How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash

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I'm going to show you what to do to get your dog walking like a model canine

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Let's hear from Celeste and her dog Biscuit. My name is Celeste. My dog's name is biscuit

She's one year old and she is a Bernese Mountain dog

I've always thought that they're the cutest dogs in the whole world my husband proposed to me on a

Bernese Mountain dog farm it was probably the best moment

I could ever imagine Biscuit's very friendly and she loves other dogs

But sometimes that can be an issue when we're trying to walk around the park or even down the street

She tends to pull really hard, and she's a very strong big dog and sometimes I have issues keeping her under control

She's very curious. This kid just really loves eating dirt

Zack, please help make walking more fun for biscuit and me alright biscuit our mission is clear

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Priority I love using [dirty] strips on training a lot of specifc for leash lessons because you can break them up really easily

And they're usually really tasty the smell really has their attention for sure. I'm going to give her one

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Historically they've been used as draft animals to pull carts and often when a dog is bred for a physical trait like strength

It's extra important to teach them good

Leash walking [habits] set aside time to work with your dog on leash training before it's time to go somewhere

Preparation makes all of the difference before I get started with today's lesson

I have to make sure that I can get biscuits attention on me in this outdoor

Distracting environment. She's great with [sit]. That's a good sign. Look at me. Yes good

Now can I get her to look at me [without] a treat in my hand let's find out?

Look at me. Oh she's taller, and we're right here on this pond. There's birds everywhere

I think she's doing exceptional so far look at me

It looks good check that means she's able to focus on me

so that we can start to work on our training a

Huge part of having a dog that behaves well on leash is being able to get their attention on you when they're distracted and just

Being outside right now is enough to distract almost any dog if your dog is it yet reliably looking at you outside while around minor

distractions keep working on that first before moving on

I'll have a video in the description that will help you since look at me look so good

I want to see if we can now do that while moving around again in an outdoor environment. That's super key biscuit

Look at me come here


Good job [nice] work up here. Oh

There's [birds] up here. Look at me so far

She's reacting very intelligently she's acknowledging the distractions, but it's not throwing her off so much look at this no tension on the leash

So far. This is exactly where you want to be in other words

You don't want to wait for your dog to start pulling on the leash

[to] then correct them and scold them for pulling it's so much better to motivate them to want to walk nicely rather than using special

tools like choke , prong or electric collars

teaching your dog to think from the inside out will always be far more potent and in the beginning stages of teaching your dog to

walk nice on Leash

It's super important to use lots of treats because they give you that opportunity to build

Communication with your dogs those treats are what keep them focused on you and over time as they become more used to walking with you

In distracting environments you won't need the treats anywhere near as much if at all . There she is acknowledging a bird

Up here look at me good. So she acknowledged the bird. I was able to get her attention on me so far

It's been smooth [sailing] with biscuit, but now let's do something that resembles more of a real world walk

I'm going to attempt [to] walk all the way from down there back here and hopefully biscuit will comply. Let's see biscuit up

Yeah, yeah, good

[I] don't know if you could see that her pace started to increase a bit

But I wanted to prevent her from pulling so I asked her to look at me and she did

Now celeste says that biscuit isn't exactly reliable when she encounters another dog on a walk today

I've got my dog trainer friend

Angie and her dog Sonny here to provide a more


Distraction for biscuit of course if you don't have a friend with a dog to help you out it might be more practical to train

In a park where [people] might be walking their dogs or even outside the perimeter of a fence dog park and now she sees her, look

At that that's interesting let's see how biscuit does when she's a little bit closer to Sonny now

We're getting tension on the leash right now. She's pulling so much. [I] can't get her attention on me over here

Hey pay attention to me. We have a very odd-looking duck. She's focused on right now too .

Come on, girl. Let's go over here

I'm not having much success

here that means I need to probably move back a little bit farther if your dog won't look at you or

Sit when you ask them to that probably means you're too close to something they're distracted by so my goal

Now is to be able to get biscuit to pay attention me and the president of Sonny look at me fine great

I'm able to get her eyes on me about [ten] [twelve] feet between the two of us biscuit up here

Look at me sit

Yes, good work, so a little bit closer that time this is exciting

Let's go over here, sit

Look at me great sit

Real tough war right here, but I think she might have it in her , will you sit ?

Yes, if you can get your dog to sit in the presence of something. They're distracted by that probably means

They're pretty receptive to listening to you and taking Direction if however

They won't do something basic like a sit lie [down] or look at me

Well that probably means you're not ready to work with them in that type of situation just yet

It would totally be fine to have them go and say hi to each other

But if you're really walking your dog you don't necessarily want to stop and have your dog read

Every dog plus that may condition then to just pull towards every dog they see [alright]

I'm ready to go on to the next step here things that [move] are very often more

Distracting to dogs and if we have sunny walk back and forth here it might be a little bit more

Challenging to get biscuit to pay attention to me let's find out she's not paying attention to me

Let me see if I put the [treat] [at] her nose be still not paying attention

If she's very intrigued, but she is sitting so I'm actually still gonna reward because there's some compliance going on over here

You can see that she starts to lunge [Toward] sunny. We don't want that sit


give me

Up here. Yes good job. Just a couple of feet away, and I'm able to get Biscuit's attention on me

This is great. [how] about a lie down? Oh?

Even better and the reason I'm having her lie down here is just to demonstrate that she's compliant in this distracting scenario

This is fantastic this way yes, oh excellent

Look at this all attention on me none on the other dog come here

Well not quite none, but that's acceptable will you sit?

Will you look at me? I love it. Let's find out how biscuit [reacts] when Sonny bark she's definitely

Acknowledging the bark I see nothing wrong with that the most important thing

Is that she's paying attention to me in the presence of a barking dog?

See that she barks and she immediately looked at me

I didn't even have to ask her and that's really what we're working towards showing your dog what to do before?

They're surprised by something is the ideal way to set them up for success

[click] thumbs up for biscuit isn't she great [and] how about Sonny and Angie, [too]

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