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ladies and gentlemen boys and girls

today is a very special episode so in

this video I'm going to be covering

arguably the easiest way to ever learn a

language which is watching TV watching

TV and the thing is with watching TV is

if you do it right you can literally

just be sitting down some chips watching

Netflix and you can learn and you can

learn a lot so let's get into it so a

lot of my other videos some beginning a

lot of questions

revolving learning languages through

watching TV a lot of people are like yo

I don't know what to watch I don't know

how long it's gonna take I don't know

should I watch kid shows or adult shows

or extra adult shows or like how can I

learn that language man I just I've been

trying to I've been trying and watching

TV sounds like a pretty damn easy way to

to learn the language and like I said it

is if you do it correctly if you just

what if you just sit there and you watch

I don't know deathblow and you're like

oh my god what's happened it was gonna

happen next and you're not paying

attention to the language you're

probably not gonna learn much but if you

are actively and this is what I like to

call active actively watching if you're

actively watching any TV show or any

video in general YouTube video whatever

you have a very good chance of learning

strengthening your vocabulary improving

your listening skills and TV shows

actually media in general is something I

always like to preach and this is

probably the first thing I do whenever

I'm going to learn a new language before

even let's say my next language is

Spanish before I get into Spanish you

know the thing is I'm gonna do one the

one thing I'm gonna do I'm going to

search best Spanish TV shows now for me

I'm lucky I got narcos I got um I was

the one on Netflix Casa de papel or

something like papel and all the

thousands of dramas that are that are

there maybe for your language there's

not too much TV shows available or maybe

there's even more but there definitely

should be at least a few good ones

unless you're learning something that's

really far out there but at least a few

good ones that's all it takes

so let's get into the first topic in

terms of what you should watch and how


kind of find it should you watch kids

shows or should you watch adult shows

it's very good a very good question

kid shows I'd say go for it if you are

just extremely motivated because yes

they in the beginning they might be a

bit more helpful for you in terms of

strengthening your vocabulary and and

bulking up a little bit but TV shows for

kids are boring if you're not a kid I my

personal rule is I'm not going to watch

something in Spanish or another language

that I wouldn't watch in English so no

I'm not gonna watch some Chinese Dora

the explora ripoff or something like

that because it's a kids show I have no

interest in that I would not watch that

if it was in English instead what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna find the most

suspenseful addicting TV shows in

whatever language I'm learning at the

moment and I'm gonna watch the hell out

of them because one it's super easy to

watch any addicting TV shows to most of

us already watched TV shows already so

you can just kind of replace those

English TV shows with the TV shows in

this new language so you're really not

spending too much extra time per day

that you wouldn't already be spending

it's just generally forcing yourself to

watch something fortunate yourself to

watch a kids show yeah it's not it's not

good language learning is about having

fun and if you are forcing yourself to

do anything it's it's not gonna be fun

and that's a big part of why people quit

I got a tip for you guys

so Netflix has their own TV shows that

they create and any TV show that's a

Netflix original what they do is they go

ahead and dump it in literally like 6

different languages so Netflix is a

great tool to use for example for me I

personally watched 13 reasons why with

an A Beka in French and it really helped

my French believe it or not but another

side note TV shows should only be really

used as supplements please do not go and

use a TV show is the only way they're

gonna learn a language it's not gonna


otherwise you're gonna be talking like

no turtle

what was that tiny hole cleaning on it

and you're gonna go to Japan and people

be like what was this kid don't do that

they are supplements meaning you should

and I talked a lot about this in my book

but you should go ahead and use a good

beginner or intermediate program

depending on where you are at that

should be your main thing and tv-show

should be used as fun as motivation and

as listening school of skill improvers

and also as a way to bolster your

vocabulary on the topic of subtitles

because a lot of people ask me that's a

lot of people like hey I cannot of you I

don't know whether I should just watch

you know any TV show I want to watch

with English subtitles I mean do you

watch them with the subtitles of the

language that you're trying to learn or

with no subtitles how do you do it this

is my kind of routine when I'm a

beginner when I'm first starting with

the language probably for the first

three to nine months depending how

complicated languages I will not touch

any other subtitles apart from English

English is it is there is there it's

right there English subtitles that's all

you need but as I get better and better

and better and I reach the output stage

again I talk about this my book but I'll

talk about that later

just to give you a brief overview this

kind of stage where you're starting to

get really comfortable the language

we're starting to talk to online tutors

to really improve your speaking skills

and stuff like that when you get to

around that stage I say probably six to

nine months in then watching TV shows

with either subtitles in the original

language or with no subtitles is a

perfect thing to do so finally you've

got a dope TV show that you're about to

watch you know that you're gonna be

watching it with subtitles because

you're just starting off but how do you

actually get you know the words that are

in this TV show to stick inside of your

brain how do you recognize them how do

you how do you what should you do so

you're gonna have to make some notes but

not just any notes and let me elaborate

so basically this is how I do it I'm

watching your TV show so let's say it's

a Japanese TV show I see in the in the

show the main character yells out Yama

rot which means stop right he gives it

the whole hand of motion you stop stop

and I hear that a few more times and I'm

starting to recognize that word as oh

yeah mineral that means stop you know I

can see the the subtitle clearly says

stop so what I will do

I will search it in Google Translate

because I think I heard llamado I will

type in llamado yam you know and if

nothing pops up on Google Translate then

I will go on to Google just just Google

and I'll go llamado japanese meaning and

then i will see the meaning now i will

go then and i would go into my flashcard

program it's called Anki is super easy

super simple to set up and i will put

will create a flashcard the front of the

flashcard says yellow and in japanese or

whatever language obviously and the back

of it is the meaning now this is where

it gets fun

so Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard

software so basically in simplest terms

it's a flashcard program that's

algorithmically designed to refresh your

memory when you are about to forget a

word so for example you put in yama row

and then you you do well you every

single time you ski I'm rowing your deck

here you go oh it's mean stop it means

stop and then eventually you don't see

I'm gonna pop up anymore but then two

weeks later it will pop up and if you

get it good you still remember it and

for four weeks later it will pop up but

then three months later it will pop up

so we essentially is made to train your

brain to put something in long-term

memory and it's so helpful so useful I

only really started using it around the

time I started to learn French and

Chinese my last two languages by far

enlarge one of the best things ever so

that's basically how you learn through

watching TV shows now I told you there's

gonna be one kind of secret or not so

well-known tip that I want to give you

guys and that is there are actually

really dope websites out now that

weren't out three four five years ago

that's when you're watching a show or a

video they literally have the double

translation so they have English then

they have the words in the original

language and if you click on the words

then it tells you exactly what it means

so it's literally translating whatever

TV show or video you're watching

step-by-step and you can just literally

click on the words that they say so the

websites that have this

are currently Vicki if you watch Korean

or Japanese or Chinese drama you guys

know Vicki I believe for Korean and

Chinese they have this learn mode system

which is essentially what I talked about

there's also habla habla has quite a bit

more languages and there's also fluent

you and all these websites have this

ability and it literally it's like a

superpower this is some 2019 stuff Alexa

do you like this those web sites are my

favorite if Alexis says it gotta be true

cool thing about that web those web

sites as well is that you don't have to

rely on your ears sometimes you hear

yeah middle but he's actually really

saying yeah I do and then you're like

typing llamado into into Google and

you're like what this does not what it

doesn't make sense but with this

website's is literally word for word

translated it is beautiful it is really

easy but anyways guys that's my wisdom

on TV shows us everything I know so tips

and advice like the ones in this video

are actually also in my book that I

wrote fluency made easy the so the book

goes over step-by-step how to become

conversationally fluent in nearly any

language in six to twelve months it is

my seven years of learning language

wisdom just compressed in a single ebook

that you can literally read in a day and

for me personally I wrote this book from

my previous 15 year old self in mind

when I was 15 years old I was starting

to learn Japanese for the first time and

I wasted so much money I wasted so much

time just not knowing where to start and

not knowing how to kind of get to where

I want it to go and what resources to

use or programs to use all that so I

really wrote this for a previous me and

hopefully if you're in my situation or

if you're and if you're in the situation

that I was in you don't really know how

to start off learning a language or how

to proceed or maybe you quit and now

you're trying to get back into it

definitely check out the book right now

for the time being is currently a sale

which is 60% off of the e-book so

definitely go check it out

I linked is gonna pop up in the screen

somewhere and also there's also link in

the description but guys that is it it

is 2019 so that means more content more

videos 2019 baby I am happy I am excited

this whole week I'm going to try to do

many language related videos and just

see how it goes and hopefully I can help

you guys out and hopefully this video

didn't help you out so take care guys

Ben I can't be up