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somehow Mahatma good afternoon

how's everyone Vanessa okay kita stop

when I started who were some fellas I

just created with the four languages

that I speak I'm from China

I'm a mentor teacher I speak four

languages Chinese English Japanese and

Spanish I did a bachelor's degree in

Japanese and a master's degree in

English then I heard spanish of my own

and then I worked Rica for two years as

a math teacher so as you can tell my

life is pretty much connect to the

languages how many of you here are

learning a second or even a third

language Wow the right audience how do

you think that learning languages are

hard as reconciling well not me

today I wanna share with you four quick

truths that I have worked very very well

in my language acquisition okay

so language is that ability that poor

we're good West we always let our talent

but we're not making the most of you

today we are what separates us from

animals are languages but we're not

really making the most music so today I

want us to separate languages separate

cultures for when crews first learn the

guitar use it from day one you can never

know how to sweep in a castle you have

to jump in a pool and do it you

to drive by reading an enemy you have to

get in the car and drive service

languages you can never master a

language if you don't use it outside of

your classroom you can never master a

language if you don't use it as a tool

of communication I learned Spanish on my

own but using it from day one the minute

Island or a voice but I will use it to

any Spanish speaker than either until I

have passed sentence edged in my brain

so we will say that we all feel more

comfortable and there wait until there

are more fluent to use the language and

to talk with its native speakers but you

will never be fluent

if you don't start even if from day one

see us how a baby and baby would never

wait actually flew in to talk with

parents a big use the language from day

one babies never doubted so learn like a

baby use it from day one if the only

word in the memory is use it it will

become a part of you the second use

authentic materials what textbooks do

you recommend is the question I get

asked a lot to be honest

personally I speak traditional textbooks

sometimes I disconnected in real life so

I prefer to her from authentic materials

what I mean by a central materials are

books movies music flyers website Ted


i watch his head hot I started watching

it about eight years ago I first started

it because I wanted I love the movie was

subtitled that had offer they helped me

so much in my listing and my writing

when I first hear a talk I want to tell

us a subtitle and then I would go back

to where I didn't understand and turn on

the subtitle and write the new

expressions i just learned in my

textbook yes you heard that right

I have a few temple this is one of them

which contains 50 talks that I enjoy I

have 10 15 years I have checkups in

Spanish I have technics in Japanese

personally I think I learn so much more

from us into materials here are some

examples so in the textbooks the only

way I learn American currency is


but here 10 bucks in the textbook either

good job movie either

you name it in the textbook they told me

I'll see you around the five o'clock but

when my friends here with a email or

text me they would say I see a five fish

the first time I hear from the movie I

make a mean banana bread I was like

then I heard it's just a very authentic

way so I encourage you to use assertive


I'm a senior techniques are not without

our unjustly techniques are not enough

you need up-to-date materials to make

your language sound more natural the

third crew sing in foreign languages so

languages are very different if you

speak one of two languages you know it

if you translate a foreign language in

the same order of your mother language

it will always come around here's an

example of see I love you in the four

languages that I speak well I mean I

love you but this what can you H do they

think of how different they are in order

even it's just a small small simple

sentence think of how much more they

would be how much more different they

would be it was longer

it's finished it's not I love you it's

you I love they so don't translate this

really forget about your mother language

when you are learning another language

show your brain to sing in foreign

languages by using from day one and

immerse yourself with authentic

materials last but not least language

and culture exchange so some people say

that you can only master language if you

even in the country where the language

is spoken that is to say you can only

master Chinese in China Japanese in

Japan this is not true I think people

have never come out of their own country

but speak very fluent languages foreign

enemies for people who cannot study

abroad here is a solution language and

cultural exchange when I was doing my

master degree in Tianjin China I really

really really wanted to learn Spanish

but I couldn't afford to study in Latin

America or Spain at that time couldn't

ask for it as a student what did I do

language and cultural exchange I made

friends with all the Spanish speakers in

my school some of my best friends were

from Barcelona Spain one of them is

Christina we hang out every day together

shoot Brittany fairytales in Spanish

should correct my pronunciation we would

do everything together

relax sisters also separate all the

Western holidays together

namitha watch when the other Lydia's

underworld we also celebrated Chinese

New Year together

I even two sounds my Spanish friend on a

36-hour tree right in China to see my

hometown to try to visit pandas and see

the biggest please in the world

they were always respectful for me I

always switch Heinie's for them they

will take counsel together I also bring

into Chinese tea shop to taste different

kinds of tea we did not just exchange

languages we exchanged our cultures so

after this talk I challenged all of you

to use the forum quick who's first learn

like a toddler use it from day one to

use authentic materials three ce4 in

images forget about the language for

language and cultural exchange

actually I challenged all of you to find

a language friend right here right now

learn each other's man

celery each Chavez holiday Patrick


let's language take you across the world