How to Hatch Chicks with a Broody Hen

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let's talk about broody hens today this

is one of my hens and she have been

sitting in a nest box

she is confirmed broody here that little

scream and she has flattened out like a

pancake so I know this hen and I know

she tends to go broody so we're going to

talk about what to do if you want to

hatch chicks with a broody hen some hens

make great moms some hens don't so you

need to be prepared beforehand to know

that it can sometimes be very

heartbreaking but I'm going to let you

know how we do this here and we have

some great broody hens so we've had a

lot of successful chick hatches with our

broody hens and it makes things very

easy when you do that so here's our

broody hen she's in the nest box these

are my main hen nest boxes for my egg

layers and this is not where I'm going

to want her to hatch her chicks but what

I like to do is to get her attached to

some eggs

I find that my hens will move easier if

they've got some eggs that they're

attached to the eggs kind of get them to

stay where they're supposed to be so

what I do is I'll get a couple eggs that

aren't something I'm going to let them

hatch always start with golf balls or

some eggs that you don't you know don't

necessarily care about in case the hen

refuses to move or she ends up not being

broody you don't want to waste your

really valuable expensive eggs on that

so these are my two legs I mark them you

can put a check mark you can do whatever

you want I just think it's cute I put

smiley faces on them so what I'm going

to do with her is I'm going to give her

these two little smiley face eggs which

she is probably going to like and what

she'll end up doing let's see if we can

get her to do it she should tuck those

two little eggs right under her she's

not going to do it but they often will

tuck those little legs under them

and then and I'll put those eggs under

her and I will ever sit on those eggs

for a whole day maybe two and and the

reason for the marking is when the other

hands lay in that nest box I can remove

the eggs that aren't marked I know that

those are not the eggs I want her to sit

on so I don't have to worry about on

developing this also keeps any staggered

hatches sometimes if you just let a hand

go hens keep laying eggs in and then

you've got hen or chicks hatching four

days apart and it usually doesn't work

out well so I've got these two marked

eggs I'm going to let her sit on those

for a day or two and then what I'm going

to do when she really likes those eggs

is under the cover of darkness when it's

pitch-black and the lights are out in

here I am going to take her and those

eggs together and I'm going to move them

out to one of my little broody coops

that I use in the middle of the night I

often use some kind of a box then I'll

move them together in that and let her

sit out there I make sure that she stays

on the nest but usually this works for

me really well I've had a few Huns it

will not move but if you can get that

hand to move like that with those eggs

and she'll still sit there um that's

when I will think about and that may be

another day giving her the eggs that I'm

wanting her to sit on the valuable eggs

and then once the eggs are all warm and

she can't tell the difference I will

remove those little smiley face marked

eggs so happy hatching to you I hope

this helps you with your broody hens

thanks for watching