How To Let A Cat Out For The First Time! Advice For Letting Your Cat Outside For The First Time!

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Hi guys! Welcome back to the channel it's Claire and Rags and are you thinking of

letting your cat out the first time? Well don't worry if you are, Rags and I

are here with some advice and tips on how to let your cat out for the first

time and make sure that they find it a good experience as one of you now one of

most important things to remember is to make sure that your cat is either

microchiped or has a collar with identification on it

if your cat goes out to the first time and get spooked by something they could

run off and get themselves lost if the microchip or have a tag on them someone

may find them and be able to bring them back safely to you. Now this is a good

idea anyway even if you don't let your cat out anyway it's good to get the

microchip just in case they do get out and do get themselves lost - your vet can do it

it's really easy to set up and it really is good for peace of mind. Now timing is

very important when letting your cat out the first time whether you've adopted a

new cat or you've moved home it's best to keep them in for between two and

three weeks so they get used to environment of a new home so they'll see

your home as if sort of food comfort and family. Now if it's kittens

you're letting out you need to make sure they are at least 6 months old

they've been neutered and they've been at microchipped but if you let out an

older cat like I said leave it between two and three weeks maybe even a month

before you let them out. This does make sure that they don't associate home with

their previous home but the one that they're in now this means that they are

far more likely to return if they go walkabout. Now why should you keep cat

in for this time it's very very likely they're going to get bored and a bit

frustrated so make sure you have a lot of toys for them a lot of games and you

schedule a lot of playtime with them. Give them a lot of attention this will

also help them realize that where they are is their home. If you want to try our

cat music or cat TV whilst they are stuck inside - this will keep them entertained and

a nice and chilled out. Now your cat's first visit to the outside world should

be supervised it should be you and your cat in your garden and try it on

a day when the weather is quite nice and you're able to be in all day. Now if you let

your cat out on their own it's possible they might get a bit spooked and you

being there helps them feel a little bit more secure. Now when you do let them out

if they do jump to the bushes go into the shrubbery don't worry that's

completely normal and it's just their way of putting themselves in a safe

environment while their outside somewhere that they're

not used to. Now make sure you're out there with your cat the entire time and

that you have the door open to go back into the house just in case they feel

the need to flee back in - if they try and escape from well Ragsy got scared by

a giant pigeon if they're scared of a giant pigeon they want to know that they

can go back into some where they're safe. Now whilst you're around the garden yourself

you don't really need to keep an eagle eye on your cats too much you can video

yourself with some gardening or sit out there and have a brew. Just let your cat sniff around

and explore and get to grips with their new environment. Now do this for

between 30 and 60 minutes and repeat it the next few days so your cat gets used

to being outside in the garden now obviously if you live on a busy street

you don't want to let your cat out on the side of the house where there's a

main road or anything like that. If you have a back garden or a front garden

that's relatively quiet this is the best place to first introduce your cat to the outside world

now what's one way to guarantee your cat keeps coming back?

keep them hungry, of course! Cats lives revolve around food I'm sure of it

so if you let your cat out for the first time just before a schedule to Meal Time

you can almost guarantee that they're not going to run off or go hide

somewhere they will definitely know where their food comes from so they

won't go wandering too far and their less likely to go wandering off

thanks for watching guys, I hope you found these tips useful! Now if you've got any

additional tips around letting your cat out for the first time please share them in

the comment section below - Rags and I love hearing and reading your advice

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