The DOs and DON'Ts of learning a foreign language

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hi everyone it's Ivanushka Murdock from

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so 5-minute language is all about

helping you guys learn foreign languages

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you're busy I also share advice on

learning English on this channel so if

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haven't posted new videos for a few

weeks because I was traveling last month

and it was quite difficult to actually

think about content and create content

but at the same time so I'm back in

London now and I'm really excited about

the content that I'm about to bring you

in the next few weeks so this video is

about the do's and don'ts of language

learning what do you have to do and what

you shouldn't do if you're learning a

foreign language let's get started so

I've got four different things for you

that you should be doing when you're

learning a foreign language the first

one is about setting goals make sure

that you set your goals for yourself and

they should be short-term goals

long-term goals and session level goals

so short term goals are basically goals

that you're trying to achieve this week

or this month and long-term goals could

be goals that you're trying to achieve

in the next six months or 12 months the

session level goals I mentioned are

basically goals for each leg learning

sessions so what is it that you're

trying to achieve when you sit down to

learn a language if you're doing a

listening activity or a reading activity

if you've scheduled it cool with

somebody on skype like a language

exchange what is the goal that you're

trying to meet at the end of that

session make sure you write it down the

next thing that you should be doing when

you're learning a foreign language is

evaluating your progress so making sure

that you're assessing yourself against

the goals that you've set yourself so

what have you achieved what is going

well what is not going so well

what should you improve also remember to

celebrate the successes that you're

having because that will give you more

motivation and it will make sure that

you stick to your goals the third thing

that you should be doing when you

foreign language is learning words in

context and this one is massively

important it's something that I always

emphasized in my videos and in my blog

posts learning vocabulary in context

will really help you make progress more

quickly so rather than memorizing

individual words you should be learning

words in context as part of sentences so

for example you can look up examples in

many different dictionaries to get

enough examples of how the words that

you're trying to learn is used in

practice and the fourth thing you should

be doing when you're learning a foreign

language is a reading and not reading

anything but reading specifically

something that's at a level slightly

higher than the level you're at because

that way you will be stretching yourself

you will be encountering vocabulary and

phrases and expressions that you're not

familiar with yet so you will be

stretching yourself in a way of

challenging yourself and that's

something that's needed for learning to

happen so now let's move on the things

that you should not be doing so the

don'ts of language learning when you're

learning a language you shouldn't aim at

very broad things so you shouldn't be

setting yourself the goal of speaking

French I want to speak French because

that's just not specific enough so

that's going back to the first tip I

gave you in the Duce section which is

set yourself specific SMART goals I've

got an article about SMART goal setting

and I'm going to link it down below as

well the second thing that you shouldn't

be doing is putting a vocabulary away

because you think you've learnt it so

sometimes you might be tempted to put

that vocabulary notebook away because

you've run out of clear pages and you

think that you've already learned the

vocabulary so you want to forget about

it and you put it away but actually what

is more effective is using a technique

called spaced repetition I've got a

separate video about it so make sure you

check it out

but essentially a spaced repetition is

about going back to old vocabulary that

you think you've learned that maybe you

haven't because you haven't used it in

practice a lot maybe it hasn't really

sort of solidifying itself in your head

in your memory

so make sure that you do that instead of

just forgetting about the vocabulary the

third thing that you should not be doing

when you're learning a foreign language

is reading or listening without intent

so everything that you're doing every

activity whether your respect

when you're practicing your reading and

listening skills you should be doing

with intent so ask yourself what is my

intent what do I want to do with this

activity what am I trying to achieve

what specific questions am I trying to

answer what specific things am I trying

to get out of this activity make sure

you've got intent for every single thing

that you're doing and that will help you

make progress more quickly and the final

one last but not least it's also very

important is that you should not be

waiting until you've got time to do

something related to language learning

or you should not be waiting for

motivation to come so instead I suggest

that you schedule learning ins and make

sure you put it in your diary make sure

that it's kind of scheduled in booked in

and that way it will definitely happen

because if you wait around until you've

got time that time will never come

that's you know that's the way

procrastination works we've put things

off and the time never comes and in

terms of waiting for motivation that

might also not come for a long time so

if you schedule it in once you've done

it the motivation will come from that

and you will see progress which will

give you further motivation to learn

again and schedule in another learning

session so I hope you enjoyed these four

little things that you shouldn't do and

four things that you should do when

learning foreign language don't forget

to subscribe to my channel I really

appreciate it

I'll see you next time bye