How To Let A Guy/Girl Down Easy || 3 Foolproof Ways!

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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's

lesson again have you missed me because

it's come to the point where I can't

even miss you anymore like I've missed

you too much I've missed you and I'm

here to give you exactly what you asked


probably wondering what's that what did

you ask for and you don't have to

article I could read your mind and so

I'm here to give you a follow-up video

to the video I made about not catching

feelings if you haven't seen it check it

out above in that video I gave you three

as in one two three four priest methods

for not catching feelings and I'm sure

some of you followed the advice and by

now you're feeling free and so I thought

I thought the next thing to do obviously

is to give you three foolproof ways to

let this guy down gently okay let's say

I didn't get the hints from the other

video he didn't quite understand it in

quiet you didn't quite grasp but you're

not interested in him and he asks you

out and you being the kind-hearted woman

you are you don't want to just reek it's

hardly just don't know ah split it open

you really want to just do it in the

nicest way possible and that's where I

come in I'm here for you okay

I brought you you know what I'm like and

I've got you and so from my wealth of

experience the big books of experience I

have in the corner I've dug out three

foolproof ways as in three on shakable

ways that you can let the guy down

gently and if you use these methods so

yeah chin chin it's very nice if you use

this method you can't argue with them

and you come off looking like this ain't

that you potentially are okay so let's

get into it we don't need to do too much

talking the first thing you want to do

you know when someone asks you are I

know not to remotely interested you say

it's not you it's me and I know I know I

know cliched you're thinking are and

that's not gonna work he's gonna snow

straight away he's gonna knows obviously

but no it's gonna work and then he's

always gonna work is the way that you

back it up you know usually you just

gonna say that you have to say it

and then at war you know what I mean

you've got to really go into depth you

have to make them believe that you truly

believe that you are not a good person

so you have to be like honestly it's not

you it's me

the truth is you deserve so much better

than me I'm not a serious person and

more I'm I'm very unserious and I don't

want to waste your time I don't I don't

want to waste our time I'm thinking

about you I don't want you to date me to

waste your time you deserve me and I'm a

comedian get interested but you deserve

a different way you just have a queen

that's gonna treat you right it's gonna

treat you the way you deserve to be

treated that's gonna no doubt for you

and serve you a for everyone effort boom

boom do you know what I mean that's the

kind of queen you deserve I could do

that but not for you and I just I don't

want to waste your time if not you are

you are perfect it's not you it's

definitely me

mostly me because of you but it's mostly

me and I don't want you to waste your

time I want the best for you sir I want

you to have the best and even though I'm

the best I'm not the best way you and

honestly I can't imagine that you'd say

to someone and those don't be with you

if they do I can't really help you

beyond that point maybe try another

point in this video but yeah just you

just have to let them know that I I care

deeply be Ernie as a friend deeply feed

you and I just I just don't think you

deserve me I mean I don't think I

deserve you like I would forever be just

just just overwhelmed by your

amazingness I would always doubt myself

and I'm wonder why you someone as

amazing as you loves me you know what I

mean so yeah we can't be together and

that's that that that's it okay but in

case that doesn't work the second one

this one is a bit it's a bit it's a bit

leaving I'm not gonna lie it's not the

best it's not the best method

and it probably won't work but I'm

obligated to give it to you anyhow and

if you choose to use it

go right ahead you tell them this method

is you just have to tell it make you

taken of our singleness for the next 3.5

years and you can only break that vow of

singleness upon the arrival of someone

sent directly from heaven and honestly I

know I know I know I know no I know you

heard and you're thinking no one's gonna

buy that but honestly honestly who can

question the value taken you know I mean

like not fans lie and say that the

pastor told you well you you've just

said you taken there by yourself you

don't mean like no one can really

question the vow that you have taken if

you're taking about of singleness you're

taking about a singleness you know who's

gonna really break that not him you know

the only thing is don't then say that

and then go jump into relationship with

his friend or close acquaintance or

anyone he knows because then you don't

just look like a liar

and it's gonna hurt his feelings anyway

but okay I guess I guess I guess only

use this method when all else fails is

if if you try everything and it's not

working then you use this method but

yeah just say you know I've taken a vow

of silence for three and a half years

and I just don't want you to waste your

time waiting for me you know always me

always tannic make it about them you

don't want him to waste his time waiting

for 3 and 1/2 years and if you're gonna

get married within those three and a

half years keep it on the low key don't

they I'm gonna see you on fair match I

wear this because that's rude it's

actually really rude but it's long if

you can keep it low-key then you know is

I don't know the dad I'm not condoning


we shouldn't lie children of God don't

lie but the truth of that you know what

yet maybe you do take a vow of

singleness and you take it in that

moment but you're free to change your

mind you know it that's my story and I'm

sticking to it

okay the last method and this one

there's nothing wrong with this one I

don't care what anybody says this is a


buthe method right right this one this

one no one can argue with me and if they

try to argue with it this is their

problem right you just say that you have

been bit throw this by your parents into

an arranged marriage you can't you can't

disobey your parents you're you're a

good child and good children listen to

their parents so all you have to say is

excuse me sir I've been arranged into a

marriage and as much as I would like to

be with you I've gotta listen to my

parents so this is really nothing to do

this is not about me yeah yeah but God

will give you a good life I I hope that

you're free to let me know do let me

know when you get into relationship so I

can let you know that my parents have

cancelled I really but yeah yeah I am

b32 someone else so as much as I really

want this to work between us I'm the

fruited look when you see forget the

practice on the wrong finger on the

wrong hand let's just that's at the

point and be throwed it and so it's

really nothing nothing to do with you

and and the reason is because saying

I've got a boyfriend doesn't work

anymore you have to up here and you have

to go up a notch you know saying I've

got a boyfriend I'll just say I want to

be your friend

but if you say I'll be throated to

somebody else you're you're practically

married already and I want to listen to

my parents I want to do their wishes so

me you this can't work okay

and then I guess I can give you a bonus

but I burn is my bonus foolproof method

is just saying that you're waiting till

marriage to have sex and trust me he

will go to court okay okay but if he

stays is a good one and you should you

should keep them that's just my two

pence there's my two cents that is fair

I don't do nice things fee this is two

videos to full proof videos I'm giving

you guys now anyway I'll see you guys in

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