How to study abroad for FREE | Become fluent in a language abroad with scholarships to travel

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hi guys welcome back to the video hope

you guys doing well today so my name is

Jacob Patrick and if you're watching

this video my guess is that you're

someone who might be interested in

studying abroad maybe you're someone

who's already done it before maybe

you're just looking for the right

program or maybe you want to see what

your options are and know a little bit

more about how exactly it works so in

this video I'm gonna talk about

different ways you can go about studying

abroad some options that you might have

and most importantly how you can do it

for free

so if you're a student in either high

school or college I'm sure your school

has its own specific programs to send

students abroad for different reasons it

could be something like studying a

foreign language living with a host

family doing community service or

studying a certain topic at a foreign

institution so these are definitely

really good options I went on to school

trips with my high school and I know

that my college has a bunch of different

program options to study abroad pretty

much all over the world now maybe your

school doesn't have many options or they

don't have choices that fit your

preferences there's still ways you can

study abroad with an external

organization at a place like EF IES AFS

and there's a bunch of different options

that you can choose from to go abroad

for different lengths of time you can

study a lot of different things and you

can go pretty much anywhere in the world

that you want now I personally can't

speak for any of those companies because

I've never studied abroad through them I

know a couple people who have done

certain exchanges in the past to go to

different places and I think they've had

good experiences but I don't really know

a lot about them personally now the

problem with studying abroad with one of

those companies or through your college

or high school is that these trips can

be very expensive now these are really

good programs and you have a lot of

choices but depending on what you choose

and where you want to go you can study

abroad from a couple weeks to a whole

semester but this can cost you anywhere

from a couple thousand to twenty

thousand plus dollars just to go abroad

now that money does go towards things

like your transportation your housing

your meals and tuition to actually study

abroad but if you don't have that kind

of money or don't want to spend that

kind of money to study abroad I'm gonna

talk about a couple ways you can study

arod completely for free so we're gonna

jump over to my computer right now and

I'm gonna show you guys exactly what I'm

talking about so the biggest resource by

far that you have if you want to study

abroad for free is actually through the

US government now it's specifically

through the Department of State and they

have a lot of options for pretty much

everybody so they have programs

specifically for high school students

undergrads grads and working

so there are pretty much a lot of

options for anybody who might want to

study abroad so I am not getting paid to

talk about this I'm not sponsored by the

State Department unfortunately I don't

get anything in return for talk about

these programs but hopefully you can

learn something from this and hopefully

you can go in when these programs if you

want to study abroad for free so we're

gonna hop on over to the State

Department website right now and I'm

going to show you exactly how to find

all of these programs you can literally

just google Department of State that'll

get you there we're gonna go to this

website right here and then once you get

there you're gonna go to students and

then right down here exchange

opportunities for US students they also

have a lot of opportunities for non-us

students so through the State Department

you can actually be an American going

abroad to study something or you could

actually find programs if you're someone

in another country who wants to come to

the United States to study abroad so if

you're from the US you're gonna want to

go to the exchange programs for US

citizens and then up here you can click

find programs right now Dudek ovid i'm

sure there's a lot of people getting

their programs cancelled or changed and

i know that's gotta suck having to come

home early especially from a study

abroad program so if you click on

alphabetical list of programs this will

give you basically all the programs they

have available for US citizens and as

you can see it is a huge list with a lot

of different places you can go any lot

of different programs you can go on so

I'm gonna talk about some of the big

ones I'm gonna talk about the one that I

actually went on through the State

Department which is down here right here

so national security language initiative

for youth this is the program that I did

right after I graduated high school so n

SLI Y stands for national security

language initiative for youth so

initially Y comes in two flavors if you

will you can study abroad over the

summer or you can do an academic year

abroad summer is gonna be between six

and eight weeks and the academic year is

gonna be around seven to eight months


so it's Knisley Y is specifically for

foreign language and this is going to be

for high school students who want to

study a foreign language abroad but the

thing you have to be aware of is through

program details you have to study a

certain language this isn't going to be

any language you want you have a list of

languages that you can study and these

are going to be languages that are not

commonly studied in the United States so

right here you can see this is the one

that I did I did the summer program for


in Estonia I know specifically for

Russian they have options in Moscow

Estonia Latvia and Moldova at least for

now I know they'd like to change our

options sometimes but for Russian those

are the ones that they have and as you

can see from the list they have a bunch

of other countries you can go to so you

can study Arabic Morocco or Jordan you

can study Chinese you can study Hindi

Indonesian Korean Persian and Turkish so

again these are going to be languages

that aren't usually studied in the

United States now whenever you go

through the State Department for when

these programs you have to be aware of

the purpose behind these programs and

it's going to be the same whether you're

an American going abroad or whether

you're someone from a different country

who wants to come to the United States

okay and these programs are all going to

be to encourage future global leaders

okay they want to have students who grow

up to be leaders who are aware of the

world around them and other countries

cultures and languages and this is going

to be the purpose behind pretty much

every program through the Department of

State and this is important to know

because this can help you out during

your interviews and during your

application process because sometimes

these applications are going to involve

an interview process it might be taking

a test or it might be having an actual

essay that you have to write and explain

why you want it going on these programs

so this is Knisley why this is a big one

for high school students and again you

can do this over the summer time for six

to eight weeks or you can do this over

an academic year but this is just one of

the many programs they have available

this is a big one for high school

students but they also have a lot of

options for undergrads grad students and

working professionals the next really

big one is CLS this is the critical

language scholarship and this is one

that I'm actually considering applying

to in the next year or two because this

is for college students who want to

study a critical language now a critical

language is basically just a language

that many Americans don't normally study

that is still very important to national

security and to the US interests and

there's also certain requirements

because we're some of these languages

you have to have prior experience

whereas for other ones you can be a

complete beginner and this will tell you

right here how much you have to know to

be able to go abroad with one these

programs and CLS is a little bit longer

it's over the summer time between eight

and ten weeks so if you go to their


this will show you a little bit more

about the program this is a little bit

more competitive

but you can see right here this is again

for a foreign language so these are all

the options you have there's a couple

more options than Knisley why and it's

basically the next step up from Knisley

why this is for college students who

want to study a foreign language

specifically a critical language so you

can see here there are a couple options

that initially wide does not have I

would actually be interested in either

Russian or Portuguese they actually just

came out with a Portuguese program and

that's one that I would definitely be

interested in so again this is one of

the really big ones this is for college

students another big one you can do is

the Fulbright Scholars Fulbright has a

couple different options I think again

this is for either undergrads or grad

students I think and it might also be

for work professionals I'm not sure but

the Fulbright scholarship is another

really big one and it's also a little

bit longer so it's gonna be anywhere

from two months to a year there's a lot

of flexibility I know with this one

because they have different ways you can

go abroad for different purposes so it

might not necessarily be to study a

foreign language there are different

options you can choose you can pick how

long you want to go you can pick what

you want to do what language you want to

do or you can even teach English as a

second language so if you don't want to

do a foreign language you could go

abroad to teach English so I promise you

this is legit it's through the

Department of State so it's through the

government they know what they're doing

they've been doing this for several

years they have a whole process for

figuring out where they're gonna go the

schools are gonna go to and the host

families that are going to be living

with so I promise you this is not just

showing up in a foreign country and

living with a sketchy host family this

is legitimate when you get to your

country they take you to the American

Embassy or consulate to show you around

to make you feel safe in that country so

I promise you they're doing everything

right to make sure that you're safe and

to make sure that you have a good

experience abroad and with each of these

programs there might be certain

requirements attached to them so I know

for initially why there wasn't really

that much we had to do it's just

basically show up to class it's really

not that difficult participate and they

had some activities and events that we

had to go to now another program that I

don't see on this list but I've heard of

before is the Bowen scholars award

so the Boren awards is another option I

believe it's for college students but

basically you get to pick how long you

want to go abroad they can show you how

much money they give you depending on

how long you go abroad and if you scroll

down you can also look at the list of

places you can go so you can go to a

lotta different places the green

countries are basically places they want

to send students the blue are countries

they're not planning on setting students

for the next year they do change their

list a lot so if you check back in a

couple years maybe a country turns from

green to blue or vice versa but

basically the countries in green are the

countries where they want to send

students the countries in blue are where

they've sent students in the past but

they're not looking to send students now

and countries in grey and white are not

options they do have some requirements

for studying abroad with them it's gonna

be with a foreign language involved in

some way and it's gonna be from between

eight and fifty two weeks and you get to

basically choose how long you want to go

abroad and they show you right here how

much money they give you depending on

how long you choose to go abroad if you

get accepted so language study is a part

of this program and basically you can

choose any language you want really and

this is unique in that it's not limited

to just the critical languages so you

can study stuff like French or Spanish

but it depends on the country that you

go to now again they do have their

preferred countries where they would

like to send students so again here's

the list of countries you could go to

and here's basically the fields of study

that they offer over when you're abroad

so it's pretty much anything you could

imagine really they have a huge list of

what you could study when you go abroad

it's really up to you it's not like

you're limited or only confined to a

certain field you can study literally

whatever you want when you go abroad now

another thing for these programs is that

you can choose based on your area of

interest so they have special focus

programs based on things like arts and

culture technology and youth programs so

again a lot of choices you have

depending on what you want to study when

you go abroad so they have lots of

programs if you're in this criteria they

have a lot for youth youth leadership

and ambassadors because again they want

to inspire future generations of leaders

that's the whole purpose behind these

programs so definitely be aware that if

you're applying for one of these because

it kind of plays into what the program

is and how they set it up because the

State Department is all about

encouraging people who want to grow up

and be future leaders who have an

interest in a passion for studying other

languages and cultures and basically

seeing the rest of the world they also

like to use these programs as a kind of

plug for working with the State

Department I know through initially why

they definitely had some presentations

by people who work in the State

Department because going abroad and

having an awareness of other languages

and cultures is a huge part of working

for the State Department unfortunately

it's not really what interests me as a

career choice but it's definitely very

interesting the people who do this kind

of stuff are it's definitely really cool

people who have a lot of really cool

stories to tell so all of this is just

for Americans who want to study abroad

but you also have programs if you're not

in the US and you want to come to the US

now as you can see again there are a lot

of options to choose from and some of

these might depend on where you're from

or what language you speak because some

of these are only restricted to certain

countries but again they have a lot of

options if you're in a different country

and you want to be an ambassador or an

exchange student in the United States so

another big one for non-americans is the

Flex program the Future Leaders exchange

so here you can see exactly how it works

this is again for students in other

countries who are interested in coming

to the United States to learn about

American culture and practice English

and as you can see right here these are

the countries that have participated so

if you live in one of these countries

definitely know that flex is an option

for you if you want to come to the

United States practice English live with

the host family all that kind of stuff I

actually met someone in Estonia who did

flex he actually came to Missouri where

I'm from and lived at the host family in

Kansas City for a full year he

definitely had a lot of good things to

say about it I know this is a really

cool program so if you're in another

country and want to come to the u.s.

this is definitely an option as well

another thing from the Department of

State is that if you don't want to go

abroad you can actually sign up to host

students abroad so when students come to

the United States you can actually sign

up to be a host family for them and get

to have a foreign exchange student live

with you for however long here in the

United States so again they definitely

vet their families there's a whole

application process an interview

involved if you want to be a host family

for or for an exchange student but the

family's you get are really really

good so again these are just some of the

huge lists of options that you have if

you want to go abroad to study something

like a foreign language a certain field

and live with a host family when you go

abroad so again these programs are

awesome they put you up with great host

families and from personal experience

necessary why was great it wasn't

perfect but for being free it was a

pretty awesome experience

the host family is one of the best parts

of studying abroad okay trust me I speak

from personal experience the host family

makes everything so much greater when

you study abroad because it allows you

to increase your fluency it allows you

to understand the culture and it allows

you to really get a different

perspective on the world and as I said

before I'm definitely planning on

applying for CLS which is basically the

next step up and the funny thing is that

they actually want you to apply for

these again they want you to do these

programs again and again and again

because if you've done miss Li hua you

can do it two times you can do this

summer and then you can have academic

year and then you can go into CLS you

can do CLS more than once you can then

do Bowen scholarship you can be a

Fulbright Scholar they basically want

you they want to give this mind to you

okay trust me they want to encourage us

students to go abroad to study and be

the future global leaders they want to

give you this money and they want you to

do these programs again and again now

you might see that in the form of a

stipend or a scholarship or a grant it

comes in different forms but my point is

the government wants to give you money

they want you to study abroad they want

to encourage Future Leaders and they

want people to have a greater

understanding of the world around them

and again if you choose from the

students page there are a lot of

different links you can choose from

because the State Department has a ton

of options so in case you have not


I am super enthusiastic about the State

Department programs I had a fantastic

experience abroad in Estonia I know a

bunch of other people who've gone to

several countries and they've all really

enjoyed their programs and again the

State Department has options for you

regardless of what stage you're in in

life so they have options for high

school students college students grad

students and even people who are working

professionals who want to go abroad okay

trust me the State Department has a lot

of options so again if you're looking at

exchange programs if you want to go

abroad if you want to go study something

in another country and you're just

looking for programs and wanting to see

what your options are definitely go to

the State Department they have so many

options and again guys this is free why

would you not want to do this

is an experience of a lifetime and the

government is paying for it they want to

give you this money to study abroad and

they literally give you money to spend

when you're abroad okay I was in Estonia

and I got $200 which isn't a lot but for

six weeks the government gave me $200 to

spend on pretty much whatever I wanted

now it depends on which country you're

going to and which program you're on

like I know people that went to Moldova

for Nestle why I got several hundred

dollars more than me but they also have

to pay for things like public

transportation and they don't have clean

drinking water there and all you have to

do is show up do your work do whatever

the program requires of you and the

government will pay for you to do it

again and again and again again I had a

really great experience in Estonia and

I'm planning on applying for these in

the future through CLS born scholars I

definitely want to go abroad again and

especially have it paid for by the

government so again guys at the end of

the day this stuff is for free they have

a lot of options so regardless of where

you are in life and what you want to do

when you study abroad and where you want

to go I promise you they have options

for you so that is all I have for

yesterday thank you so much for watching

I really appreciate it hopefully you

found this useful informative and

resourceful because again there are a

lot of resources out there you just have

to find them but I promise you wherever

you want to go whatever you want to

study the Department of State has money

for you and they will give it to you if

you go abroad and if you follow their

guidelines and their requirements they

will give you this money for free so if

you guys are going somewhere in the

future if you're applying these programs

right now or if you've done one of these

in the past let me know down in the

comments down below

because I'd love to hear about what your

guys experience this work so thank you

guys once again so much for watching I

really appreciate it and I will see you

guys next time