How To Get A Girl To Chase You (And Let Her Do All The Work)

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What's going on?

This is Tripp from TrippAdvice.com.

I have a very special guest.

You might have recognized her from the how to get a good girl video, Francoise Boufhal

what's up?

What's up, kid?

Today, we're going to be talking about how to get a girl to chase you and she's got some

amazing tips.

She's been writing stuff down.

She's like ready for this.

She's going to show you exactly how to do it.

Francoise, take it away.

We've got the long term and short term goals here.

Now which one you want to start with?

Let's go with the short term.

Short term to get a woman to chase you.

Number one, you have to be available but not too available.

What I mean by that?

Live in the moment.

If you are with your family, with your friends, you're out doing stuff, or you're at work,

and she calls?

Don't just drop everything.

Keep her at a distance, but not to the point where you're ignoring her.

Let her know that there are other things going on in your life.

That's number one.

It's like she's not the center of attention.

You have other things going on.

I think that means that you won't be displaying, the guy won’t be displaying this neediness,

which is really unattractive.

Yeah, exactly.

When she knows that you've got other stuff going on, it makes you more interesting as


That's the first one.

Second one, again for short term, you want to be a dick, but not too much of a dick.

You want to be just the right amount of dick.

That could mean, maybe not calling about for a couple of days.

That's a bit of a dick.

If you could be busy, you can make excuses as to why you haven't called back.

This is like we're playing games now here.

We’re going to play a little bit of a game.

Girls are okay with a game playing?.

You see, that's when the long term thing comes in.

If you recognize that the girl you're dating likes to play games, the long term vision

of how to get a woman to chase you is to basically play her at her own game.

That's the only way that she’s going to chase you long term, to keep her interested,

to keep her attracted to you, everything.

When you first date a woman, you need to have the first, I would say five to six dates of

getting to know, actually listening to what she has to say.

Remembering things that she tells you, things that turn her on, things that turn her off,

things that make us tick, things she hates, things that upset us.

Not that you can use it against us, but that you can remember it and use it when the time's


For example, she could find out that her personality is she's a bit of a tease.

She's silly, she's funny.

She likes a light hearted laugh.

She's not serious.

You can mirror her personality, which will make her a little bit taken aback because

you play in her own game.

Long term, that makes her more attractive to you so she'll chase you more.

Do you get what I'm saying or is that a bit complicated?

I do.

I get what you're throwing down.


We were talking earlier about how you remember some of the things that she does like, that

you can do something for her in the future.

Talk about that a little bit.

Obviously, you get to know the girl.

You get to know things that she likes, things that she loves, things she's passionate about.

If you can remember them and use them with her, do nice things for her, take her someplace

that she's been talking about, maybe buy something little that she likes, even if it's a favorite


Those kind of things women don't forget.

That also makes us want to chase you long term because we think this guy's been listening

to what we've been saying.

He's taking note, he's actually gone out of his way to do it, to get it for us.

It makes us want to invest in the chase.

Guys, be a good listener.

I've been saying the whole time if you've been listening, get to know her, you're going

to know how to get her to like you.

That's the key.


Being a nice guy isn't always a bad thing.

That's the one thing that everyone gets misled on, that being the nice guy does make her

chase you.

That's the long term goal.

Remember the short term, you got competence available.

You have to make sure that she's aware that you have another life.

You've got things around you, that she isn't the complete center of your world.

That's at the beginning.

As you get to know her, you do nice things for her and the chase will continue for her

because she appreciates that you've remembered the things that she likes.

Guys, you heard it here with Francoise Boufhal.

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Say goodbye.

Bye guys.

Hope you enjoyed it.