How to Use Rosetta Stone Mobile App - Learn a Language

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everyone in today's after the date video

I want to show you this app called

rosetta stone and it's a language

learning app and you may have heard of

it before this company has actually been

around since the 90s they came out in

1992 with those CD based language

learnings where you could use it on a

computer or on a CD player to learn

different languages and they basically

took that and put it in this app that's

the app of the day today so in this app

of the day video I wanted to show you

the overview of the Rosetta Stone two

different languages they have to offer I

believe they have over 20 maybe 28 or so

in this app at the time of this

recording and they have really simple

walk through his little 10-minute

sessions and the Spanish course that I

used recommended that I use it for 30

minutes a day for about six weeks so I

want to show you exactly where those

things are within the app I'll show you

some of the subscriptions as well there

is a free option where you could get

started with the app completely for free

so I'm gonna show you that in the very

beginning but I'm gonna keep this video

short just to give you an overview of

where Rosetta Stone has to offer and

then you could try it for yourself and

at the end of the video has every app of

the day video I'll give you my rating

from 1 to 5 let's jump into the App

Store download Rosetta Stone and I'll

show you how to get around that so look

for a Rosetta Stone in the App Store and

download and open it and you'll have to

create an account when you first sign in

so go ahead and press create account and

then choose the language that you want

to learn in my case it's gonna be

Spanish but they have a lot of languages

here I believe about 28 different

languages to choose from from rosetta

stone and once you create your accounts

you're gonna have an option that's free

that's about 30 minutes of content and

then you have full access I'll show you

some of those paid plans later but I'm

gonna start with the free option here

just to get you started and show you how

the whole app works so once you get into

the app there is four menu options on

the bottom but we're gonna just go ahead

and start the plan that it tells you on

the home page and then you're gonna

choose what you want to start with

beginners is what I want to do in my

case and as you could see there's

multiple specialties here for example if

you want to learn things for traveling

or you just want to learn the basics of

Spanish I'm gonna choose basics and

Beyond here to get started and it's

gonna give you a very easy layout so it

says 30 minutes a day for five days a

week for six weeks that's the basic plan

for beginner

basics and beyond and I could just press

Start plan to get going but I love this

overview of the entire six-week process

and what I'm gonna learn each week so

you do have to dedicate about 30 minutes

per day a lot of other apps that I've

used for languages or just a few minutes

so they're not really intended to teach

you as in-depth of a language learning

process as this is so once you choose

your plan here you could go ahead and

get started

and then you could choose your voice

type and it's gonna rotate your camera

view and it's gonna walk you through a

step by step how to do this so it's

gonna start with the very basics and

it's gonna activate the microphone too

so you could listen and then judge that

you're doing the process correctly that

way you could listen to your

pronunciation and give you a checkmark

if you say it right and then if you

don't say it right it's gonna give you

an X and ask you to do it again so you

can basically go through and repeat

these phrases and once you get a correct

this kind of take you to the next page

and it's gonna have matching items as

well so you'll have to go ahead and

match different words with different

images that's a way of comprehension

here so yes pronunciation he has

comprehension all built into this

beginners guide and if you don't want to

continue with the whole 30 minutes you

could press pause here and then you

could jump out of this process I do

recommend you dedicate yourself 30

minutes a day to learn but if you want

to exit you could always exit and then

you could come back to this as well so

I'm gonna go ahead and exit and it'll

bring me back to the home page again I'm

just gonna show you how much of it I

have completed so in this case only

three percent and I have about 29

minutes left but let's explore the

bottom menu a little bit there's the

learn option here as well where I'm on

the get started section but as you could

see there is a lot more here to explore

depending on what you want to achieve

with this language so some of these are

locked most of them are actually locked

because you do need the other plan to

pay plan to get it because the free plan

is just gonna give you a little bit of

an overview of what the app has to offer

and here's a little overview of what the

subscription pricing looks like so you

could get it for three months six months

twelve months or a lifetime depending on

what you want to do with this app and

all often you plan on using it I always

recommend using the free version I love

having a little bit of a free version to

get you

there are challenges that you could go

ahead and download there are audio

companions these are stories that you

could learn by listening and reading and

recording yourself as well so bunch of

useful options inside of this app you

have a setting gear too on the top of

the page and that's gonna let you change

the language that you're learning if you

want it's gonna let you change your plan

here and you could change speak

recognition for example if the

sensitivity is not just quite right for

your voice so that's in the settings of

the app I'm gonna give this app a solid

five out of five I love the fact that he

activates the microphone so you could

listen to the way you pronounce

different words all of the visual

elements that he used to basically match

the different words with different

visual help really easy to use and I

love the overview that it gave you where

I clicked on Spanish and then gave me a

six week overview exactly what I'm gonna

learn how much time I should dedicate

the little ten minute sections plus the

30 minutes a day very easy to comprehend

what you have to do to get to the point

that you want to and it was super

organized the way they broke up the

different language learning into

different categories so five out of five

for me for this app of the day don't

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app and I'll catch you next time

also make sure you let me know in the

comments section what you think of this

app I'm always curious to know if people

are taking away what I think they should

take away from the apps that I make

reviews about I'll catch you next time

thanks for watching