Pimsleur Language Program: An Honest Review (From A Polyglot)

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so today is a beautiful day here in

Vancouver spring already and I thought

hey why not just make a video in the

park and I'm holding this ridiculous

selfie stick and shoot a video with it

and people will find me funny but it's

okay I don't mind

anyways so today I wanted to talk about

Pimsleur and my experience with it

because they think that may be useful

for whoever wants to try it and I'm

gonna disclaim it right away that I have

no association with them nobody of

course paid me to do this I don't know

anyone associated with the company the

company think it's a Simon & Schuster

incorporated or something

it's a publishing company that does

denzler anyway so I've used them slur a

lot actually

for a few languages they started

learning Mandarin with Pimsleur they

started learning Russian with Pimsleur

and for both of them actually did 45

hours of PIMs learned total over the

course of a few months or whatever and I

must say that I did enjoy it in many

ways and there was some things that

however didn't enjoy as much so I see

really advantages and disadvantages like

you know anyone will find in any sort of

language program I'll start with the

advantages first and right at the

beginning they teach you how to say

things that are a bit useful so for

example like I understand a little bit

of the language in that target language

things like you know hello how are you

and so on so right after the first

couple of hours with the Pimsleur

and by the way of course it's an audio

program you're going to be able to have

a quick chat in the language a very very

quick chat but a chat nonetheless and

basically I really like the space

repetition that they do so you're

prompted to actually they they will ask

you how do you

say this or that and it forces you to

think and and use that and and basically

if you focus on pronouncing things well

you should be able to develop decent

pronunciation so those are things that I

like about it and and also of course

after after the first 15 hours which is

like normally one module more popular

languages will have a three or even four

modules so that's a 15 hours per module

so 3 modules is 45 hours and that's what

I did for both Russian and Mandarin

however many other languages only have

one module so that's just 15 hours and

if you only do if you only have those 15

hours by the end of them you will be

able to have a you know a basic quick

basic chat you're going to be able to

express some things like also some

numbers in the directions and so on and

what else smell disadvantages one thing

that I find is that I mean I think that

a lot of people are gonna find it a bit

boring I you know I was excited to do it

so I didn't find it that boring and

another thing is that as you go into the

program and as you're doing it they

start presenting things that I

personally don't find that useful so for

instance directions I I really I really

don't care about saying directions in in

my target language not at the beginning

anyway and what else they also talked a

lot about family and so on so if you

don't necessarily need to talk about

your family in your target language and

you are going to be taught that in

Pimsleur and another disadvantage is

that you can't really skip the sessions

or the lessons so let's say that you're

finding a specific topic boring you

can't really skip it because then you're

going to be missing out on

a lot of information and so you have to

do it sort of like linearly which is a I

see it's kind of as a of a disadvantage

just in the sense that if you don't like

the material then you're kind of stuck

with it

and but all-in-all I I think the

Pimsleur is a decent way to just start

with the language of course you're not

going to be fluent after the the 45

hours but if you do all three modules

right like I did with Russian and

Chinese by the Andals was able to have

some decent basic conversations

bordering on low intermediate but if you

use that knowledge that you build with

Pimsleur to build vocabulary and go on

with the language then I think it can be

a good thing so there we go