How Do CATS CHOOSE Their HUMAN? 🧍‍♀️🐈 Find Out!

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you may have heard that cats choose us

not the other way around while we might

have spent a lot of time thinking about

which feline best suits our way of life

perhaps the decision wasn't down to us

in the end at least not entirely

in this animal-wise video we explain

more about the relationship we have with

our cats


what is the relationship between cats

and humans it's very important to

understand that cats don't really have


owner while there is an important legal

factor the word owner when applied to

cats is misleading

since they are a living thing not a

commodity in fact

they are under no real obligation to

stay with us fortunately

they are social animals who need to feel

comfortable and safe amongst company

for this reason they choose companions

and guardians to live with and use as

reference points

not as masters having clarified this

point we need to understand that a

feline who is not comfortable in their


will leave to find a better one not

dissimilar from ourselves

if we don't have a good relationship

with someone we will want to avoid

maintaining contact with them

discover how to help your cat love you

in the video that we share here

how do cats choose their companions you

may wonder what it is you do so well

with your feline that means they want to

be with you

this is because the foundations of their

well-being are covered thanks to you

therefore they have no need to leave

somewhere they are comfortable and happy

first of all you are the one which

caters to all their physiological needs

especially a proper diet when these

needs are not met

we often see cats escape to a neighbor

where they might get the food they need

they are therefore dependent on you when

it comes to feeding

thanks to you they also have a stable

environment which they consider their


they feel as if they are in a safe place

protected from external threats they

also have a clean place to relieve

themselves and a comfortable place to


similarly their social needs are also

covered although they have an

independent temperament

they need to spend time with company

whether with us or other cats

those in their group are family the ones

who create a sense of belonging and


it should be noted that if a new member

of the family is welcome it's common for

this change to generate stress in the


therefore we must introduce them

progressively and appropriately

check out this video we share here for

more information on the best ways to

welcome a new cat into the home

why do cats prefer certain people you

may have noticed your cat prefers to

spend more time with some people over


this is because they prefer individuals

who know how to relate to them and who

respect their limits

cats tend to get close to those who

don't pressurize them and with whom they

associate their presence with something


the cat notices which members of their

family increase positive well-being

lastly cats like people who avoid

punishment although we may lose patience

when we live with a companion animal we

should never scold them

to them physical aggression or shouting

will be completely unjustified and

generate fear

in particular cats are very sensitive to

these situations

they can become elusive when they have

experiences such as these so we always

recommend the use of positive


or redirecting behaviors we consider


if you want to continue learning fun

facts and information about cats

take a look at this comprehensive


tell us do you think you are your cat's

favorite person let us know in the


and we'll see you next time