How to learn a foreign language more quickly? | 5-Minute Language

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hi everyone and welcome to the five

minute language youtube channel my name

is Avinash Kaur and today I want to talk

to you about different things you can do

if you want to learn a foreign language

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if you find it useful alright then let's

talk about the three things you can do

to speed up your language learning so

normally the advice I would give

language learner is that they should

focus on developing and practicing

different skills including reading

writing speaking listening and

vocabulary but if you're trying to learn

a language very quickly you can change

your approach a little bit and focus

more on vocabulary so normally I would

recommend that you spend on average 40

percent of your time on learning new

vocabulary and 60 percent of your time

on other activities such as reading

writing or listening but if you're

trying to learn a language very quickly

I would suggest that you change that

ratio to 70 to 30 so 70 percent of your

time should go on vocabulary acquisition

and 30 percent of your time on other

activities this is something that will

help you expand your vocabulary very

quickly and therefore it will lead you

to being more confident and being able

to have conversations more quickly

obviously if you use this technique you

might be neglecting other areas of

language learning such as speaking or

listening but learning a lot of

vocabulary in a short space of time will

really help you make make progress very

quickly the second tip I want to give

you in this video is that you should

focus on memorization and obviously

memorization is part of the standard

language learning process if you're

learning new words you need to memorize

them but if you're trying to learn a

language very quickly then memorization

is going to be particularly important

what I like to do is I like to create a

vocabulary notebook which is separate to

my normal language

notebook I'm probably going to make a

video about how I organize my language

learning notebook and my own cabin or a

notebook so if you'd like to see that

make sure you leave me a comment below

but coming back to the vocabulary

learning notebook this should be

something that's separate from your

language learning notebook if you're

focusing on learning a language very

quickly so create a notebook in which

you literally just list the word that

you're learning and what I like to do is

I like to use different colors so I get

highlighters and I highlight the words

that I've memorized in different colors

depending on how familiar I am with each

and individual word so for example if

I'm only just starting out I write down

the list and then after a day I'd

highlight the word that I am pretty

familiar with in one color for example

yellow and then I will go back after

another day and I will go through the

list again and if I feel more familiar

with some of those words I will then

highlight them in a different color so

for example in green so then I will have

some yellow words some green words and

then some words which I'm not

highlighted because I'm not familiar

with them yet then I do the third step

which is come back to the words the

following day and then highlight them in

a third color which for example could be

blue and once a word is blue I then move

it onto another page so that I can

forget about it for a week or so and

focus on the word that's which I I'm

less familiar with and then I can go

back to the blue words again so the ones

I'm really confident using after a week

or so and then I keep repeating that

process until I've memorized the words

so this is my kind of version of spaced

repetition which is very basic and it

relies on very basic memorization or

learning by rote it's something that

works for me personally try it if it

works for you then let me know in the

comments below and the third tip I want

to give you for learning a language

quickly is to get one single reading

resource so it's

can be a book it can be a novel it can

be a short story or a newspaper article

it can be anything but make sure that

you stick to that one resource you're

going to be using this resource for a

long time so if you're trying to learn a

language very quickly during the space

of one month for example keep referring

back to the same resource so you can

read it you can identify words that you

don't know in that piece of writing and

you can learn the phrases that these

words go in you can practice the

sentences you can read them out loud but

make sure you stick to that one reading

resource and the reason I'm asking you

to do that is because it helps you with

continuity and because you're reading

the same message which is part of the

same story it will make sense in your

head so rather than jumping from a blog

to a newspaper article to a news story

you're sticking to the same narrative

and it will help you become more

familiar with the language it's using

that consistently throughout the piece

that you're reading so these are the

three tips make sure you subscribe to

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about your own experiences of learning

languages quickly so this is it

I'll see you next time bye