1 Easy Way to "Show a Guy You Like Him"

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hey there Adam little trick from sexy

confidence calm and in this video right

now I'm going to share with you one very

easy and simple trick to showing a guy

that you're interested in him keep




so you're into dude but for some reason

every time you see him you can't help

but go into [ __ ] face mode and you

wanted to know that you're into them but

you just don't know how I mean you've

even contemplated going up to him

passing him a note and telling him that

you like him but then you realize that

you are no longer in sixth grade so in

this video right now I'm gonna share

with you a very very simple method that

women have successfully used on me and

my clients is successfully used on many

many men out there and it shows interest

to a guy without coming off as overly

available needy or even worst-case

overly sexual it's what I call forearm

flirtation it's really really simple I

want you to imagine that you're just

hanging out with a guy you're chatting

up and then he says something even

remotely funny what I want you to do is

the moment he says that just simply go

like this slowly touch his arm and hold

it for two seconds BAM


and the best part of foreign flirtation

is that it's not overtly sexual you do

not have to lick your lips at him you

don't have to play with his nipples and

you definitely don't have to rub his

inner thigh all you have to do is find

two seconds of cards two seconds to just

reach out and touch his forearm and just

hold it for those two seconds and this

is really really effective and you can

do it and this literally could be the

difference between continuously staying

single or going out and meeting the man

of your dreams by showing some interest

in him

sometimes things really are just this

simple and science really does back this

out back in 2009 a team of researchers

at DePaul University they demonstrated

that we are able to very effectively

communicate our emotions just by touch

alone and that's with a 78 percent

accuracy rate what they did is blindfold

the participants who are able to receive

eight distinct emotions by their

partners just by simply touching them

and unfortunately most people who are

single and dating they forget the power

of breaking the touch barrier even if

it's only for two seconds they forget

how powerful that can be so if there's a

guy out there that you like go ahead

just try it

trust me and try it and make sure you go

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you or if you've done this before please

share a comment below about how it

worked for you share the love yeah

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