How to Get Fluent in Any Language by...Speaking!

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so let's do a quick recap of what we've

covered so far on our journey to learn a

foreign language like a badass right

step one was immersing yourself in as

much audio in your target language is

possible step two was mining sentences

which was studying and memorizing

hundreds or thousands of examples from

native speakers step three and step four

profit your badass

seems like we're missing something here

maybe a step three you need to speak in

your foreign language as much as

possible it is impossible to get good at

speaking a foreign language just by

listening to it now let me explain with

a little help from my friends Bradley

Cooper and Michael Jai White so Bradley

Cooper limitless seems like he speaks

Mandarin right even have listening to

any language that became fluent language

obeying rules yeah waiting for

but anyone who speaks Mandarin can tell

you that his Mandarin is actually

completely unintelligible and it's not

really surprised because the way he

learned Mandarin apparently was by

listening to podcasts while running

along a brooklyn bridge by way of

contrast now that was some genuinely

good Mandarin how did he get so good

well I can tell you it wasn't just by

listening right he speaks Chinese all

the time he uses it in his day-to-day

life to tell off bad guys it's just what

he does right cuz it's black dynamite

can't stress it enough guys if you want

to get good at speaking the language you

need to speak it now I don't really have

a better way of putting this but the

speaking muscle is actually a very

different thing from the listening

muscle and it's totally possible to have

really great listening abilities but you

know no speaking abilities whatsoever so

you need to get yourself to places where

there are people who speak your language

right if you're studying Cantonese or

Mandarin there's a really good chance

that your local Chinese restaurant as

people who speak the language

yeh go there all the time that's your

Monaco minima I don't care if you're

embarrassing yourself and actually

that's kind of the point right it's just

like exercise if you don't have pain

while you're doing it if it doesn't hurt

to do it then you're not doing anything

you're not learning anything right if

you want to build your language

abilities you need to embarrass yourself

all the time over and over again hey

does your male lead Otomo yeah no how

are you talking Gaea okay so if there's

really no one around to talk with you in

the language you're studying what do you

do well assuming you have this really

cool thing called the internet you need

to get on this website now it's called I

talkie and essentially what it does is

it connects people trying to learn


is via video or audio call there's a ton

of different people on the site in all

different languages including really

minor ones and they all want to learn

English with you in exchange for

learning their native languages so you

know you can either pay for a tutor or

if you're you know cheapskate like me

you can get a language partner where for

free you can speak half an hour of your

language and half an hour of their

language we can find teachers teaching

any any language you really want right

so Spanish French Portuguese Japanese

Korean basically everything Afrikaans

look at this look at all these people

here now again if you don't want to pay

any money what you can do is you can

just go over here to this community tab

and click on language partners and you

know you can basically exchange time

with a you know with a native speaker of

Russian or Arabic or Japanese or

Hungarian or you know whatever language

you would think of you speak you know

half an hour however long you know you

want to speak of your language and they

speak half an hour of their languages

and this is an awesome free way to speak

your language so one final question you

want to be a badass like Black Dynamite

or you want to be a noob like Bradley

Cooper choice is yours get out there

speak as much as you can and embarrass

the heck out of yourself also subscribe

and stay tuned for more stuff about

learning languages Cantonese Mandarin

etc see you soon