How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE

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comm those first several weeks of having

a puppy should be dedicated to building

communication with them after all our

dogs have no idea that doing something

natural like biting us or chewing things

up is not acceptable to us so we have to

be very patient with them and show them

how to properly behave fluid

communication doesn't happen overnight

but in this video I'm gonna show you

exactly what to do in order to get

started and minimize that time if you're

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dianna tell me a little bit about

Lafitte looks he was found on the side

of the road Michael and I went and

adopted him and he was only about five

weeks old at the time he's chewing on

her shoes because he's such a puppy

right now going through the biting stage

chewing things biting things and he's

just like so interested in everything

around him like puppies all I love this

oh why don't you show me a couple of

things that you've done we've worked

with them every day on sit and giving

pawing and lying down sit good boy and

that's a pause that's a good walk very

nice what kind of dog is he do you know

we have no idea we have been told many

thoughts that people have anything from

Park Catahoula lab Australian Shepherd

Roddy we really have no clue our biggest

issue with him right now is biting when

he's playing and it's when he's right

really excited he'll start kissing and

it'll turn into bites and it's starting

to actually hurt cause he's getting

bigger and bigger by the day we don't

want people to be afraid of him and we

don't want him to keep doing this as he

gets bigger dogs bite for a couple of

reasons at this age a they're teething

and B they're interacting with the world

because they don't have hands that's how

they grab things that's how they

investigate things Michael calls him a

Land Shark because he just runs towards

us mouths open just coming at us so some

days it's worse than others but he just

doesn't understand that it hurts us

and so that's kind of an issue and right

now you might notice that I'm picking

him up right now I had him on his back

just to kind of cradle him and see how

comfortable he was being held by a

person you know it's important that when

we have a dog if we do have a dog this

young that we get them used to being

touched kind of firmly you know cuz when

people come up to your dog they're gonna

Pat them like this so it's a really good

idea to desensitize them massage their

paws wherever possible because that I

mean look right there they could

interpret this as play when a human

thinks they're just petting a dog a dog

might think oh this person's playing

with me fighting like this so natural so

expected I mean at this age 10 11 weeks

it's not realistic to eliminate play

biting altogether why don't we get down

here low to the ground and work with him

a little bit let him walk around I still

do feel the need

you warn a stranger that he will buy

your goodbye up there's the bite right


Oh got my finger pretty good but that's

you know that's normal that's what you

sign on for when you get a puppy

he seems to be kind of a moderate play

biter the first thing I think we should

do is teach it's kind of a basic

leave-in now you can see he already

knows I've got this real Turkey in my

hand right here I'm just gonna go over

this really quick I have a full video in

the description that will show you how

to teach your dog to leave something

alone but right here when he backs off

I'm just gonna go ahead and reward him

yes there's more going on than just

teaching him to leave something alone

here the big purpose of teaching leave

it is so that we can communicate to them

no that's not what I want because if we

just go up to them and get frustrated

every time they bite us they're not

gonna understand what the problem is

so it's good to establish that clear

communication you know remember those

first three four or five months of

working with a dog is all about building

communication so you're gonna have these

periods of time where it there's gonna

be a disconnect you know and that's

that's totally normal that's why we

teach them that's the point I'm gonna

actually go to the next level with it

and see if I can get him to leave it

alone as I open my palm even just for a

second I would be thrilled with that

look at this huh

wow that's great are you surprised by

the time you have so many different

textures so many different toys here

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biting is one of the most predictable

behaviors that there is when it comes to

teaching a dog and when we have a luxury

of knowing when an unwanted behavior is

about to occur that is a that's a

blessing that's great because it means

we can come prepared so in the case of

play biting we could approach him with a

toy like this if we know that he's

likely to do it anyway let's show him

what is acceptable to chew on or bite on

rather than getting on him when he bites

us if you engage them with a toy like

this straight away when you know that

they're likely going to be in a bitey

mood this does a couple of things a it

shows them what to chew one B it is the

beginning of teaching your dog tug of

war now tug of war is one of the most

underestimated rewards in dog training

and most puppies will play it

instinctively now I see is good about

tugging it it's good about letting it go

no not really

and that's required if we're going to

teach our dog to play tug of war kind of

ironic about teaching a dog to not bite

is that if you can teach them to bite

when you ask and stop when you ask that

you can really make a lot of progress


that's just play growling that's normal

do you be careful because their aim

isn't very good like when he jumps like

that they might get you so you got to

make sure you're using the right kind of

toy just wait see we're just making it

less interesting that's all we're doing

I'm not trying to pull it away from me

but wait for him to let go on his own

accord yes good now I have a couple of

options here

I could come prepared with a toy and

encourage him to put his teeth on that

and we could make a training session of

it like hey you can bite this but you

also need to let go of it so you need to

be prepared to kind of teach both of

those things or if you have like a real

severe case or a dog that's in a really

really bitey mood then you would want to

come armed with your good food rewards

I'm gonna try I'm gonna pet him at first

yes I like that and I want to follow it

up with something I want yes to mean

something yes good touching him under

his chin there I just want him to have a

positive association of calm acceptable

behavior when people are interacting

with him at no point here has he tried

to go for my hands sometimes he tries to

bite in this situation is that right you

want to get him used to being touched so

I'm gonna grab his paws right here yes

you'll know that you're on the right

track with play biting when they start

licking instead of biting where they

used to bite does that make sense yes

absolutely you know that's okay that's


I'm gonna get his tail here you know I

mean that throws them off there because

you don't want to wait until they

encounter a situation in their life

where they're just totally thrown off by

someone touching them this is a good way

to prevent possible dog bites in the

future you know he's caught off guard

good boy yes I'm gonna try and take it

to the next level yeah I'm gonna pet him

there goes a little biting but I'm gonna

when he stops biting good yes there was

a lick right there I want to try and

reward those licks that's good this

might look a little ridiculous that this

does serve a purpose because we're

proofing it we're trying to get them

used to up look you see the biting there

uh-uh if your dog does fight you simply

say no and remove your arm from them now

if they're particularly wound up it

might be a good idea to just give them a

brief timeout let them relax put them in

a bedroom or something not because

they're in trouble but just to be like

all right I'll let you calm down so what

I think we should do is get him really

playing a good game a tug-of-war be

patient wait for him to let go like we

talked about and then try and pet him so

he's starting to play tug he's into

biting mode get him going pretty good


now now ask him to let go and if he

doesn't simply make the game

uninteresting let go and be patient if

it takes 30 seconds so be it good good

I'm gonna try something here if you

really likes this toy right now I'm

gonna see if we can get him to do a

leave it like we did earlier with the

toy but this gonna be a little tougher

cuz he's kind of fixated let go leave it

yes that was really good make them think

have your hand there is barrier to keep

him from getting at it provided you feel

safe doing that with your individual dog

but that was really good let's try that

again okay good boy he's got a great

great tug here okay that's enough and

I'm just gonna try and stabilize it it's

a little tougher with these toys but

uh-huh let go yes good very good I'm

gonna try and pet him here good boy good

boy yes yes wonderful wonderful work

I've got to give them a piece of Turkey

for that for those of you at home that

have young children and want to know

what to do when your puppy starts to

play bite them you as their trainer as

the adult need to teach them how to

behave it's not up to your child to

teach them it's up to you if you have a

dog that is very likely to bite guess

when they come over be one step ahead of

them have them on a leash or have them

out of the room so they won't be in a

position to be really mouthy with your

guests I mean there's a lot of things

we're asking him to do here he's been on

this planet 11 weeks and he's doing

remarkable that first few months of

teaching our dogs really needs to be

dedicated to communicating with them and

understand can see here is going back

into the biting you see that I mean

that's normal

uh-huh no yes good but we just have to

communicate what we like and what we

don't like and reward the behaviors we

like heavily let that be the emphasis of

your training and you can't go wrong I

can't wait to see how Lafite progresses

I think you're doing a terrific job well

then he really isn't amazing yeah

amazing dog what kind of dog do you

think Lupita's tell me in the comments

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