How To Let A Guy Down Gently + Chicago Vlog

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hey you guys it's Morgan from fall and

Morgan the fall is over in the other

room wrapping my Christmas presents so

if you hear you know ok that would be

probably so any of you guys today is a

packed video one I'm gonna be talking

about cause box which is sponsored today

from this video but before that awesome

honey this is a vlog video with me and

Hannah and our trip to Chicago that we

took for my birthday trip it wasn't

really my birthday trip but it was my

birthday like a day after we got back so

I just said that it was my birthday trip

um and so that's gonna be happening and

then right after the vlog and I'm gonna

hop back on here and we are going to

discuss briefly about how to let a guy

down gently I've had a lot of ladies to

ask me like how do you just tell a guy

you're not interested and make it really

clear but still like don't come off like

a jerk and so I figured let's talk about

that let's get into the video

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or me we decided to stay up really late

last night and now we're waking up

earlier than we have the whole trip I'm

gonna take you all with us

on our last day in Chicago just a second

this has been the majority of our trip

Hannah doing her hair makeup for about

two hours and me being done and waiting

for two hours I've really learned to

just be patient but this is the outside

of our hotel our view we stayed at the

Congress Plaza Hotel which we found out

after we had booked our hotel and been

staying there for one night already it

apparently is known to be like one of

the most haunted hotels in America or

something but we just want to let you

all know no ghost activity when we were

here because the anointing of Jesus is

upon us and ain't no evil spirits gonna

try messing with oh it's okay okay


so you know spilled lipstick all over

her pants yeah so now she's gonna like

it sometime to go and use that sponsored

by time just kidding so this is Preston

where are we


about an ounce

it is so crowded


you guys I don't know why there's

somehow Hannah ended up with all the

bags basically just give the workout

legs back a moment to find the nearest

exit to you as well as an alternate exit

what was your favorite part of the trip

well always my sister internal organs I

liked meeting people

oh no I wasn't trying yeah

just seeing on the side you know in the

hustle and bustle one of my favorite

parts is riding in the ubers it's just

like getting to sit and like look at all

the stuff passing us by oh yeah thank

you to Chicago for having us it was an

honor and a privilege

goodbye never ever ever again will we go

on another girl's trip one day if you

want to yes I do but I'm gonna help you

be a little more prepared next time yeah

you need a pack five days in advance

business usually packs like a bar to fry

balloon yeah is that the comments if you

are procrastinator or if you're more

like Morgan and always on time and ready


all right say goodbye Hannah my it's

nice hanging a Michael


it's okay they definitely took her what

did sink it in back probable daughter's

return wave assistant the longest that

we've been apart it's right there it's

definitely working

how to let a guy down gently ladies

you're wanting to know if you need to

demonstrate examples I'm just in the

other room and I am available

yeah so you're sweet gal but you're like

this guy is not getting the hint but

like I don't want to be a jerk but also

I needed to leave me the heck alone what

do i do Morgan anyways how do we tell a

guy that we're not interested in have

maybe like maybe it's just a guy who's

reached out I've been like hey want to

go get coffee and it's like the first

time you guys have ever really like

talked like that and he's asking you out

on a date you're just like what do I do

well my is or to that one because I

think there are different like scenarios

so that's the first scenario would you

like to come in

so just met you or or we've known each

other for a piece amount of time but you

are asking me for the first time ever

like you're asking me on a date you just

you know like it's not gonna happen I'm

not interested in this guy I'm not even

I'm not even open to it like it's a

no-go okay all right hey Morgan uh what

about me and you getting some coffee


thank you so much for asking me on a

date but honestly I don't want to lead

you on I'm not interested in you in that

way I appreciate you being bold so oh

thanks Morgan

so you saw Morgan was nice she was sweet

but she was direct she didn't leave Abe

with the thought of oh there's

definitely still a chance she let me

know I'm not interested in you in that

way right cuz so many girls are gonna be

like well I'll just say oh sorry I'm

busy tomorrow well then the guy's gonna

be like oh

so she said she's busy so I'll just ask

her again next week and see if she's

free the more big you are the more

chance he's gonna keep working on you

try to get that date and kudos to him

yeah and that's why if you really are

not feeling it which it's okay if you're

not feeling it don't feel guilty don't

feel pressured into oh I should I should

go out with him if you're not feeling it

don't go out with them if you're feeling

like well I'm not sure but maybe then go

out with them and give it a try but you

know what I'm saying okay over Instagram

I say basically you say the same exact

thing I mean honestly it's easier for

some people to be like more boy I'm

online than it is in person because you

don't want to hurt the person but also

you just have you have to recognize that

you will hurt them even runner in the

long run if you do say yes sir today

knowing that you're not interested like

don't do that right alright so next

thing is we've gone on like four days

right so this is where you were open to

the possibility maybe this guy could be

the one like I don't know he's not the

one which happens and that's okay so now

all right Morgan that was a good fourth

date can I count on a fifth date


well I enjoyed our time hanging out but

I felt more like we're friends and maybe

we just need to stay friends and not

going any deeper

why because I mean at this point you've

gone out four times so the guys probably

felt like there's a connection so just

be prepared ladies there may be a little

more pushback from the guy yes so say

they ask why and you can just you know

obviously be honest but don't crush them

but I would just say you know well

honestly I just feel like our

personalities don't connect too well or

I just feel like spiritually we're not

in the same place

and that's just not going to work right

now or to say you know the way you lead

I just don't think that I could submit

to that type of leadership like I just

be honest like get creative if you have

to but you know like just be on and seen

if they ask why I say do you want me to

be honest yeah I like that you said that

because I think there's a place you

don't need to feel like you just are

gonna be so honest that you crush the

guy and if he doesn't ask why then don't

like you have to deliver that hurtful

blow but if he's asking why then that

gives you permission to go ahead and lay

it out there the reasons so I think

that's appropriate all right we good so

that was all you needed me for see you

guys later and Morgan it was a pleasure

going out with you four times

I saw the chance don't be big don't be

big no yeah no chance thank him right on

the butt anyway another like example of

just letting a guy down is maybe you've

been dating for a while like months or a

year how do you end that relationship I

just want to reiterate being honest and

just also sustained strong don't waver

don't let fear um scare you into state

into a relationship that you are that

your heart is not in and a lot of

reasons I think people and girls and

maybe guys but I think girls mainly drag

on a relationship is because they are

afraid that they're gonna hurt the

person they're afraid that they're gonna

break the guy's heart and I'll say this

again you aren't only gonna hurt that


even more if you just continue to stay

in this relationship that your heart and

mind is not in like don't stay in that

relationship end it so that they can

start their journey on healing and you

can also heal and you can move forward

like yeah just drag you in on and giving

it even more time giving them even more

memories to hold on to when like you

could have broken out with them four

months ago and like it would have been a

lot easier for them to have moved on but

now y'all have been dating for eight

months instead of four months and it's

just gonna be that much harder be strong

be firm and be confident if the Lord has

revealed to you that this is a

relationship you're not supposed to be

in trust the Lord don't doubt him don't

doubt don't like start doubting be like

maybe that's not what he was trying to

tell me maybe God was trying to say

something else like surely God isn't

telling me to break this guy's heart or

that we're not good or whatever you want

up here okay so ladies I hope that

little brief segment helps you and

encourage you comment below and let me

know if you have any other ways that you

would would have or have had to let a

guy down and share with our other women

who are interested in learning how to

let a guy down gently kindly lovingly

Morgan I'm gonna let you finish and I

don't mean to disrupt the video I just

was got this wrapping paper and I saw

there was a hair taped to it I just

didn't know if that was something you

did on purpose is it still something you

want to save or right in there so thrown

away let me know if you enjoyed my blog

our last day in Chicago I had so much

fun on that trip and next time in

Chicago I've like come to find out a lot

of our followers a lot of our

subscribers are from Chicago

so next

we're gonna do Chicago Meetup okay

because there will be next time

Paul and I and maybe Hannah again -

we're all gonna come to Chicago it was

so much fun give this video a thumbs up

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have a great rest of your day

have hope and be free