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listen I know you want to learn a new

language but unfortunately there's a lot

of noise there's a lot of people filling

your head with false expectations and in

fact even your own brain can sometimes

sabotage oh hold on you of all people

you're gonna learn a language do you not

remember Spanish class in high school

yeah whatever that's exactly why I'm

making this video so here's how long it

actually takes here's why and here's how

to do it you can get to a

conversationally fluent level in 6 to 12

months in just about any language the

amount of time a language will take to

learn really depends on its innate

difficulty for example easier languages

to learn for English speakers like

French Spanish Norwegian etc they should

take roughly six months or so even for

my own personal French transformation I

mean just in case you don't believe me

that it only takes six months pow right

there right there check it out maybe

after this video I recorded myself over

six months learning French and at the

end of those six months I went from not

knowing anything to being able to

understand TV shows and YouTube videos

without subtitles and being able to

express most of what I want to say so it

definitely is possible and inside this

video is actually the same method that I

used to learn French all that said

medium difficulty languages will roughly

take nine months at least nine months

and harder languages will take at least

12 now most people seem to think that

learning a language takes years and

years and that you can never truly

finish learning a language and they're

kind of right so you can never truly

finish a language even in your native

language there's always more words to

learn however connecting with others

generally being good enough to express

anything you might want to say and

having a good laugh and also just

generally being conversationally fluent

that definitely isn't as hard it

definitely doesn't take as long so long

as you know what you're doing the notion

to take it aside you

so before going into what works let's

talk about what doesn't work usually

there's two main culprits one not using

the right resources and two not being

consistent what are you doing so though

that means two months of only using

duolingo whenever you go on the toilet

that that's like I help speaking to

natives can work from the start however

lessons often will be unstructured

because let's face it in the beginning

there's so much to learn one day you can

be talking about french fries next thing

you're talking about dating and nothing

ever really sticks not to mention the

fact that you probably are paying a lot

of money more than you should be for

people to teach you what you can just

teach yourself the basics cool use of

shrimp dog gabelus require now

consistency is key in learning any new

language or any new skill really I mean

think about it plants don't grow only

one time a week they grow every single

day and maybe sometimes they're bit lazy

so it's not every single day but at

least most days of the week now then

let's go into what actually works this

is a method that I use is called the fme

method FME basically stands for fluency

made easy which is the title of my book

which is where the method comes from and

there are three stages to this method

the first stage is endpoint the second

stage is output and third stages

refinement that refinement stage we're

not going to be worrying about that

right now this for people who want to

get past conversational fluency and you

want to get really really advanced and

it takes a long time where only to be

talking about the first two of the

stages so let me explain what it is all

right so how do babies learn how did

children learn do they learn by getting

graded on grammar tests and hating

themselves no they learn by listening

and listening and listening even for the

first two three years all it is is

listening right I mean especially if

you've ever been put around a

two-year-old recently all they're doing

is listening to let it go and watching

frozen on repeat I just just feel bad

for the parents I just I just feel

from parent but that said they listen so

much and then eventually after listening

a lot started to understand the language

a little bit they start speaking and

then mama corrects them and they speak

more than daddy corrects them then they

keep speaking more and eventually they

don't even really get corrected anymore

sometimes in school but for me that's

what's worked that is the best way to

learn a language because what you need

to do is you need to learn in a way

that's almost effortless for me my

method is really structured about it

being fun which is why during the input

stage which should last anywhere between

three to six months depending on what

language you're studying

obviously it depends on a difficulty

like I said so in the input stage

what I recommend from the get-go is to

watch TV shows with subtitles and also

look for some cool YouTube channels in

the language that you're trying to learn

now obviously obviously in the beginning

you want to use subtitles but once you

start being able to understand like a

good amount of what you're listening to

without them then you want to drop them

but we'll talk about that later so in

the input stage the three main resources

there's Pimsleur there's SML and there's

lot and there's clásico these are all

different language learning programs I

highly recommend everyone that's

watching this if you're contemplating

starting a language at least the first

thing you do GoGet Pimsleur because

Pimsleur is the beginner program it's

very fun it's like basically in the

beginning they talk and talk and talk

and talk and you don't understand

anything and by the end of the lesson

you understand everything they talked

about and there's 30 lessons per level

etc etc I'd use it with every single

language as I speak I taught myself five

so trust me on that one

Pimsleur leads to a skill as the mill is

like it takes you from beginner to

intermediate this will take you through

the bulk of the language after finishing

a civilian you're pretty much going to

have a very good grasp on the language

and basically what it is it's like a

half textbook half it's like a textbook

that comes with audio CDs two more audio

files and it is it is good and there's

also quite interesting and not to

grammar heavy but you do learn you do

actually learn the grammar through

practice and just kind of gradually

absorbing it as opposed to like going on

a grammar book and

you know so generally how do you know

when you've reached the output stage

that is around the time if you've been

watching your TV shows when you're

starting to feel the language click of

it you're like okay I understand maybe

not all of it but maybe 50% of the words

I'm starting to hear 60% of the words

I'm starting to hear and that's around

the time when you want to start

venturing away from subtitles and

venturing to a tutor usually I use the

website I talkie that's my one resource

for the output stage and what you want

to do is probably every other day I

would say or every day if you can't

afford it just talk to a native speaker

whose sole goal is to improve your

language right in the language you're

trying to learn that helps so much I

guarantee you three four five months

maybe even two really depends on how

fast you learn that language is yours as

yours it's yours and real quick why it

works is because Pimsleur is a beginner

program that kind of leads you to upper

beginner from there axonal takes over

and gets you to that intermediate stage

and that one last program I talked about

is called Classica and it's optional you

can use it if you want basically it just

throws a bunch of sentences at you and

it helps you kind of assimilate the

language and get used to sentence

structures and it's a pretty cool

program to check out too if you feel

like you're not really ready to take

this step to start talking to tutors and

that's that's basically that's in a

nutshell how I'm able to learn languages

fairly quickly and I hope this video

helped you if this video did help you

and if you found the information in this

video I opening I sincerely recommend

you to check out the book I broke

fluency made easy I poured my heart into

that book it's 80 pages and it's all

concise it's all i opening information

that's going to get you through the

language and get you to where you want

to go i heavily recommend it because it

expands more on the method i just talked

about but also it just kind of goes into

debunking myths and kind of getting you

in the right mentality of what you

should expect and what you can expect so

definitely go check it out fluency made

easy calm but that's that's been the

video guys next video for the tribe

is going to be probably a reaction video

so how do you like them apples thank you

guys for watching so much and besides

yeah bye bye