How to Learn a Languages Paragraph (GCSE)

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hello it's Ruby and today I'll be giving

you some tips on how to learn a language

is paragraph the first thing you want to

do is read through your piece of writing

and then copy it up once you've done


write it up again but this time do not

directly copy from the piece of paper

you can still look at the paper but

whenever you do highlight the wires that

you looked at this means that you can

see which was you are struggling to a

call the a special method and music a C

honest por que tiene of course the next

thing I must do is learn the highlighted

words and there are a few ways in which

you can do this I will usually write out

the highlighted words three times on a

piece of paper and write their

translation once underneath

I will also if it's of speaking say the

say the phrases allowed as make sure

that I can link them together easily por

lo tanto espero que lo que Airto Moreira

Kalapana a otro Marez Kalapana

ultramarathon Athina

por lo tanto espero que lo que a MOS

kalapana it is important that you repeat

the step of writing out the whole

paragraph without looking several times

until you think that you are relatively

okay with the paragraph I also think

it's important to say the whole

paragraph aloud so that you come to

terms you may also want to film yourself

saying your paragraph out loud you have

a your Primos al being porque a 10 leg

doubt that their películas this means

that you can then watch it back likewise

you could do a voice memo but I

personally find it much better to do it

on film I use the app spelling test

because it means that I can test myself

and wives that I'm really unsure of and

it also helps me with the spelling of

these words take test

prattle heavy heavy is care sad dose

I was use the app I translate to help me

with my pronunciation so how do I

properly pronounce forest forest

gosh king oh my mum or dad males they

tasks me on my piece of bread man not J

Michael Guerin Moss palace Dylan yeah