How To SUCCESSFULLY Memorize Your Football Playbook!

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like just that one okay my name is

Gobert and today y'all gonna get a

chance to jump like now what does that


today every single one of y'all boys

we're gonna be having to memorize you

play because we got a game and a couple


everybody gets their play anybody have

any questions

coach I got a question yes Johnny how

much about play with Dewey to memorize

bad boy y'all are gonna be getting your

very favorite the yoga study by tonight

except for you Johnny Johnny you gotta

memorize Oh

three play bugs but tomorrow on the

first day fog came except for me are you

kidding coach that would that did y'all

better be skipping dinner tonight and

studying your playbooks while the

coaches and I go enjoy a nice little

meal ladies come on welcome

and don't forget Johnny you better

memorize out three of those playbook do

I make myself clear

Johnny yes coach I said do I make myself

clear Johnny yes coach oh my gosh CPSU

please bring me hello hello mr. Bindra

athlete yeah

hey this is Johnny oh hey Johnny I have

a bad question for you

my coach just does that mean three play

books I have to memorize by tonight do

you have any advice on how I might be

able to study the PlayBook efficiently

and effectively so then I can have a

memories by tomorrow well I'm actually

making a video about this right now so

when I'm done I can actually send it to

you okay yeah sending that video thanks

better I appreciate it yeah brother

I'll give this video to as soon as

possible bye bye thank you I'm gonna

yeah yeah I buh-bye probably adventure

ably sending that video

I'm making you stay up all night with me

to study dill weed what's going on

ladies and gentlemen my name is Gosling

better known as Wow

every single time today's video was

gonna be a little bit different but now

I'm gonna be really just getting a

chance to sit down and talk with y'all

in regard to how do efficiently and

effectively study your football playbook

so you can get a chance to really make

sure you memorize everything that you're

learning in the classroom and be able to

translate it onto the field before we

get into the tips and tricks that I have

for you guys today I want to tell you a

little bit about my story personally and

my struggles growing up in regard to

actually studying my playbook because it

was tough for me at one point kind of

thinking back to my middle school days I

struggled with ADHD and AD D and I still

do as well as back in the day I was

diagnosed with mild dyslexia so when it

came to just studying in general one is

really hard for me to focus and to it

was just a struggle really just being

able to retain everything that I was

learning so in the classroom I was

struggling as well as in middle school

and translating into high school in the

beginning I was also struggling on the

football field

so growing up I found a way that I was

able to efficiently and effectively be

able to study my football PlayBook and

I'm now gonna be sharing y'all exactly

what I would do so that said the first

prop you're gonna be using to be

studying your football PlayBook is Oh

late game you guys are gonna need a

whiteboard and a dry race marker y'all

they might not have on these go to the

dollar store you can easily pick both a

whiteboard and a dry erase marker

forward dollar but with that said you're

also gonna need a binder so I'm gonna be

showing you guys basically what my own


looks like Oh as y'all could see right

here is my playbook you guys are not

gonna be getting a chance to see any of

our plays but I created a template that

I'm not gonna be sharing with you guys

so before we dive into my football

playbook template I want to show you

guys just one basic tip in regard to why

having a whiteboard ate a dry erase pen

is key so as you all know now that

huddle is probably the biggest platform

where college high school and middle

school teams are being able to record

their film and then upload it so then

you guys can get a chance to watch and

study it the first tip and trick to

making sure that you're gonna be

studying your football PlayBook

efficiently and effectively is to be

drawing up your place while you're also

watching them on a huddle or watching a

recording of them so what I would

typically do is in front of me right

here I'd have my computer I'd select to

play and I'd watch it and before I watch

the play I would simply draw it up

basically as a quarterback you always

draw your alignment first I always start

with X in the middle as the center and

then the two circles on both sides as

the guards and tackles and then from

there because everyone on the different

offense whether it's a spread or Wing T

you'll draw the rest of your players on

this whiteboard you'll test yourself

first before the play is actually

watched on film

if you know what everyone's assignments

are then after it's played on film

you're gonna compare and contrast to see

how well you did continuously repeat

this about five times for each play

until you get it ingrained in your head

the other tip that I have for you guys

while you're doing this is to put on

some type of instrumental beat don't

play music that has words to it they

can't easily get you distracted but by

playing some type of instrumental beat

in the background I always like to put

on the Friday Night Lights soundtrack

which just is that kind of emotional

football vibe soundtrack I'll play a

little clip right here but I don't want

to get copyrighted everyone knows this

song and also just really helps me get

in this football mindset zone so I

played the Friday night soundtrack while

I'm watching film and drawing it up I

really started to see an improvement in

just my overall retention in regard to

what the actual plays consisted of and

then when the plays would come up I'd

always remember the particular song I

was listening to and then I was able to

just kind of use all three of those

sensory things to be able to really

memorize what each play was

effectively and efficiently memorize the

place so those are two tips and tricks

in regard to how to effectively start

memorizing your playbook make sure y'all

pick up a whiteboard a dry erase marker

make sure you're listening to some

instrumental tied beat now who'd

recommend the Friday Night Lights

soundtrack while you're drying up your

plays and just consistently be looking

over and over and over on the film or

the huddle playlist of you or your team

or the plays at hand

or the defense that you might be

watching and if you guys don't have any

access to any film I definitely would

recommend y'all either reaching out to

your coaches or your parents and asking

them if they can film your practices

because not only can you watch yourself

on film but later on in life like I'm

gonna be showing you guys what my

highlights were like back when I was 12

years old and it's just such a cool

experience getting a chance to look back

on my journey so y'all better get a

chance to not only document all of your

film to then study up on it but to also

save it and then get a chance to see how

you progress over time so it is now time

to be moving on to my playbook where I'm

gonna be showing you guys some of the

hacks that I've been able to incorporate

because I lived with college we actually

had to build our own playbook but I'm

just gonna read it right again y'all are

not gonna get a chance to see any of our

plays just the template in regard to how

I organize everything on a sheet of

paper so I make sure I can see all the

plays and remember all the little tasks

that each play has that unique so let's

get rid of the whiteboard here and the

x-bow marker as y'all can see here this

is my football playbook simply went got

a binder pointed out our logo and our

letters Linfield College when feel

Wildcats super cool right the first

thing y'all are gonna need confidential

top-secret papers y'all can see are some

dividers right here this is the first

divider it says run game 2016 it's from

a long time ago it's an old puppy so by

having dividers you're gonna then be

able to organize your play book so then

you can put run game on one section

passing game on one section maybe

goal-line offense maybe hurry up often

so you'll be able to really just

organize yourself with that said I'm now

gonna be showing you guys the actual

life hack template for what my football

PlayBook looks like that I built myself

with the dividers you're also going to

want to get these plastic little covers

just because your paper in your playbook

and easily be ripped and get a little

bit of water in it

all the work you put in for writing all

your notes is toast

at the top of this paper it says

minefield football passing game

quarterbacks I play quarterback Wow

as you can see at the top it says name

of play this is where you can write down

a play that you're running for example

regular 9x nasty back scatter jet why

stick X looking one along ready pit okay

you wouldn't say the one on one part but

you just put regular 999 smacks yeah a

twin a jet why stick X Lukey that would

be the name of the play at the top then

as you guys can see on both the left and

right there are some X's and O's with a

lime interact so then you can draw the

play as if it's on the right hash and

then as well if it's flipped on the left

hash so then you can see both sides of

what the player looks like instead of

just drawing your place to one side of

the field and always having the nice

pass to one side you can get a chance to

just see what both look like on paper

then you've got series notes as y'all

can see down here where maybe you have a

particular play and if it's run against

this defense you don't run that play

against that defense or maybe you're

only supposed to take a little drop or

maybe on your route you're not supposed

to hammer pepper steak or maybe the

running backs supposed to check from the

mic to the will but now this time you

have to check from the Mike to the Sam

you can add those little notes down in

there as well as for quarterbacks

specifically you can write down the

protection and then the running back

route cuz that's something that we got

to remember so let's say your alignment

you could still put the name of play at

the top you can still put series notes

then you can put pain quarterback

protection and then maybe a little side

note in regard to what would happen if

the quarterback audibles and change the

play at the line what would a potential

pass play be or what would a potential

protection be if you're in a change the

play of the line so this right here guys

this is the template that I made myself

in regard to how to efficiently and

effectively develop your PlayBook as

well as you all saw a little bit in

regard to how to study it efficiently I

hope you guys enjoyed the skit with

couch but because coach Beth might be

coming back soon some other videos

ladies and gentlemen and I really hope

Johnny Giuliano gets a chance to see

this video at the end of the day guys

what it really comes down to it's just

committing about 30 minutes a day just

to really getting a chance to go over

through your PlayBook as well as it's

always awesome getting a chance to meet

with your receivers your running backs

your alignment your quarterbacks your

DBS all all all different position

groups and study together and it even

works better when you have a huge

whiteboard and you can all just get up

and write those plays on the board

and at the end of the day when it comes

to your competition your QB and you're

competing against the guy receiver

competing against a guy at any position

the separation comes in the preparation

your coaches are gonna play the people

that they trust so make sure you become

that guy do you guys have any more

questions in regard to anything football

specific I'm really want to start

answering them in videos for y'all so

leave a comment down below I really hope

I got a chance to answer your guys's

questions effectively as well as I'd

also challenge you all to do some more

research online and we go into how to

study your PlayBook in case there's some

areas where I didn't cover it I really

showed you guys everything from a

quarterbacks perspective which as a

quarterback I got to know everything on

the field and what everyone's doing so

that's why I think my advice and

opinions are gonna bring you guys badly

even if you're not a quarterback I hope

you guys enjoyed my most recent video

which was my college football trick

shots in Walmart and lastly big shout

out to my boy Mason yelling for help me

film this video I'm gonna be sure to tag

his YouTube down the description below

so go show him some love he's about to

start documenting his high school

football journey and I challenge all of

you guys that are just entering in high

school to be doing the same


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