How to Memorize Scripts & Monologues | BEST TIPS!

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hey you guys what's up it's me Catherine

and in today's video I'm going to share

my top tips for memorizing lines

monologues scenes audition material

callback material all the good actor E

stuff if you're new to my channel I'm a

working actress I work for an equity

theatre company I've cast projects I'm a

television student born and raised in

Los Angeles so I am very much ingrained

in the industry I've had to memorize a

lot of stuff in my short time here on

the planet so I thought I'd share my top

tips for how I get it all done believe

it or not this is actually probably the

most highly asked question by you guys

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singing yourself let's get into the

video so my number one tip for actors

who are trying to memorize something is

to understand how they learn I don't

know if you guys did this but in

elementary school and middle school and

stuff we would always take these quizzes

that would kind of determine our

learning style you can be auditory

visual kinesthetic I want to say I might

be pronouncing that wrong basically

there's a bunch of different ways that

people learn and there are certain ways

that different people learn best so if

you don't know which learning method is

best for you I would 10 out of 10

recommend finding that out you can just

google learning methods and I'm sure you

can find like a similar quiz but once

you understand how you learn you can


tailor your studying process because

let's be real most of the time when you

have to memorize something for like an

audition or a callback you don't really

have that much time to learn it

personally I am NOT an auditory learner

I am garbage at auditory learning but I

am a visual learner and I'm a

kinesthetic learner visual means that I

have to see things to learn them so I

spend a lot of time reading and

highlighting my script if you want to

get ideas on how to organize tab and

highlight your scripts I did a whole

video on that so I will link that in the

downbar below

I'm kinesthetic which means that touch

and motion and stuff like that really

helps me out so I always match blocking

to my line the biggest thing that

probably helps me learn lines is running

them every single night when I'm going

to show I run my line every single night

instead of doing those last 10 minutes

on Instagram or whatever you do right

before you go to bed pull out your

script and run through all of your

material then once you're actually in

bed trying to fall asleep run through

all of your lines until you do fall

asleep I'm just now realizing that this

is why for like half of 2013 I just had

my occuring nightmares about the Salem

witch trial I company attracted to the

devil that kind of repetition really

helps me out like I mentioned I'm not an

auditory learner but if you are then it

can be really helpful to say all of your

lines out loud on like a voice memo app

on your phone and listen back to the

line pneumonic devices are super helpful

basically the idea is that you kind of

come up with a game or a saying or a

phrase or a pattern and you remember

that and that helps you remember

something else for example let's say

you're in a play and your character is

baking a cake and you have to remember

that the recipe calls for one pound of

sugar 2 eggs 3 cups of flour 4 cups of

milk that recipe isn't a real recipe

instead of trying to remember each

ingredient individually in this kind of

long run-on sentence format just

remember 1 2 3 4

one pound of sugar two eggs three cups

of flour four cups of milk of course

most of the timelines are that

simplistic but it's all about finding a

pattern within it another thing that I

like to do is the thing that I kind of

nicknamed the logic approach trademark

just kidding that's not how trademarks

work here's the idea you kind of

understand the order of the scene and

what would next logically happen in that

conversation this can be really helpful

if you have a really long scene that

covers a lot of topics so kind of

mentally mapping out the conversation in

your mind can definitely help you

remember the order of event

same thing goes for the feeling of the

scene memorize your lines with feelings

if you understand the emotional

motivation behind your character and

like what makes them happy in the scene

what suddenly makes them mad those

emotional cues can be an indication of

the lines that are being said so there

you guys go those are my top tips for

memorizing lines super fast if this

video helps you out in any way please

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you guys so much break a leg and I will

see you guys next time bye

Manchester England England across the

Atlantic see and I'm a genius genius

I believe in nerd and I believe that God

believe in God that's me

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