How Do I know I'm Getting A Message From A Deceased Loved One

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how do I know if I'm getting a message

from my angel spirit guides or deceased

loved ones do they come into our dreams

so in terms of how do you know if it's

really them coming into your dreams

offering new messages and visitations

the answer would be as simple as you

wake up and it felt so real and you

never forget it it's one of those things

where it was such a profound meaningful

experience that it stays with you for

months years or a lifetime okay

that's the difference between between

just a dream where you're subconsciously

processing and a real visitation from

one of your loved ones and spirit yes

they come in to dreams all the time and

sometimes it's hard for them to get

through whether it be because you're not

open and receptive they have to honor

the free will sometimes when we take

sleep aids or we've had too much like

substance abuse alcohol drugs it shuts

down that connection and you know

sometimes it's just hard for them to

project their energy it takes a lot of

energy to do it not every spirit knows

how so there's different reasons why it

wouldn't be happening but I would

encourage you to do everything on your

part to be live a clean lifestyle to

pray and meditate to set the intention

that you're open and available for them

to come in give them permission and then

let go and then trust who comes to you

and when they come is divinely perfect