How to Let a Christian Guy Know You're Interested: 3 Tips for Christian Girls

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how can you let a Christian guy know

that you're interested in him and would

like to get to know him more without

coming across as desperate or needy or

coming across too strong I'm going to

give you three points in this video that

can help you accomplish that goal point

three is definitely the most important

one so you're going to want to watch

this video to the end and at the very

end I'm also gonna give you a tip on

what you don't want to do if you're

trying to let a guy know that you're

interested in him hey everybody I'm Marc

from apply God's Word calm a place where

we apply the Bible to your life so point

1 is so simple you probably won't

believe me but if you really want to let

a guy know that you're interested in him

all you need to do is talk to him more

than you talk to other guys seriously if

you talk to a guy most guys are going to

assume that you like him it honestly

does not take much for most guys to

assume that you like them usually guys

are pretty eager to assume that so the

key really though is to talk to this guy

more than you talk to other guys or

other girls if you're just a very social

person and you float around Church and

you're just in the foyer constantly

talking to different people and then you

talk to him he's not gonna think

anything other than that she's a nice

talkative person or if you just text

everybody or you're talking to everybody

on social media and he sees that you

know again it's really not gonna be a

sign but if you're going out of your way

to initiate conversations with this guy

a lot of times she's gonna get the

picture he's gonna go I think this girl

is interested in me because she's

talking to me more than most girls

normally talk to me I know as women you

might be shocked by this maybe some of

you aren't because a lot of guys you

know assume you like them after you talk

to them so on a side note if you don't

want a guy to like you and maybe the guy

thinks you like him you were gonna want

to dial back the conversation level with

that guy and hopefully he gets the

picture but the reason guys interpret

this as you liking them

is because guys don't do this we don't

walk up to each other and small talk

like if you're if you watch guys in

church or you watch guys at parties

especially the older we get the less

weak like have a desire at a small talk

I mean I'll just be totally honest with

you I don't really like small talk like

I like talking deep I like talking about

things that are important to me or

interesting to me and I'll do small talk

because I know it's socially acceptable

and it's a way to show somebody that you

care about it you just want to get to

know him but I really don't enjoy small

talk I enjoy a small talk with my wife

hey how'd your day go what's going on

all that stuff but that's because I want

my wife to like me and I know she likes

me and so you know it's a romantic you

know connection when we can just talk

but you know I don't enjoy small talk

and most guys are the same way so when

you go out of your way to talk to him

he's gonna interpret that a certain way

the only type of small talk all guys

like doing its small talk with a girl

that they like one extreme example of

this is when you read Esther chapter one

you see that Queen Vashti did not

respond to the King's request to come to

the banquet and you see in this passage

that conversation and talking to one

another is a sign of affection the King

got the picture Vashti was rebelling and

then if you read the rest of the story

the king like banished her and like

never talked to her again and so

obviously this is an extreme example of

what we're talking about here but the

principle remains communication is a

sign of affection when there's a lot of

communication it means that probably

means that someone's interested and

likes that person and when the

conversation ends and there's no more

conversation that's usually a sign that

something's wrong in the relationship so

if you want to send the guy the message

that you're interested in that you like

him you don't have to have a big long

conversation you don't need to send him

a huge letter you know pouring out your

heart all you really need to do is talk

to him a little bit more than you talk

to most guys send them an email of a

funny video send them a text about the

day is something you guys have in common

just like reach out

in conversation and normally the guy

will get the picture the second way that

you can let a guy know that you're

interested in him without coming across

crosses desperate or needy or just being

too pushy is by encouraging him

encouragement is something we all need

but the thing is men live in a very

competitive world you know we always

feel like we're getting knocked down we

always you know men just struggle with

competition because it's just for one we

just turned everything into a

competition I think it's partly the way

God made us and I know there's some sin

mixed up into that but guys are

generally you know feel like the worlds

of competition and so when someone

encourages them and someone comes

alongside them and points out something

that they see it's good in them that's a

breath of fresh air it's not something

that they normally experience so it's a

healthy biblical way to let a guy know

that you're interested in him I also

think it's a good option because even if

it doesn't work out and the guy's not

interested or he doesn't get the picture

again encouragement is something that

every Christian can do towards and you

know other Christians and other people

it's just a healthy thing to do I think

encouragement is almost like a way of

biblically flirting I mean I know don't

take this out of context I'm not

promoting you know a worldly flirting

but what I'm trying to say is that

flirting in a sinful way is when you

flaunt yourself in front of a guy and

make him want you and desire you in a

certain way encouragement is when you

point something out in a guy that you

value you showing this guy that you

respect him and it's not placing the

focus on yourself and flaunting yourself

rather you're showing hey I respect you

I think you're a godly man and I and I

see this good thing about you and I'm

gonna let you know that and when you do

that to a guy in a very casual way when

the opportunity presents it that's a

decent sign of saying hey maybe she's

interested she seems to value me as a

man so maybe she would like me in a

romantic way another reason encouraging

a guy is a good way to let him know that

you're interested

is because this is what all husbands

want in their wife when they get married

one day you know we all want our wives

to believe in us and I don't mean that

in the religious sense like obviously

you know you believe in Jesus Christ and

follow him as your God well I don't mean

it like that I just mean that in the in

a confident way in a relationship way

that they trust your your you want your

wife to trust you you want your wife to

respect the choices that you make and

again you want that encouragement as a

husband it says this in proverbs 21 9 it

says it is better to live in a corner of

the house top than in a house shared

with a chordal some wife so again it's

talking about the flip side of like

every husband just it's terrible when

you're getting cut down by your wife if

your wife cut you down isn't encouraging

put you down doesn't respect you it hits

a man it hits a husband in a harder way

when it comes from his wife because

that's who he wants to that's who he

wishes respected him the most so when

you respect a guy and you encourage a

guy it's going to light a flame in him

if he's single because he has a desire

to be married to a woman who does that

for him who respects him and encourages

him alright point three is my most

effective tip in my opinion so if you

want to let a guy know that you're

interested without being pushy without

coming across as desperate you're really

gonna want to use this one which is use

the power of an invitation and be

inviting invite him to do something with

you and I know you're it sounds like I'm

saying well you're saying ask him out on

a date no I'm not really saying ask him

out on a date

I'm just saying invite him to spend time

with you in some sort of way without

defining what it all means without

defining the relationship without

calling it a date I'm if you want to go

that route and only there's anything

wrong with a girl asking a guy out on a

date personally again I think it's I

think it's a good sign for a guy to do

most of the pursuing in a relationship

because this is a sign that

he'll have initiative and leadership in

the marriage one day if you two do get

married but I have a whole other video

on how to navigate what that means like

how a guy should pursue a girl and what

all that means though it's called should

a Christian girl pursue a guy so I'll

leave a link in the description of this

video for that for that video but what

I'm saying here is that you're not

pursuing a guy you're not chasing him

around but if you invite the guy to do

something with you you're sending a

clear sign I want to spend time with you

after you send him the invitation then

you pull back and you don't keep

pursuing him you don't keep chasing him

around you don't wait months on end for

him to think about accepting the

invitation you let the guy lead after

that and you let him pursue you after

that but by sending him an invitation

you're you're sending a clear sign that

you're interested another reason I

believe in the power of the invitation

so much for a girl who wants to like

actively participate in starting a

relationship with somebody rather than

just waiting around to be found by

somebody is that the invitation is a

easy way for a guy to say no without it

becoming super awkward and weird for

everybody like if you just lay it out

there for a guy it's gonna chrome across

it's kind of pushy it's gonna come

across as kind of desperate honestly is

for some guys I mean it might work in

some relationships I'm not trying to

make rules here that aren't in the Bible

but I'm just saying in general an

invitation is nice because it gives

everybody an easy way out if it doesn't

if the guy's not interested if he's

interested he's gonna go and accept the

invitation if he's not interested he'll


you know reject the converted invitation

and this is just a way socially easier

way to navigate this interest like art

does this guy interested in me rather

than as saying hey do you want to go on

a day are you romantically interested in

me that's like whoa like I don't know

why I need to get to know you a little

bit but if you just sent him an invite

he's able to like

a little bit less pressure about it and

just say yeah I like this girl I'm gonna

pursue that or no I'm not really

interested thanks you know I have plans

that night you know thanks thanks for

asking me though you know it's just an

easier way to navigate this whole thing

all right so now just one tip on what I

don't think you should do if you want to

let a guy know that you're interested I

don't think that you should have a blunt

open conversation with a guy in most

instances about your feelings and about

your desires for this relationship as

I've kind of mentioned already

throughout this video I personally think

that comes across as kind of desperate

and kind of pushy and it kind of over

steps to normal roles and bonds that men

and women have in this relationship I

think it it kind of comes across from a

man's perspective when you do that as

almost putting him in a corner and kind

of undercutting his strength as a man to

be the initiator to be the pursuer not

every guy you know has the guts to

pursue a girl and that's sad but you

know I think every guy kind of feels

when the girl is overstepping her

boundaries usually it turn off for most

guys so I personally don't think you

should have the blunt open conversation

with a guy you know pouring out your

feelings or writing the long letter

because again it kind of comes off as

pushy the one exception I think to this

opinion of mine here is if you really

think the guy was does like you or would

like you but it's just relationally

clueless like and I don't mean that in a

bad way like there's a lot of good

Christian men a good Christian guys who

are gonna make awesome husbands one day

but they're just kind of relationally

clueless and they don't get the subtle

signs that you're sending them and

there's some guys who are just like that

and if you you like a guy who just

doesn't get it it's just like kind of

clueless when it comes to relationships

then you might need to spell it out for

them I like you will you go on a date

with me like I don't think that's a sin

I don't think there's anything wrong

with doing that I

think most guys have enough relationship

skill to kind of understand the subtle

signs and and that way you don't have to

like be the pursuer you can invite and

be actively participating in the

relationship but also allowing him to

pursue you if you do the invitation

route but if a guy is just clueless and

you think he's clueless then hey just

have the conversation with him let him

know see what happens and usually if

he's if he's a good Christian man he'll

take it from there and him like oh I

didn't sorry I I didn't realize I

actually really like you too I I'm gonna

start acting like a man now but going

back to my caution I think it's usually

the wrong approach for a girl to have

the open blunt conversation with the guy

is because most of the time the the

reason that he's not pursuing you or

getting your invitation or getting your

signals is not because he's clueless but

because he's not interested like if he

if you're sending him signals and he's

not responding like he's probably not

responding because he's not interested

and that's the beauty of signals is that

you can get a read on how they respond

to what you're doing in response to them

so you know by just going having the

blunt conversation you know to me you're

kind of beating a dead horse and really

probably what you're accomplishing is

ruining a friendship rather than

starting a romantic relationship but

again these are just my opinions there's

not like Bible verses that totally say

this is the way you must date this is

the way you must you know interact with

men you know God doesn't give us this

specific step-by-step plan in his word

rather you wanna you want to stay true

to biblical principles and the reason I

think that it's better to send signals

and be inviting the principle of

invitation rather than overly pursuing

is again because in marriage a man is

responsible for leading ultimately and

you want a guy who's going to be able to

do that so you don't want to get all

that twisted before the relationship

even starts all right well I hope you

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