

us our dogs are no exception

just as we experience aromas and

flavours open up memories and feelings

of closeness in our dogs as you already

may know your dog owns a remarkable

appetite so it may even be an

extra-special treat for them take

advantage when you have a free day and

prepare something homemade surprise your

dog with their favorite dish on our site

we have recipes for cakes cookies and

ice cream especially prepared for the

canine appetite like many humans

appetite and love often go hand-in-hand

spoil them with confidence pampering

your dog is a clear and effective way to

show affection but it's important to

understand not all the ways we show

affection make them feel comfortable for

example most dogs will not enjoy it when

we hug them tightly additionally it's

important when pampering our dog not to

over protect them or prevent them from

interacting with other dogs even much

larger ones giving affection to our dog

shouldn't mean allowing them anything

they want especially if it means they

collecting their education over

protecting our animals can be dangerous

and harmful to their health dogs must be

allowed to express themselves with an

appropriate mind to freedom

respect our dogs nature presently many

people confuse caring for or showing

love to our dogs with treating them like

babies it's important to understand a

dog is a dog it needs to be treated as

such this doesn't mean we might love

them less than some humans simply means

canine nature is different from human

nature it deserves to be respected for

its singular needs my treat in a dog is

if it were a human being we might make a

serious mistake we stopped respecting

their nature and may relapse into

overprotection many owners recommend

their dogs when observing certain

behaviors inherent to their canine

nature such as sniffing urine eating

dirt and even cleaning their legs and

organs in these circumstances we are not

caring for our dogs but repressing their

own nature in a way they will not

understand this can cause confusion and

stress loving your dog for who they are

means understanding who they are

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