How to Grow a Beard Fast & Naturally

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hey everyone and welcome to top thank

today we're going to learn about how to

grow a beard

fast and naturally now let's begin

number one hands off if you want a lush

natural beard then you need to curb one

disastrous habit

how often do you run your fingers

through your beard you may do it

multiple times per day right

but your hands are doing much more

damage than you realize

just think about your facial hair like a

cut on your leg

as your cut begins to scab you want to

pick at it don't you more than anything

you know you do

but the more you fiddle with your wound

the longer it takes to heal

your beard works the same way by running

your hands through your beard

you're going to damage your hair

follicles right now your follicles are

short and weak

they fall out very easily so each time

you scratch

rub or pick at your beard you're hurting

your hair growth

and to make matters worse your hands are

covered in oils and bacteria that worsen

the quality of your beard

train your hands to stay away from your


the sooner you stop touching your beard

the quicker your facial hair will grow

number two sweet potato your body

supplies your facial hair with a wide

variety of vitamins and minerals

if you want to grow a beard quickly and

naturally then you have to eat foods

that nourish your body

you have to foster a strong relationship

between your body and your beard

if your body has everything it needs

then your beard will too

so what kinds of food will nourish your

body and improve your beard

sweet potatoes are a fantastic food for

your body

and your beard sweet potatoes contain a

high volume of beta-carotene

after ingesting a sweet potato your body

converts beta-carotene into vitamin a

according to a 2019 study in the journal

dermatology and therapy

vitamin a is one of the most important

substances for your body

and your hair it stimulates cell growth

in many different parts of the body

from the lining of your organs to the

tips of your beard

so incorporate sweet potatoes into your


both your body and your beard will thank

you for it

number three eggs over supplements

what do you eat for breakfast each

morning if eggs are your go-to

protein then you're on the right track

eggs are a natural source of a substance

called biotin

biotin belongs to a family of vitamins

called the vitamin b complex

almost all of the vitamins in this

category play an important role in your


but biotin is especially crucial for the

growth of your hair

studies have shown that biotin

deficiencies may trigger hair loss

in other words if your body lacks biotin

your hair growth begins to suffer

while biotin supplements may increase

hair growth there's a better way to get

your daily dose of biotin

all you have to do is change your first

meal of the day

eat eggs a few times a week and your

beard will have all the biotin it needs

number four eating spinach now spinach

may not be the tastiest of foods but

it's a game changer for your beard

spinach is filled with all kinds of

important vitamins

like calcium and iron calcium keeps your

facial hair strong and healthy for

longer periods of time

according to a 2013 study in the

international journal of trichology

a calcium deficiency may cause your hair

to weaken

and turn gray prematurely calcium plays

an important role in your body

but iron is essential not only is iron

the common deficiency in the world

it's also a widespread cause of hair


according to our 2019 study iron

deficiencies lead to hair loss in both


and women so why does iron have such a

huge impact on hair

well the iron in your body produces

hemoglobin in your blood

hemoglobin is responsible for

transporting oxygen throughout your body

without hemoglobin your cells tissues

and organs couldn't function

and your hair couldn't grow hemoglobin


oxygen to the cells around your hair

your cells

use that oxygen to maintain and expand

your hair follicles

without a steady supply of iron your

beard isn't going anywhere

luckily spinach is a versatile food that

fits anywhere in your

diet load a handful of spinach into your


pack spinach inside your morning omelet

or make yourself a fresh spinach salad

for lunch

if you can incorporate spinach into your

diet your beard may grow faster

and fuller number five

an extra hour facial hair is directly

affected by the amount of testosterone

in your body

if your body creates more of this

hormone then your beard may become


but how do you increase your body's

natural production of testosterone

well it's a lot easier than you'd think

you don't need pills or artificial


all you need is a little extra sleep


loss of sleep is a common suppressor of

hair growth

why well because your body produces most

of your testosterone at night

while your brain is asleep so how do you

boost the amount of testosterone in your


well you start by adding an extra hour

to your sleep schedule

an extra hour will lengthen the duration

of rem sleep which is when your body

produces testosterone

but be careful not to sleep too much too

much sleep can be as detrimental as too


it may not do much damage to your facial

hair but over sleeping can really suck

the life out of you

so if you're sleeping less than eight

hours add an extra hour to your sleep


and if you're sleeping more than eight

hours then focus on the quality of your


instead of the quantity by getting eight

restful hours of sleep each night

your body can produce the beard building


you're looking for number six

believe in your beard mental stress has

a major impact on your beard

when your beard is short and patchy you

may feel self-conscious

you may find yourself staring in the

mirror morning after morning

hating your facial hair you may wish you

could shave it all off

in your mind your beard looks terrible

and that stresses you out

you may be convinced your beard will

never grow but stress

is not doing your beard any favors all

kinds of bodily functions are impacted

by stress

and hair growth is one of them studies

have shown that stress is a popular

cause of hair loss and stunted hair


so stop worrying about how your beard

looks each day

growing a beard is just like learning

something new everyone looks foolish in

the beginning

everyone makes mistakes and everyone

fails growing a beard is no different

everyone goes through patchy unkempt and

frustrating stages

so don't worry if your beard doesn't

look the way you want

growing a beard is a challenge and every

challenge takes confidence to overcome

believe in your beard and you'll find

more success

moving forward number seven

clean and soften do you shampoo your

hair every day

you spend so much time caring for the

hair on your head yet you may neglect

the hair on your face

the simple truth is your facial hair

needs the same amount of maintenance

so if you want to grow a fuller beard

you need to clean and care for your

facial hair

your beard will look fuller your beard

will grow longer

and your hair will come in evenly across

your face

as an added bonus beard care products

may reduce the itchiness and

scratchiness of your beard

this reduction discourages touching and

scratching while soothing irritation on

your skin

don't wait to start your beard care

routine even if your beard is short and

patchy it's never too soon to care for

your facial hair

number eight patience the best way to

grow a beard fast and naturally

is simply to wait yeah everyone's facial

hair grows at a different pace

some people have full beards before they

turn 18.

other people struggle to grow stubble

into their 30s

but most men never grow the beard they

want because they don't give their hair

enough time

how long have you gone without shaving

for most of us the answer is somewhere


two months why is that because most

people get impatient with their beard

when it doesn't grow the way they

want the first month or two can be

especially frustrating

your beard looks patchy your right and

left sides look

uneven all you want to do is trim it

down so

you at least look presentable but you

have to resist any temptation to shave

your beard

it's uneven and patchy right now yeah

but it will eventually grow

into the beard you've always wanted it

can take

years for a proper beard to take shape

especially if your facial hair has never

been allowed to grow so if you want a

full beard then you have to put in your


these tricks and techniques can

stimulate hair growth

prevent patches and thicken your facial

hair but ultimately beards need time

and lots of it i wish i could tell you

exactly how much time but that's not up

to me

that's up to your dna in other words in

other words

time is not something you can control no

matter how many tricks you're using

so if you want to grow a fast and

natural beard then let your body do its


yeah that may mean a few months of

lopsided patches

but to grow a full beard you're in it

for the long haul

so just be patient hey thank you for

watching top thinking be sure to

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