Contractor Business Tips: How to Get Work on the Calendar Now!

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you did it again somehow you managed to

wake up today and realize that you don't

have a lot of work on the calendar okay

and things are going through your mind

right now like gee the best time to plan

a tree was like 20 years ago

and the result of you not planning that

tree 20 years ago is you don't have any

work today okay but that's not the

problem that you have right now so

hindsight is 20/20 yes you should have

been marketing five years ago two years

ago 18 months ago a month ago you should

be consistent in your marketing and all

those things but let's push that aside a

minute because the reality is you're

screwed because you don't have any work

on the calendar right now and mama needs

milk for the baby and you gotta pay your

cable bill so listen if you happen to

find yourself in the game right now and

you need work and you don't have much on

the calendar and your crew is sitting

there and they're counting on you and

your family is counting on you there's

three main things that I want you to do

right fricken now today start doing this

and hit this nail in every day

first thing call your past clients let

me say that again

call your past clients see they're the

people that are most likely to not only

hire you again but to refer you to

people and they want to help you succeed

okay they like you if you did good work

for them and it was a good experience

they want you to be around so pick up

the phone stop neglecting the database

so here's a real simple thing you do

pick the phone up call him up and say

Joe it's Tom hey a year or so ago we

built that deck for you and I just

wanted to let you know that your

warranty you have a one-year warranty

and it's just about up so I'd love to

schedule at an inspection and come out

and just meet with you and take a peek

at and make sure there's nothing going

wrong with it because the last thing I

want you to do is not be able to take

advantage of your warranty if there's

something that needs to be done so guys

this is going to do

a couple things the first thing it's

going to do it's going to connect you

with your customers and its unique

because nobody does this the second

thing is it puts you in front of them

again you're face to face and the third

thing in many cases twenty thirty fifty

percent of the time you're gonna see

that they're gonna go hey while you're

out here what would it cost to fix this

door or hey while you're out here we

were thinking about this and a lot of

times guys that alone can help fill your

calendar quickly all right the next

thing is build your influencer list I've

talked about this everywhere talking

about it on my podcast I talked about it

on this channel I talk about it in blog

posts I talk about this when I'm on

stage build your influence or list and

an influencer is who is standing anyone

who's standing in front of your ideal

clients on a daily basis selling crap so

if I'm a house painter who's who else

stands in front of my clients carpet

guys hardwood guys home inspectors

Realtors if you make it a goal to

connect with as many influencers as you

can and add value to them take them to

lunch take them to coffee and build a

list of say 30 40 50 a hundred

influencers throughout your region that

know you and that like you and trust you

imagine the impact that's gonna have in

your business all right so shake that

influencer tree right now if there's

somebody that you haven't heard of from

a while in a while

pick the phone up and just say hey Bob

the home inspector how are things going

man anything you need from me shake the

tree imagine what your business would

look like if you had 50 influencers and

you you've got one lead a quarter from

each one of them for a year that would

immediately transform your business all

right third thing that you can do to get

work right now is use social media if

you have a smartphone you can have a

Facebook account if you have a Facebook

account you can get in front of people

with live video and pictures and things

like that show people how you're solving

problems make the case for you being the

expert do it three times a day morning

noon and night authentically tell your


we're out here and I'm gonna fix this

rip in this carpet you know and here's

how we go about fixing this and blah

blah blah educate people and the more

that you show them that you're the

expert in your industry the more your

phone is gonna ring effect Grant Cardone

sales trainers speaker author okay his

big thing is this he says when when

somebody thinks of your industry if they

don't immediately think of your name

then you have a lot of work to do so I

want you to take that to the bank with

you here today because when you

consistently work these three tactics

you're gonna kick work up consistently

that's just how it works

all right they say that you become the

average of the five people that you hang

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basically say Here I am

authentically this is the crap that I

got to own in my business where I feel

maybe I'm maybe you're a procrastinator

maybe you're lazy your work ethic isn't

what others think it is whatever it is

you need to own your crap because truth

leads to progress so the sooner that

you're honest with yourself and honest

with others that can help you the sooner

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