How to Burp a Newborn

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a common choir

and I get is how to

a baby in the first couple

of life the baby's not

that much so I say you're burping sort

of for practice of doing the movement

often you will not get a burp because as

I mentioned there's not that much milk

there I take the baby up to burp the

baby usually I'm breastfeeding you try

to feed on one side for 15 to 20 minutes

take the baby off and burp before going

to the other side if you see the baby is

actually quite comfortable with me

holding I have my thumb underneath the

chin my finger right here on the other

side this hand is underneath the arm and

I'm trying to stretch out this baby's

body so that the esophagus which is the

feeding tube is as straight as possible

on the stomach and I literally burp like

this I'm doing a nice pat to the back

with a baby bent forward little taps

like that

the baby's comfortable I'm supporting

the head if the baby were to arch back I

could catch the baby with this hand very

nicely this is my personal preference on

burping position the other burping

technique is over the shoulder I bring

the baby up I'm trying to get the baby

back as straight as possible as I burp

the baby with the head over the shoulder

tap tap tap tap right here sometimes I

do a massage up massage up to try and

get the burp out I often say the paws

meaning the amount of time you wait

between going back to feeding is almost

more important than getting an actual

burp so give a couple minutes two to

five minutes in between continuing

feeding this can also be a nice way to

wake up the baby if the baby's starting

to fall asleep on the breath or on the

bottle and then I return baby down to

finish the feed

sometimes when you burp the baby you get

a little bit of spit up the spit up come

come out of the mouth or even the nose

at the stage that is normal as long as

the spit up is sort of a milky color or

yellowish color I

not worry if the spit up is very

forceful and projects and goes across

the room or if it's a greenish color

that would be a reason to call your

pediatrician and let them know otherwise

that whitish milky spit up even if it

comes out the nose is completely

expected at the seat