How to Teach Your Dog to Love WATER & SWIMMING

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it's the peak of summer and taking your

dog or your puppy with you to the beach

or the pool can be a great way to make

life fun for both you and your dog it's

also a great way to exercise them and

build the confidence most dogs are not

comfortable with immediately just

jumping in the water the first time they

see it today I'm going to show you the

steps you need to take in order to get

your dog comfortable with swimming does

your dog like to swim tell me in the

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video now let's go meet Josh and Jews

Josh how old is June June is 11 to 12

weeks we got her from a heiko shelter in

Colorado that's not even a lifeline

puppy rescue awesome it's a great

organization non-profit props to you for

rescuing a dog best dogs control a

rescue dogs I've always wanted a dog

since I was 5 and I found this little

girl just came right up to us jumped on

us started licking playing I actually

almost left because I was like I just I

don't know it me and my girlfriend her

sitting in the car and she's like are

you sure you want to leave and I was

just like cuz I couldn't leave like I

couldn't start the car and she's like

you got to turn around and go get her I

was like okay so after about Tim after

yeah sure about ten minutes of talking

pros and cons about having her um we

turned around went in saw in the papers

sounds like she's a really good match

for you too cuz she's kind of active

you're active she's very friendly when

we walked down the street it's me having

to kind of hold her back from meeting

everybody all shapes and sizes all ages

what do you hoping to get out of having

a dog a best friend someone who always

gonna be there no matter what I do the

students show any interest in really

having a desire to go swimming she does

um she's so a little wary of the pool I

think and water she looks like she's

gonna be comfortable she needs that

extra push I want her to be comfortable

for maybe doc diving in the future

or if it's the morning and I'm a little

tired I can bring her to a lake throw a

ball she can get it bring it back a few

times and then that's a great morning

exercise tell me about it that's how you

living here in the south it gets really

really hot there are a few benefits of

teaching your dog to swim especially

when they're young the obvious is it

keeps them cool while they're exercising

but with puppies we want to be really

careful not to over exercise them

because they're still growing and

developing and swimming can be a nice

low-impact way for them to get to get

used to that when teaching your dog to

swim you can never be too careful most

dogs are pretty nervous the first time

they encounter a big body of water and

understandably so right why don't you

show me what June has done so far some

of the things you've taught her June sit

looks like she's going straight into it

down so you must have taught her down

that's a very normal phase you have to

go through with your dog oftentimes only

anticipate that's normal all dogs do

that be encouraged not discouraged any

compliance at all is a good thing and

should be celebrated I'd like to see

that she can come to you on land before

we ask her to come to you in the water

so I'm gonna hold her over here I'm

gonna distract her a little bit see how

she does and whenever you're ready just

go ahead and call her June June June

come here yeah there you go good that's

work we want to do everything we can to

reduce any of that preliminary anxiety

that she's likely to experience so the

first thing I'd like to do is give her

comfortable with this life vest right

here this is an outward hound life vest

so she does start to get nervous or has

any anxiety she at least has this vest

on so that she has some support you can

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discounts are applied I'm thinking we

need to put this on June and get her

comfortable with it Josh you might

notice that this life vest has a handle

on it so you can easily pick her up why

don't you give that a shot okay looks

good also looks pretty good

she does she does I

it's a good idea to let her just kind of

run around with it and make her forget

about the fact that it's on it should go

without saying but the last thing you

want to do is just throw your dog into

the water you want to really ease them

into it and be super patient with them

you ready to get started on training

yeah absolutely

cool let's go josh is going to get in

the pool we're gonna see if we can

encourage Jun to come in the pool I

would love to join them but my audio

equipment might get destroyed you may

need to take a few days to get them

interested in the water and really get

them comfortable with it it can be a

pretty strange experience to go swimming

for the first time if you're a puppy I

would imagine anyway priority number one

is to get or keep your dog in a good

mood if possible try getting your dog to

play with you around the pool so that

they know that this is a fun place to be

it's important that you have something

to really motivate your dog to get in

the pool if your dog is receptive to a

squeaky toy or any type of toy I would

encourage you to use that first before

encouraging them with food but some dogs

are really not as motivated by that so

there's nothing wrong with using food

ah now you saw yeah good good got a

slapper around with the toy play with

her a little bit yeah

our goal is to make our dog want to swim

not just get them in the water for the

sake of swimming if you notice that your

dog starts to get increasingly nervous

either take a break or find a way to put

them at ease now I suspected that June

might be a little bit more comfortable

if we could make her feel a bit safer

and you can see there's little anxiety

on her part but she's considering it you

can tell with her tails wagging now what

do you think she's saying right there I

think this first step is only a few

inches so if she's comfortable with it

I'd like to see if we can put her on

this first step right here and then

maybe it might make it easier so it's

not so daunting to just jump straight

down into something we want to

immediately get that positive

association if possible my preference

may have been to take June out of the

pool here after she fell but I could

tell that Josh saw that she was

receptive to listening so it made sense

to let this play out a little bit longer

sometimes you just have to let a person

connect with their dog and then give her

some support go ahead and put her out to

let her know that she can get out the

point of that is just so she doesn't

freak out immediately a lot of dogs will

be like oh my gosh how do I get out here

and look she looks just fine she was a

little bit nervous before we tried to

get her to come in with a toy but now

we're gonna use chicken and see if that

motivates her to want to come in

yep and keep that keep it coming

you know what I mean maybe this is a

huge victory right here she's

voluntarily staying in the water now we

are creating that good Association by

giving her chicken I have a feeling that

she's gonna not care about the chicken

at all once she gets used to the water

this is a good way to introduce them to

it yes

and give her some support

hold her so she knows you got her that

was a wonderful moment right there make

her feel safe that's what we're trying

to do with this look at that that's

great you can kind of hold her while

she's underwater a bit if you'd like

that way she becomes a bit more

desensitized if you feel the moment is

right let go over a little bit and then

immediately pick her back up there's

that handle I love that handle yep if

you want to let her out that's cool too

huge victory wonderful you have to be

content with little victories like this

that's wonderful that would be a whole

training session but I think we have

some momentum here so let's keep going

June seems to be pretty comfortable

swimming around a little bit with the

light vest on so I think the next step

here is to see if she's comfortable

swimming around the pool without it

dogs do know how to swim naturally so

that shouldn't be an issue but we want

to make sure that we're there to support

them remember if your dog doesn't

totally love just jumping in the pool

it's not a terrible idea to bring them

in with you and it is normal for them to

experience a little bit of anxiety there

but you want to really minimize that and

create a good association with it

letting your dog get some exercise

before you get them in the pool is a

good idea that's a good way to reduce

anxiety too I want to try a little

exercise right now in brief you're

comfortable with it I would love your

help since students getting a little bit

more comfortable with the water now it

makes sense for brie to hold June and

have Josh call June and see if she'll

swim to him that would be pretty awesome

look at that

look at her go

this sums up if you enjoyed this video

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Josh you guys did awesome man really

good work thank you good job

I really hope you guys enjoyed the video

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