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to spend money or to not spend money

that's the shits of Monday on their jaw

Boca ye cannae this young man you're not

cutting a smile I'm the language

learning dude and I know you clicked on

this video because you want to find out

whether you have to spend the big bucks

to learn our language or whether you can

be kind of like a little mini Jeff Bezos

in either case you want to spend the

least amount of money possible or

perhaps even no money at all

so is learning a language to fluency for

free possible I have to tell you that's

a tricky question okay so the answer is

technically yes but that's a big

technically let me let me elaborate so

while you can learn a language for free

completely free to fluency there is a

very large opportunity cost that you are

paying simply stated learning a language

for free is going to be much more

frustrating and take you much longer to

reach fluency and you have a larger risk

of giving up and never reaching fluency

so do you still want to go down this

route of freedom because if so well I'm

gonna try to help you as much as I can

here's how I would do it so first thing

first the most important step that a lot

of people in the beginning forgets to

take is to learn the specific sounds of

the language and how to pronounce them

so I recently went to a language

learning conference and one of the guys

there gave presentation use this analogy

for speaking without a proper accent or

speaking without pronouncing things

properly it's essentially like if

someone's writing you an email and they

have seven of their keys missing meaning

that I can't use the letter A

ask that can't use the letter T whatever

and they're trying to send you an email

now you can probably understand what

they're they're trying to say but it's

going to take a lot of brain power from

your end to try to understand what

they're trying to say now if you can't

pronounce your words the right way it's

the same thing for that native speaker

when they're talking to you it's like oh

they have to really work hard in

addition to that when you learn to

pronounce words properly you learn the

specific sounds that make up the

language now this is great for when

you're listening to the language because

then you're able to pinpoint those

sounds better meaning you're able to

comprehend the spoken language better I

can't stress this enough learning proper

pronunciation in tandem or while

learning the basics of the language at

the same time from audio from native

speakers is beautiful and it's one of

the most important things it's not the

most important thing to do in the

beginning so if you want to learn the

basics of the language and also learn

the proper pronunciation of it

there are some options for you the first

one is called language transfer

basically this dude created bunch of

free courses for a thing I think now

it's up to 6 or 7 different languages

I'm not entirely sure I know there's

Spanish and with an Arabic

and a few others so definitely check out

the website I'll put a links to

everything I mentioned in the video down

below but it's super cool and it's very

innovative it's very innovative way to

couldn't go about introducing someone to

language and I do know that they cover

pronunciation as well as well as the

basics so definitely check it out if

that's not available then just Google

websites for whatever language you're

learning that might explain the basics

and also go over pronunciation if that

doesn't work out YouTube the same thing


really doesn't work out or if you feel

like it's taking you way too long to be

able to kind of attack the basics and

attack the pronunciation what you can do

and this is not for people who want to

go completely free but this is mainly

for people who you know are okay with

spending just a little bit of money I

would go for Pimsleur so prim sir is a

great program it covers audio from

native speakers it really goes hard hung

making you pronounce things the right

way and it used to be like five hundred

dollars but now it's like $14 to

nineteen dollars a month some something

around there and I understand if you're

trying to learn completely free it's not

for you but if there's anything I would

recommend you to spend money on probably

that especially especially in the

beginning because if you don't start off

right then you're kind of building a

house on a shitty foundation if that

makes sense

and the cool thing about Pimsleur is

that you can try out for free so if it

doesn't really gel with the way that you

learn languages you don't have to use it

but if you end up really liking it then

that's perfect so the next step is input

which is hearing as much of the language

as possible from native speakers and

this really helps up your listening

skills and also your pronunciation

skills too

your options will include watching TV

watching youtube videos watching movies

listening to music and listening to

podcasts in your target language which

is great because most of those things

you can do for free so the next stage is

building up your vocab in understanding

the basics of the grammar okay so for

this your options include googling for

whatever your language is and then also

put Anki dex and now i talked about Anki

and my video on best language learning

hack 2002 it right here

over there I highly recommend you to

check out this video Anki is godsend it

is amazing to help you it's amazing this

amazing tool to help you learn and

remember words and you're doing yourself

a very big disservice if you don't at

least investigate it and check it out

and use it because it really does help

aside from inky decks what you could do

is you can Google when you don't

understand something grammar wise like

for example there's a

students that keeps on popping up like

how does that work just google it I do

believe last time I used memorize which

is a website memorize com

I believe that had a really cool

flashcard system as well that you can

also use for free I'm not sure it's like

a freemium kind of model but would

recommend checking out memorize to and

last but not least websites YouTube

podcasts whatever anything you can find

that's a little bit structured that says

you know from beginner to intermediate

and they can take you through things in

a somewhat structured manner that is

perfect especially if you can find it

for free but all that said there is a

big danger here and this is probably

where most people will end up giving up

or crying or both the danger is this

when you don't have a structured method

that where you can track clearly track

your progress from okay I'm learning

beginner words now I'm learning beginner

concepts okay I'm starting to advance

I'm starting to advance okay I'm

learning intermediate stuff if you don't

have that then you run the risk of

learning words or concepts or phrases

that aren't at your current level

meaning you know you might learn a

sentence or a phrase that's advanced and

then you learn something that's a bit

too easy and then you learn something

that's a bit just out of your reach and

you never kind of know where you stand

and when you don't know where you stand

that's what you're likely to give up and

get frustrated which is really why I

recommend the Anki frequency list in the

language learning video I did on the

biggest language learning hack 2011 grow

freestyle sometimes they can grow like

this or sometimes they can grow like

this because there's a lack of structure

and it's just like learning a language

for free there is a lack of structure

it's a free-form style of learning where

you end up will really depend on how

dedicated you are and which specific

resources you use the next step is

output which is creating as much of your

own sentences as possible speaking them

as much as possible and getting that

crucial feedback

oh you set this a bit wrong or oh you

said this right if you are learning a

language for free this will be your

saving grace this is going to be the

thing that probably helps you improve

your language more than any other

resource or tool or specific book or

course that you can use so for the

output step your options include hello

talk tandem and probably my personal

favorite inter palace no these are

websites where you can find people who

speak the language that you want to

learn and you can do a language exchange

let's say they want to learn English

let's say they want to learn Spanish or

whatever language you speak you can go

after that you can you can go on this

website and they can teach you their

language you can speak to them a lot you

can text them a lot and you obviously

reciprocate and give them a bit of your

language too the one greatest benefit of

speaking to a penpal or going on one of

these websites and becoming friends with

people is that you never know you can

end up I've had listen when I was trying

to learn languages for free I've had

four hour-long five hour long

discussions in with with pen pals

because I made good friends with them

even when I went to Japan I met one of

these pen pals that I used to had and he

showed me all around Shibuya it was

amazing that really is a huge plus the

fact that if you click with someone you

can end up spending hours and hours and

hours talking to them whereas someone

yet to pay you know it's not going to


Biron said all the resources all the

websites I mentioned will be down below

doing all these steps can and will take

you to an intermediate level but to get

to an advanced level that's really going

to be hard without spending any money

for example paying online tutors or even

going to the country where the language

is spoken your best bet to really get to

an advanced level is hopefully you have

some friends in real life that are

native speakers that you can practice

with or you make some friends in real

life that are native speakers and you

can go places with you can go to the

mall you can hang out with them that

would be a free way of doing it and

would really help again

it's not structured it really will

depend on who your friends are how much

they they feel comfortable speaking to

you and all that stuff but at least

getting to intermediate level you can

definitely do that for free because

again I have the stress it's gonna be

hard to learn a language for free but if

you really put your mind to it you can

definitely do it and if you are more

comfortable with spending a bit of money

then I would highly recommend you both

to check out Pimsleur which I which I

talked about in the beginning of the

video but also to check out the video I

did how to learn any language in six

months because then I go over all the

paid resources that I use and I really

try not to spend a lot of money - even

when I'm buying things so if you really

are on a tight budget I would also

recommend to check out that video but

anyways guys hope that helped hope you

can learn your language now you don't

have any barriers you don't have any

need that you don't have anything that's

restricting you and yeah that's it for

me guys share your experiences learning

language for free or how you plan to

learn the language of free down below

I'm curious to hear them and say you a