5 Ways to Get a Boy to Love You

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how to get a boy to love you there's no

magic pill that can make somebody fall

in love with you

bummer I know you just can't control how

someone feels about you but there are

some things you can do to significantly

increase your chances of attracting the

boy like you ready to find out how you

can do just that then keep on watching

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our new videos 1 start with yourself the

journey to love starts with yourself so

here are several things you need to take

care of first and foremost take care of


we've fall in love with who a person is

on the inside but it's their outside

that initially grabs our attention right

so taking care of your appearance is a

great first step to attract the boy you

like and it's not just all about him

either taking care of yourself will also

boost your own self-confidence it's not

like you need to do anything drastic or

change the way you look entirely be

yourself but also keep these simple tips

in mind first and foremost pay attention

to your personal hygiene make sure your

nails hair and clothes are neat and


oh and can't forget your oral hygiene

either fresh breath is much more

kissable the best clothes are the ones

you personally feel comfortable in if

you can rock tight jeans or a short

skirt with confidence go for it but if

these sorts of garments make you feel

uncomfortable or self-conscious trust me

it'll show so instead of looking

breathtaking you seem awkward or unlike

your true self don't go overboard with

makeup you don't want to be wearing a

mask that completely changes the way you

look instead use makeup to highlight

your best features and if you don't like


no problem according to surveys most men

prefer natural beauty appreciate the

good in your life who would you rather

have a conversation with a debbie downer

that constantly complaints about their

schoolwork teachers friends and so on or

someone who gets excited talking about

their interests hobbies and goals

exactly of course we all want to blow

off a little steam every now and then

and complain about stuff that annoys us

but try to stay away from those topics

if you're trying to get your crush to

fall in love with you but what if all

you can think about is that guy that cut

you off in traffic today or that teacher

who seemed to have a personal grudge

against you it's okay it happens but

there is a simple little trick that

helps every time something that spoils

your mood pops up in your head think

about five other positive things that

way you'll remember that your life is

much happier than you realize that being

said you don't have to pretend to be

happy when you aren't we all have bad

days and Bluff moods just don't make a

habit of constantly complaining about it

and try to look on the bright side

love and accept yourself you know the

old saying nobody can love you if you

don't love yourself first it's totally


a good way to start loving yourself is

to figure out your strengths and use

them to your advantage

write down five or more things that

you're good at and show them off at any

opportunity if you dance like a pro or

if you are one make the boy you like

notice it don't forget about your flaws

either after all nobody's perfect write

down at least four of them when you

admit that you have some weaknesses

you'll know what you can work on a

little bit more work on your self-esteem

if you're taking care of your appearance

it have begun to appreciate your

personality your self-esteem will grow

fast also make sure that you don't rush

when you talk speak clearly

posture is key too when you sit and

stand up straight you instantly feel

more confident in yourself any guy will

tell you that there's nothing more

attractive than a self-assured girl to

get the attention of the boy you like

all right you've worked on yourself now

it's time to get his attention try to be

fun and outgoing fun people are like

magnets so if your crush sees you

animatedly chatting and giggling with

your friends this will definitely get

his attention in his eyes you'll look

like somebody he can have a good time

with and share lots of laughs and funny

stories if you're perhaps a little more

introverted really try to put yourself

out there I know

easier said than done but a good way to

start is by signing up for classes or

clubs that suit your interests you'll

make true friends there with whom you

can talk and laugh and show your bubbly

side and if you meet a boy there well

that's an added bonus pay attention to

your body language even before you pluck

up the courage to talk to the boy you're

dreaming about your body language can

already make you special in his eyes

here's how you can get boys interested

with just a few subtle moves make eye

contact your crush might not even know

you've got your eye on him if you don't

well let him see this that doesn't mean

you should stare of course just let your

glances meet smile and then look away

his heart will flutter immediately keep

your body language open what this

basically means is avoid crossing your

limbs crossed arms and legs send a

subconscious signal that you're closed

distant and uninterested and that's

definitely not the message you want to

send the boy you like

tilt your head when talking to people

especially him this is the perfect

gesture to show that you're interested

and listening a gang good posture shows

self-confidence so keep that in mind

don't be afraid to flirt now here is

where things get fun if you've worked on

your confidence and you're ready to put

it to use flirting is a surefire way to

get your crushes attention the first

thing you may want to try is a slow

smile make eye contact with a boy of

your dream let a smile slowly spread

across your face and shyly look down

trust me he won't stand a chance of

resisting your charm if that's not

really your style then try some light

banter if he says something witty answer

with something equally funny this way

he'll understand that you're having a

good time talking to him don't be afraid

to tease him a little to keep it light

though nothing too personal or

potentially offensive of course if

you're getting good signals from him and

you feel confident enough to go for it

trying him on the arm or shoulder a lot

of boys consider soft touches incredibly

cute and totally irresistible


three keep him interested show that

you're interested in his life interest

isn't a one-way street to keep him

interested in you show your crush that

you're interested in him ask him

questions about his childhood family and

personal interests if there is some

topic that's particularly important to

him talk about it this is a nice way to

show that you respect the things he

cares about ask for his opinion on

different subjects that way he'll

understand that his point of view

matters to you open up going off that

last note don't be afraid to open up to

him yourself

he wants to get to know you just as much

as you want to know more about him tell

him about your hobbies interests and

things that are important to you talk

about your plans fears or dreams who

knows perhaps you'll find that you two

have a lot in common

remember to compliment him everybody

likes to be complimented and your crush

is no different if the shirt he's

wearing today really makes his eyes pop

let him know

congratulate him for a job well done if

he's passed a really tough exam of

course your compliments should come from

a sincere place only tell him nice

things when you really mean it and not

just because you think it'll make him

like you more be realistic if you've

gotten to know each other really well

and you've made it obvious that you're

into him then an exclusive relationship

should ensue if for some reason he

hasn't asked you out yet

maybe he hasn't quite gotten all these

signals you're throwing his way or

perhaps he's just shy don't be afraid to

make the first move

tell him you're interested in being more

than just friends if he agrees awesome

you're now official

but if he's sending you mixed signals or

he's flirting with other girls then he's

probably just not into you that way and

that's okay you can simply move on for

what to do after you've started a

relationship let's say things go well

and you're officially dating now what

don't let the flame die try to avoid

mundane routine pick a new common hobby

that you can do together go to new

places try new restaurants get out of

the house and leave your comfort zone

together this will make you to closer

and your relationship will stay fresh

keep your independence on the other hand

don't give in to the temptation to spend

every single second with your new catch

keep your independence and your own life

hang out with your friends keep doing

the sports you love don't give up in

your hobbies or simply spend some

quality time with yourself alone when

you need to and if he expects you to

give up your whole life just to be with

him and that's a major red flag of a

controlling partner either tell him that

that sort of thing won't fly or do

yourself a favor and end the

relationship now

speaking of which five know when to call

it quits whether it's because you've

fallen out of love or you realize that

is not quite the guy you thought he was

if things aren't working out between the

two of you sit down and have a serious

and sincere talk sometimes it's better

to cut things off than to let a bad

relationship torture you any longer do

you have any other tips on how to get a

guy's attention and make him fall in

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