How To Tell A Guy You Like Him (WITHOUT SAYING IT!)

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hey guys what's up it's Josh so for

today's video as you guys can see by the

title I wanted to talk about a couple of

different ways in order to show your

love to somebody without having to

actually say those words a lot of the

time things that we do with our body

language and the way that we act around

somebody else shows them how we're

really feeling but I think that when it

comes down to like your nerves and being

around somebody that you like sometimes

it can be really hard to think about

those things when you're in that moment

so for today's video I just thought it

would be interesting to kind of talk

about some different ways not only to

show somebody that you like them but

like also to show them like more than

that and to show them that you love them

and to do it without actually having to

bring up those words because there are

specific things believe it or not that

you can do that show that to somebody so

yeah that's what we're gonna do for

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you guys are into see I hope you guys

enjoyed today's video and here are a

couple different ways to show somebody

that you love them without having to say

it so the first one that I came up with

and something that I think is really

important are random acts of kindness I

think that when you think about somebody

doing something really small for you

picture you're at school somebody

randomly goes to Starbucks buys you your

favorite drink brings it over to you and

you had no idea and it was just a total

surprise those are the little things

that I think people remember it's things

like that that kind of

show your love towards someone I just

think that little random acts of

kindness like that they show that you

really care about that other person and

if you are trying to show somebody that

you really love them then maybe just do

a random act of kindness and that is all

it will take

moving on to the second one which is

touch I think that touch is a huge

aspect when it comes to anybody's bite

and when you're showing somebody how you

feel about them or you're just doing

something in general if you touch

somebody it means a lot more than

sometimes we think if you are in a

relationship or if you are going out

with somebody one thing that you do with

that person when you're into them is

like you hold their hand you give them

hugs you kiss them all of those things

have to do with touch and so I feel like

when you're trying to show somebody that

you like or show somebody that you

haven't talked to you before that you

really like them so next time you get

close to that other person that you like

and you want to show them something I

think that it's a really good way to

like subtly touch them somewhere like if

you walk up to them and you touch their

arm or you give them a hug or it may be

not a kiss yet because you guys don't

know each other that but if you are like

giving them a hug it just like makes you

feel more comfortable and like closer to

that other person that's another great

way in order to show somebody that you

love them alright so the third one is

interesting because you're definitely

not telling them that you love them but

what you're doing is you're just doing

actions and like doing things that show

them that you really care about them so

what I mean by this is doing things for

that other person because you know that

that other person hates doing them so we

can all think about one thing that we

just really hate doing and I think about

like when you think of somebody else

doing that for you I think that it kind

of puts into perspective that like

because that they know that you hate

that and then they're doing it because

they don't want you to like have a bad

time doing it or have to worry about it

that person cares about you and they're

doing it because they want you to be

happy like you don't have to say any

words like I like you this is why I'm

doing this if you just do it it just

shows that you like that person so if

you're trying to show somebody that you

love them by doing that and see how it

works out alright so moving on to the

next one which I think this one you kind

of you have to do this every once in a

while if you're in a relationship if

you're trying to show somebody that you

like them surprises are a huge deal when

it comes down to the other person that

you're interested in when you do it they

really hold on to that memory and they


that you did that and I think that it

just shows like something special like

when that person didn't have any

intention of anything happening and then

you surprise them with something it just

shows that you care about them and it's

a great way in order to give that

message across that you do love them

without actually telling them so if

you've never surprised that person that

you liked before then I would suggest

buy them a gift maybe they're not

expecting anything from you and see what

the response is and see what happens and

I think that will get across the message

that you really like this all right and

the last way in order to show somebody

that you really love them without saying

it is by being honest I think the number

one thing that a lot of people get into

trouble doing is not being honest and I

think that by showing somebody that you

can be honest with them and getting them

to trust you is one of the number one

ways in order like for somebody to know

that you like them or that just like you

mean a lot to them so it sounds like

super easy and it sounds like something

that you don't really you wouldn't

really think about all the time but I

think that when it comes down to it one

of the main ways that people kind of

lose trust in somebody is when the other

person is not honest just try to be

honest with them it'll just show that

person that you really do have feelings

for them so that is the last one I don't

know how many I did in this video but

five or six of them those are just some

different ways to do it without actually

telling them so I hope you guys enjoyed

today's video if you are in a

relationship or if you do like somebody

and this information helped you out or

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