13 Ways to MAKE A GUY LIKE YOU!! Relationship Advice from Ask Kimberly

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Kimberly welcome back to my channel now

guys one of the most watched and loved

videos that you guys have requested at

the most on my channel is how to get a

guy to like you so it's been a couple of

years since I've done this video guys so

I wanted to do another one that has even

more tip easier simpler more proven ways

to actually get a guy to like you make

sure you watch all the tips right to

number 13 because number 13 is actually

gonna shock you this is 13 ways to get a

guy to like you let's hug Friday's easy

way to get a guy to like you guys and

this one's so good is to have a

devil-may-care attitude now you're

probably wondering like what the heck

Kimberly is a devil-may-care attitude

someone who has a devil-may-care

personality is usually happy-go-lucky

and kind of naturally confident so when

they walk into room they kind of have

that like shouldn't say qua quality

about that and for some reason guy is

like actually go gaga over this

personality so next time that you are in

a situation with your crush channel your

energy jihadi you know so that you can

get into that devil-may-care attitude

the second way to get a guy to like you

it's to flirt

now flirting is one of the most obvious

ways to show someone that you're

attracted to them or interested it

immediately gets someone to see you as a

love interest as opposed to someone

who's in the friendzone and this is one

of the top things you can do to get

someone to be interested in you number

three is to touch his skin

skinny-dip in contact releases oxytocin

which instantly connects you this

releases all those super feel-good

hormones that instantly increases

arousal so when you're around your crush

just find a very natural way to touch

the skin whether it's just like

playfully touching him on the arm or

touching his hand something super

natural and easy any kind of touch will


the foreplay to get a guy to like you is

to actually hit up his friends now this

is not in a romantic way I just mean to

win their approval if you want a guy to

like you you are gonna need to have the

approval of his friends and I've

actually seen examples of people not

dating the people that they really liked

because the friends didn't approve

so you're definitely gonna want to make

sure you pay attention to his friends

right from the get-go so being super

bubbly asking them questions and just

getting in their good books and Josh

thank you guys the fifth way to get a

guy to like you now guys this was so

interesting and I've seen it be so

effective if you can do it right when

you first make them once you have caught

their gaze and they've caught yours once

that initial my contact has been made do

not give him too much attention do not

get caught gazing until he actually

approaches you the reason you want to

avoid doing this too early on is that

looking at them all the time can make

you seem like you're too available once

you've made that initial contact he's

gonna know that he wants to approach you

so you want if you're busy and like

you're doing your own thing and super

confident and not too readily available

tip number six is to play a little bit

part to get now I know the last Sifl was

also a little bit hard to get but this

tip is even more so so once you've

established maybe a texting relationship

with them playing a little hard to get

is a good thing it means that you're not

always available to them so for example

if he texts you and you text him back

like within two seconds that just

screams I am so available I'm here at

your beck and call I have nothing better

to do and that's exactly what you want

to avoid in a new relationship this

comes from the goddess of all things

relationships share from clueless

as share from clueless says sometimes

you have to show a little skin this

reminds boys of being naked and then

they think of sex share I couldn't have

said it better myself

now you don't want to go too crazy on

this one guys I think showing skin has

been shown to increase intimacy and

attraction but I'm personally not a fan

of putting it all out there my best

advice is to choose one area of your

skin you like the most and let's just

kind of play that up when you're around

your crush


to get a guy to like you it's to use the

chameleon effect to your advantage

now the chameleon effect is the

subconscious connection that's created

when you mimic someone's body movement

so for example if someone takes a sip of

their drink and you take a sip at the

same time it helps them feel like

they're in sync with you like they're

real it is the same as yours and somehow

on a psychological level that makes them

think they like you so if you're walking

beside your crush in the hall try

sinking your steps to the safe feet guys

it's the little subconscious things that

do the most

I swear honestly is to tell your crush I

read and she's a really really good

secret because this really works

my second middle name Kimberly and

Burchard Moffett it applies that you

have a connection with them that you

just don't have with anyone else and

obviously I feel that way about you guys

at my lovebugs because there is no way I

would share that Gertrude is my second

middle name if I didn't love you guys

10 is to watch a scary movie you know

obviously guys I know like watching a

movie with someone implies but if you're

like already on a date or you're at

their house or something so I've more

tips for those of you who aren't at that

stage after this but the feeling of fear

that's created when you watch a scary

movie creates adrenaline when people

feel this adrenaline and they almost

always think it's because of the other

person who's there and not necessarily

the scary movie so the more scared

someone gets when they're with you the

more likely they are to just think

they're super attracted to you I know

that's really weird but it's so true you

guys need to go and try this one I swear

eleven guys this is like probably my

most serious tip it's serious it's like

from me to you you know that girl on

social media who always shares like

everything her life story you hear about

every single day you hear about every

piece of food she

you see every single selfie of her do

not be that girl we all know a girl like

this in our lives we're just gonna know

that if he breaks your heart or if

something happens or if you date him

that you're gonna write all about him on

your social media and that's a huge

turnoff the 12 way to get a guy to like

you got it this one's really good it's

to give a subtle compliment but try to

avoid complimenting him about his looks

or something physical wow I can't

believe you read the entire series in

two weeks like it took me like a month

to do so impressive I guess I'm a fast

reader comments like that work because

they show that you're actually thinking

about the other person's strengths and

their personalities and that really

intrigues people to get to know you on a

deeper level alright guys the final tip

it's you getting a guy to like you

number 13 I feel like this is going to

shock you I'm really sorry if this

shocks you but it has to be done tip

number 13 final tip guys is to give

another guy the time of day there are

gonna be some guys out there that are

like let's just be real for a second

here before you are in a committed

long-term relationship with someone

there is a courting period and during

that whoring period you are allowed to

talk to whoever you want you don't have

to be flirting you could just be talking

to someone and laughing and having a

great time if he feels any sense of

attraction team enid he is not a

possessive or patroling guy he is going

to want to protect what you have already

created with him he is gonna get

involved he's gonna be jealous and this

jealousy is a good thing because it

makes him want to take steps to further

that relationship with you and actually

realize how much he actually cares about

you guys I really hope you love this

video so much I hope your situation with

your crush works out super well and I

would love to hear your stories and your

love situations in the comments below

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guys I will see you all next week for

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