7 FREE Language Learning Apps in 2020 💬| Duolingo, italki & More

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oh okay let's do this hi I'm Sabina and

today I want to introduce you to seven

apps that have really helped me with my

language learning I'm currently learning

Spanish and Arabic and Arabic the one

that really allowed me to test how could

these apps are because it's a much less

common language to be learning and

therefore the resources out there are

usually pretty bad all seven of these

apps feature a lot of languages with two

in particular being incredibly diverse

and they are all free or at the very

least you can use them for free which is

what I've been doing the first up I want

to talk about is duolingo which is

probably one of the most popular apps

out there it's certainly the one that

most people recommend it to me and

rightly so the way you learn through

this app is by doing lessons which then

help you move on to the next lessons etc

etc until you've gone through all the

checkpoints completed all the lessons

and finished the language like

personally I have completed Arabic on

duolingo but I'm still not very good

Arabic is one of the newest languages

that they've added if I'm correct if I'm

incorrect and it's not but it is

definitely one of the newer ones I first

used this app to learn Arabic and now

I've started learning Spanish through it

and I have to say Spanish is a lot

better it has loads more content it's a

lot more engaging and fun so I would

recommend duolingo primarily if you're

studying one of the more popular

languages but I wouldn't write it off I

mean I definitely did still enjoy my

Arabic classes one feature of this app

that I really like is the gamification

they have some really cool badges and

low awards for doing things like logging

onto the app every day completing tasks

and challenges learning more words the

app gives you quite a few notifications

which you can turn off by the way but it

is pretty persistent and it has become

the source of many a meme where the owl

is portrayed as a bit of a villain by

the way I am doing a 30-day Spanish

learning challenge right now so if you'd

like to figure out how that went for me

and see the result then click the bell

and subscribe to my channel to make sure

you don't miss the video and number two

is you

talk you tog doesn't seem to be as

popular as duolingo but I actually find

it pretty great the one thing that it

does really well is teaching you

different phrases and words with the

correct pronunciation Anjou lingo

sometimes the pronunciation is a bit

auto-generated like with Arabic in

particular sometimes it's just

computerized and quite hard to make out

how you should actually be pronouncing

it but you talk uses real speakers it

feels super natural the dialogue is

colloquial it's exciting it's highly

applicable the absolute best thing about

you talk though is just how many

languages they have it's actually


let me just google it

140 languages that's actually incredible

I know there are over six and a half

thousand languages out there something

crazy like that but hundred and forty

will definitely keep you busy for at

least a few years if the one downside of

this app is that it is much harder to

use it without paying money it is

possible but it just takes quite a while

to accumulate enough coins in the app to

be able to purchase more lessons but if

you do want to pay for it the plans are

pretty affordable and you can just buy a

monthly subscription for 10 pounds a

month I assume it's gonna be like 10 ish

something dollars so affordable and

really really useful next up is dropps

which is an app I do use but I don't use

it quite as much as the other two

primarily because they're Arabic is not

amazing the way they handle the

pronunciations again is a bit

computerized but if you use it for

pretty much any other language it will

work perfectly and it is a good app it

just asks you to spend five minutes on

it every day and it is kind of a cool

interface I've never encountered

anything like it before it does make

learning quite intuitive fun there are

loads of different features to play

around with and overall I would say it

is very engaging it's nicely designed

there's cool like audio effects I

definitely enjoy it it does teach you

words that you

we wouldn't think to otherwise learn

which is another big bonus and yeah

overall just a really cool app very easy

to use without paying for it so nice and

free number for the memorize app I have

to say the memorize app has kind of

blown my mind with one feature in

particular it's called the Explorer

feature and what it does is it enables

you to point your camera at an object

and then get a translation of what that

is like this app makes me feel like I'm

living in the future I think it's

honestly incredible I can't believe

their technology is that well developed

that ahead of its time and it's free you

can again subscribe with this one and

you might have to if you want to use

some of the premium features but the

subscription again is quite affordable

and I mean that Explorer feature just is

absolutely crazy it does work pretty

well as well I have tried to challenge

it with different objects but it never

failed me so yeah go memorize okay next

up number five by the way I am naming

these in no particular order don't worry

number five is tangent no particular

order but I have written it down number

five tandem it's a really cool app for

those of you who might already have some

skills in a given language but want to

practice it with native speakers or

other people who are learning it as well

you create a profile you write down

which languages you're learning and

which ones you already know and then

you're partnered with people who are

learning the languages you know and know

the languages you're learning it's a

lovely exchange system and they have

some really good filtering features

filtering features on language learning

apps are something that's particularly

important if you're a woman now maybe

I'm being a bit cynical but quite often

I have found that I create a profile on

these apps or websites and I get many

men reaching out to me and I don't think

what they're thinking about it's

language learning which is okay because

on this app I can just filter it by

gender so I have been speaking with some

lovely ladies from Syria Egypt and other

parts of the Middle East

the arabic-speaking world but obviously

it's completely up to you how you filter

it and who knows maybe this has a higher

success rate than tinder who's to say

when you're chatting with people the app

also has quite a few different quite

handy features we can translate their

messages you can have the system

replayed or kind of read them to you out

loud what else you can comment on

different things and give people

corrections if they make small mistakes

and stuff like that I actually think

this is a great app and I highly

recommend you use it the end number six

is I talk I and I have been using this

app / website for pretty much a decade I

think and their service is pretty

similar to tandem but the one ace up

their sleeve is their robust tutoring

system so you can be matched with

community tutors who do this for free

but you can also be matched with

professional teachers and they are

actually really good I did one paid

lesson with a lady from Syria she was so

friendly she came really well-prepared

the language the sorry the lesson was

really affordable I would definitely do

it again in fact I might have to because

the way the system is set up is that you

have to buy credits and these are not

that flexible it needs to be 20 30 40

that kind of thing dollars and then you

apply those towards your classes and now

I think I have about 20 dollars left so

I will need to spend them somehow

but I'm pretty excited about it

definitely not complaining I do wish

their charging system was a bit more

flexible where you just pay per class

but I understand why they're doing this

it means more revenue for them so

whatever good on them the service is

excellent you can very easily use it for

free and they have one additional

feature that I think you'll enjoy a lot

especially if you're studying a language

at school or university you can upload

written entries and then people will for

free go in and correct them for you so

here as an example is a notebook entry I

wrote several months ago and five people

have corrected it as you can see people

go into a lot of detail and they

give it a lot of love and number seven

is an app called high native I haven't

used this app as much as I have used the

others but it is extremely handy

especially if you're a more advanced

learner say you're writing an essay in

English if you're not a native speaker

or any other language and you're

struggling with a particular sentence

you think mmm does this sound natural or

maybe I need to tweak the wording a

little bit well then you can go on to

the app write down the sentence and ask

for native speakers to have a look at it

and let you know whether that feels

natural to them you can also ask people

for different translations how to spell

words pretty much anything that you can

think of and then obviously as a good

person you can go through the app and

correct other people's work people on

there also pretty fast

I used to translate a sentence that says

please subscribe to my YouTube channel

and somebody replied to me with the

translation in Arabic are you ready

pachuco Ishtar Kofi or not the big

YouTube please subscribe to my channel

thank you should correct it as you can

see mastering a language on duolingo

doesn't mean that you've mastered it

okay these are my seven apps have you

guys ever used any of these and if so

what did you think let me know in a

comment below and also let me know what

apps you use that I've not mentioned

because there are dozens out there there

are so many and I'm sure that there are

great apps that I've missed out in this


purely because I don't know them yet but

I would like to so leave them in a

comment below that is it thank you very

much for watching and see you next time

hopefully bye